Stand O’ Food: What’s your comfort food?

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What’s your comfort food? Comfort foods are known to be as easy-to-eat foods which have a sentimental appeal to an individual. Mostly, whenever you feel depressed, eating your favorite comfort food will relieve your negative feelings. The same is true with me. Whenever I’m sad or depressed, I’ll basically run to someone or something who can comfort me. Those are my friends and a bunch of burgers! (Next to ice cream, burgers are second to my comfort food list!)

If you’re down and you love munching on burgers just like me, then this app review will somehow satisfy our burger plus sandwich cravings with !

Free for Android devices

Developed by G5 Entertainment, Stand O’ Food is a casual game which allows its users to serve burgers to satisfy their customers’ burger cravings!

Stand O’ Food is a fast-paced time-management challenge game which will test your brains and strategic planning on how you can satisfy all your hungry customers without letting them walk away.

Comforting Features

  • 2 Gameplay modes: Meal Quest and Lunch Rush
  • More than 100 levels to play with
  • Create over 80 different types of sandwiches and burgers
  • Purchase up to 20 upgrades


Fulfill your hungry patrons’ cravings by assembling the burger or sandwich that they want. All the different ingredients such as cheese, egg, burger patty, bacon, onion, tomato, lettuce, burger bun, pickles and fish fillet are all placed randomly on your conveyor belts. Simply tap on an ingredient as you assemble your customer’s order.

The trick with this management game is that you should plan ahead and see what your next customer wants. You are only allowed to get the ingredient located at the first row. So, getting the right ingredients for your customer is quite a big puzzle for you. Sounds exciting, huh? Tip: You can serve the other customers first with easy to get ingredients. But, be sure not to make your first customer angry!

After each level, you can upgrade on your tools for your restaurant. There are some power-ups which will help you either keep your customers happy, upgrade your machines or buy some spices. For example, a coffee maker or a juke box will make your customers happy while waiting and they will stay longer. Isn’t it cool?

There are two game modes: Meal Quest and Lunch Rush. In Meal Quest, you get to progress as you follow the map. Access new restaurants, recipes, and of course, more impatient and hungry customers. You get rated after each restaurant based on your speed and customer satisfaction. While in Lunch Rush, play endlessly as you serve and satisfy all your hungry customers. Looks addictive enough?

Kirsten is Craving!

I love how the game is exciting and challenging at the same time. A bright and colorful interface, excellent graphics and ecstatic sound effects rolled into one delicious app. As I play the game, I get drools over those delectable and mouthwatering burgers!

You can get this fun and addictive game for free on .

Whether or not burger is your comfort food, you can try and experience the life at .

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Stand O’ Food: What’s your comfort food?
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