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Super Waves Survivor: Battle for Survival!

Have you ever dreamed of sailing your own boat as you conquer those big splashes of waves in the sea and travel anywhere in the world? You will definitely be like Pi on the best-selling novel turned movie, Life of Pi, as his unforgettable journey began from a shipwreck to being stranded on a boat in the Pacific Ocean with only a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

As we all know, life on the ocean is at a very high risk of danger. You wouldn’t know if there are treacherous animals in the sea that can attack and put your life to an end. Just like when the hyena, orangutan, zebra and Bengal tiger on Pi’s boat killed each other, you should learn the tricks of living with the animals just to survive — which happened to Pi when he mastered and tamed Richard Parker as they both lived in the same boat. Sounds cool, right?

However, Renown Entertainment has their own brave character conquering the different enemies in the sea. Let Johnny Calm take you to his journey in the sea with his boat and some power-ups that will blow away his sea enemies along his way through survival! Dig into more splashing information about on my Android app review after the break.

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Give Your Mind A Workout With Brain Puzzle FREE!

Just when people think that puzzle games are only created to confuse the mind, the app nation continuously provides more mind-bogglers for the app users. Some people see puzzle games as a diversion or just a random toil of despair. For the others who have become masters of brain twisters and other maze-like amusement, rejoice!

These puzzle games are created not to provoke your “no nonsense” mantra, but to exercise your mind and your pattern-recognition skills. Just think of puzzle games as a vitamin or a drill for your brain. No matter how mad you are for not practically solving one riddle and no matter how crazy your face gets when the problems activate your bushy unibrow, puzzle games still give thinking human beings all the awesome benefits. Aside from giving your mind the occasional work out, puzzle games also serve as a way to de-stress (believe it or not) and to keep your head mentally active. You know you want a mentally active brain.

If your mind can take some more puzzle games and the usual frustration, then download this virtual assortment of puzzle games called Brain Puzzle FREE! This puzzle app was built to strengthen your critical thinking skills while having the good time that a few tap and tilt can give. And because puzzle games work our minds like a multifaceted labyrinth, the app Brain Puzzle FREE is also everything multifaceted! Ready? Read more of this app review and give your brains the needed press. Read more

TrackTV: Your Virtual Television Guide

One awesome product ever made in the history of technology is the television. It is a magical box with moving and talking images inside that can stop the world from rotating once you turn on the power. People still stop and glance every time they see a working television despite the presence of computers, iPads, and tablets- mister Farnsworth could have put something on it.

Well, the android app review that I am going to write today is an eye catcher and really interesting. It is about the recent released application that can track television shows using your android devices. Yes, you read it right! Let us thank the pioneers of the powerful machine and discuss modern innovation now.

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Match Colors with WordaBugs Connect

If there are lots of thoughts literally bugging your mind and you just want to shrug off everything to temporarily feel less anxious, or simply just relax, then forget about those awful feelings of boredom and whatnot. Be preoccupied and indulge into a game where you don’t have to ruminate and moreover, will help you de-stress from your monotonic chores everyday.

In this app review that I’ll be presenting, let me introduce you to a mobile application that may not totes sap your mental energy but rather, flex your brain and boost up your brain cells or neurons.

Much like the gaming applications, Flow Free, where you connect matching colors to create a flow and Meet Your Mate, where you pair all the lovey dovey couples, is in the same vein as these engrossing casual puzzlers.

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Android App Review: Slots by Ruby Fortune

The game developer of Slots Palace Casino is back to captivate the minds of online gamer once more. Get the chance to hit the jackpot through Slots by Ruby Fortune, the newest released application of mobile-slots.  It is available to all Android- mobile and tablet- users and can be downloaded for free in .

The stress of switching pages or game applications is now over because Slots by Ruby Fortune is here to aid the dilemma of most global slot users. Those who are looking for real casino game experience should give it a try.

Want to play for free? Get your piggy banks and save your money today! Delve more of the android app review to know more of the free game application. Read more

NoIMGdata Quickly Removes EXIF Data

With today’s technology, images you upload online (don’t tell me you don’t post anything to social media sites!) can contain incriminating or important information about your location. Thus, it is very important to ensure that images bearing sensitive data can’t be used against you. For your own protection, let NoIMGdata quickly remove your images’ EXIF data.


Know more about DevStorm’s photo app after the jump.

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Handy Memo: Easy, Fast and Neat Note-Taking!

In a student’s lifestyle, it is very inevitable for them to take down notes with a use of a pen and paper. People can’t normally absorb every lesson discussed so writing them down is necessary, right? Even if we are not students anymore, there will come some moments where the little poet in us or the little planner in us suddenly thought of an idea and we just really need to jot it down. For some reasons, perhaps, aging or memory gap, saving them somewhere is essential.

But in this app-obsessed world, we need to keep up with the innovation of such high-end gadgets and applications which obviously make our lives extra easy and fast! Good thing, I’ve discovered an app that will basically make your note-taking easy, fast and neat. You need not to scratch those mistakes with your red pen and avoid the messy paper full of erasures when you have Handy Memo installed on your Android devices.

Dig into more details on my Android App Review after the jump.

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Android App Review: Little Things Forever

Sometimes, life gets a little boring. Your family is all stuck up in your house waiting for something that can spice up your dull lives. That happens to my family as well. We are all just being couch potatoes eating as much food as we can and watching television for long hours until our eyes get tired and before we know it, it’s time to sleep. Time flies so fast when you’re having fun, right? But the question is, are you really having fun? If you and your family or even friends are looking for something cool to do that will make your bond stronger in a fun way, then I guess a free casual app is the best remedy that I can give you.

I can now sense that you’re all excited about my news! Well, if you are a keen observer and you are just fascinated with seek and find games, then let’s give thanks to the people behind – an app which stores thousands of little things that you need to find!

The biggest and coolest search is bound to happen after the jump.

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Android App Review: Steam Cards

I would remember when I was still young, I love playing Memory Games on our computer. I would spend long hours in front of the computer because I was so obsessed with the matching of objects hidden under the flap of cards that are laid beautifully on the screen. But now that computers are solely for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others, computer games have been washed away by the innovation of technology. Good thing, in this app-obsessed world, Teshika Ltd. brought back to life my favorite game way back in childhood! With some twists and turns, definitely it is indeed more fun to play !

If you’re undergoing this so-called short-term memory and you just tend to forget important or not-so-important things easily, then I’m very sure that this game will help you solve that problem. Remembering things would somehow look fun when you play this memory game called Steam Cards! Hence this is not just your typical matching cards. I’ll spill the beans about this cool app on my Android app review after the break.

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Android App Review: Captain Clumsy

Basically, pirates are perceived as tough, brave and scary human beings. With their hook, patched eye, hat, and strong built, definitely you wouldn’t want them to get near you. They might turn you into slaves or rather use you to get money in return. Little did we know that not all pirates have the same ferocious look that we are all used to. There’s one clumsy pirate that I know which is now dominating the Android app market. Do you want to know who he is? Aye!

For the Android release, the developer Cute Attack partnered with G-Gee Games, one of the largest Android game platforms, to bring a new and unique pirate game with birds, an awesome combination you’ve never seen before! Are you ready to help Captain Clumsy bring back his treasure that he clumsily lost, aye?

will definitely make a change in the world of pirates. Learn more about his adventure on my Android app review after the jump.

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