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A social networking site for all autophiles!

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What’s not to love about cars? It’s shiny, it’s expensive, and it can take you probably anywhere on land. It may be inanimate but it’s some sort of a half-pet half-trophy in the eyes of many—talk about extreme autophiles! A jaw-dropping red race car or a sleek and sophisticated SUV can easily catch the positive attention of passersby or even other car junkies because undoubtedly, nothing beats a perfectly maintained car breezing through the streets.

But what captures my eyes the most are the vintage automobiles that can still catch up with the high-powered engines of today’s car models. From the Mustang to the Mini Cooper, cars are more than just for traveling, it can be an ego-upper as well. To have somebody tell you that your car is one of the bad-ass they’ve seen so far is a prize unto itself. So why not spread the awesome? For those who love taking photos of their cars just as much as they love taking a self-snapshot, I suggest you go ahead and be online friends with other individuals who are also nuts about cars with this application called ! Bragging about your own pimped up ride is acceptable here.

Somehow, owners of cars that look ridiculously exceptional will instantly be granted all the bragging rights in the world without anybody contending it. Don’t let your efforts of giving your car a superficial boost go unseen because there’s an application that can help you connect with others who are just as ecstatic with cars in general. Won’t it be peachy for car geeks to have an application that’s infested with wheels, rims, boilers, and mega trucks? Oh I bet they’ll have a field day with CarCrazee!

CarCrazee is a social networking application created by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. which targets individuals who has a knack with automobiles, photography, and everything in between. The application allows its users to take a picture of their beloved car (or even cars they wish they have) and share it with their friends or would be friends around the globe. By liking, sharing, and commenting, users can exchange a tit for tat with the other “car crazees”.

Be loud and proud!

For starters, CarCrazee is the first of its kind. Since there are tons of applications for just about anything, it’s only now that an app is developed to cater to the growing community of die hard car fans all over the world. This time, it’s not about one’s face and/or food. It’s all about cars no matter if it’s yours or not.

The application’s initial page will ask for you to register using your e-mail address or you can sign in via your Facebook account. After doing so, you’ll see your personal profile and can start taking photos of cars, liking other user’s post, and zooming in (following) other car crazies using the application. Your followers will be called “zoomers” but if you want to zoom out of the loop of somebody, you can do so buy unfollowing him or her.

By tapping on the camera tab, you can either use the in-app camera to upload a real-time photo or use the images on your photo roll. Each of your upload can be viewed by your CarCrazee friends and they can also like, share, or comment on it. Only 10 photos are allowed in an album but don’t fret because you can upload unlimited number of albums!

Being a car enthusiast doesn’t mean that you have to have a car of your own, just like any other interest, you can still be a fan even if you’re not inside the “circle”. Ergo, the app has this setting where the uploader will have to indicate whether their photo is “personal” or “fan”. As for me, I have posted my dream car which is a yellow Hummer H3 but the photo is not mine so the intelligent thing to do is, of course, not take the credit for the photo.

Another thing to take note is the app’s request for details. Your photo will not be posted without the most general detail missing! And to help you with that, CarCrazee has a scroll down menu for the car brand while for the car description and car model, the uploader will have to fill that up. A great feat considering that car fanatics would surely love to know the specs of a car. Aside from ‘em crazy good looking autos, users can also upload a picture of new interior and exterior modifications just because. They may even get a handful of comments and likes.

If you feel like browsing, tap on the “search” tab and there you can choose whether to go through posts depending on a car’s model, brand, location, and other users. This option can help you find others that has a similar taste in automobiles as you are. Some people prefer the small cars while some, family cars. Whatever it is that you like about cars, through CarCrazee, you might actually find somebody who’s just like you!

Crazee Features

  • Cool and organized interface
  • Easy to understand mechanics
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • A news tab wherein users can browse through car-related articles as posted on credible websites like Top Gear
  • Acts as a social hub for car geeks, collectors, and fans
  • No ads!

Harrie The Crazee!

Finally, an app to go along with the “toys for the big boys”! provides a very focused premise which gives its users the comfort of knowing that they are in a group where their interests doesn’t fall too far apart. The fact that there are more and more individuals who’s having a jolly good time recreating the look of their cars, I guess ‘s appearance is just timely. Right from the get-go, things that are shiny almost always tickle our fancy and automobiles are no exception. Whatever gender you are, cars will always be that one thing that you’ll want to achieve at some point of your life.

I may not have a car of my own yet but that only strengthens my aim to have one in the future. Although all I can post in the application are photos I saw on the internet or maybe muscle cars I see in a parking lot, the fact that the photos are being seen by other car fans gives me that sense of belongingness. Another thing that I love the most about the app is that I can pick up a couple of information about other cars just by reading their description and I might even discover another car that I would want gladly like to include on my bucket list.

From my perspective, holds a lot of promise because, as what I have mentioned earlier, there are no other applications like it in the app market. I’m not a member of any car clubs so this application is as close as I can get to having car geeks as friends for the meantime. Right now, I’m thinking of taking a picture of every car with that wow factor every time I go out of the house and share it to my zoomers.

is available for iOS devices while its Android version will soon be in the Google Play Store, so watch out for it! If you zoom in on me, I’ll zoom in on you too. No kidding!

Download the app now and unleash your inner autophile!

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