Crumble Zone: An Intergalactic Experience That Won’t Leave You Crumbling!

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Rebel Twins

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On December 13, 2012
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Help the little alien shoot the asteroids and rule his spatial territory!

I have talked about my otherworldly fascination towards aliens and the ETs here in Applatter recently. A few days after the day of my alien exchange, I’m happy to say that my spatial interest in them doesn’t falter even just for a bit despite the continuous gestation of different alien franchise in the cinema, the internet, and the world over. You would think that by now, my mind must have been really abducted by the unidentified objects because I am so impractically in love with them. Well, yeah, maybe there’s a little truth to it—I am head over heels! My brain must have been abducted because I am bizarrely smitten with them and who cares?! It’s more fun to dwell on the supernatural than the commoners.

Actually, my fondness for aliens and the intergalactic just grew another tail when I discovered this iOS application called Crumble Zone, which I think, could be my most favorite alien app to date. Now, that’s saying a lot. I’ve seen a lot of alien apps in the app nation, and only a minor few made it to the list of the apps that should stay installed on the strictly-for-app-gadget for years. Years!

Crumble Zone is a fantastic little game about a tiny, green alien who works his arse hard just to fight for his lone, little planet. The thing is to blast the meteoroids, comets, and even invading planets into small, splintered smithereens so the happy little alien can continue to rule his world! Get your tiny finger pads ready because Crumble Zone will keep you bombing meteoroids for hours and hours of spatially-designed intergalactic gameplay!

Crumble Zone ($0.99) is a game by Rebel Twins for iOS devices. The objective of the game is to let the little alien shoot the planetary objects that are threatening to invade his territory. The little alien does the bombing and the shooting by targeting the asteroids with his natural antenna that can produce weapons. Crumble Zone has two game modes: single player and multi-player modes. The comets and the asteroids will serve as the main villains in the game as they will gradually crush the alien’s planet once they entered a specific sphere. Keep in mind that in Crumble Zone, the priority is to keep the asteroids off your planet as long as the tiny alien can endure.


The controls in the game are easy to control once you get the hang of it. On the left side of the screen are the left and right arrows. The right arrow will make your alien rotate clockwise, while the left arrow will go counter-clockwise. The alien doesn’t really go beyond his orbit, and that is why navigating him in the proper direction can be tricky. You can either move him to the right or the left depending on where the target is.

On the right side of the screen is the fire or weapon button. You can tap the fire button whenever a meteoroid, a comet, or a planet is very close. The direction of the attacks depends on where you are navigating the alien. If you are moving left, then you will likely shoot the target from your left. You can fire while the alien is rotating a full 360 degrees. But again, the main priority is to not let the objects get to the planet too close.

When you eliminate big rocks of asteroids, comets, or a planet, several sparkling diamonds will fall from those objects. Even the smaller asteroids that were blast into smithereens will produce tiny diamonds for your benefit. These diamonds add points to the number that is shown in the center of the alien’s planet. These diamonds can also help when there are too many comets and asteroids on the way as these diamonds help get the asteroids far from the planet for a bit.

The diamonds also produce different weapons or ammo that can be of great help when there are too many asteroids that are closing in. These diamonds can result to eight different weapons that can be seen under the fire button on the right side of the screen. These special weapons come in the form of a multi-attack blaster, ammo that looks like a thunder, and some that looks like a hot, speeding comet. To access all the special weapons, players must unlock them on the power-up menu. Using these special weapons can result to combo hits of successful firing.

The planets and asteroids in Crumble Zone differ in size and force as you move forward. When you advance to the next level, and the asteroids get bigger, you can choose to use some of the power-ups that you have acquired for a quick asteroid elimination.

When the planet is slightly damaged, you can tap the redo button on the upper right corner of the screen. There is a performance breakdown that will appear on the screen when the alien’s planet is destroyed. Leaderboards are also featured in the app for people who like to participate in other plays.

Crumble Zone features:

• Original and challenging single-player mission
• Multiplayer mode!
• Action-packed gameplay
• Vibrant artistic graphics, optimized for retina display
• Challenging levels but easy to learn and simple to control
• Eight special weapons to get!
• Procedurally generated levels which are different every time!
• Leaderboards, Achievements and Ranks based on your overall progress

Jango is high on crumblin’!

Jango is so in love! Let’s get into it!

  1. Very refreshing gameplay that is not that hard to master, but very challenging as the game progresses. The controls are also very easy to manage; the target, on the other hand, is where the fun and the challenge play in.
  2. Amazing sound, graphics, and visual effects. This is like watching a Ridley Scott creation because the outer space sfx are really awesome! The graphics and the illustrations are superb and they match the mood of the game, really. The sound is just terrifically banging! It makes you all amped up for the game. Very effective!
  3. No in-app purchases. Now, that is the coolest! That is so new for a paid app because paid apps usually want to blow their app cache huge via in-app purchases. But Crumble Zone isn’t uncool so IAPs are a no! Excellent!

I’m sure I have not said enough. But I’m also sure that, by the amount of my endless purring, you can already guess that this Crumble Zone is so approved!

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Crumble Zone: An Intergalactic Experience That Won’t Leave You Crumbling!
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