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CarCrazee: Are You Nuts About Cars?

What’s not to love about cars? It’s shiny, it’s expensive, and it can take you probably anywhere on land. It may be inanimate but it’s some sort of a half-pet half-trophy in the eyes of many—talk about extreme autophiles! A jaw-dropping red race car or a sleek and sophisticated SUV can easily catch the positive attention of passersby or even other car junkies because undoubtedly, nothing beats a perfectly maintained car breezing through the streets.

But what captures my eyes the most are the vintage automobiles that can still catch up with the high-powered engines of today’s car models. From the Mustang to the Mini Cooper, cars are more than just for traveling, it can be an ego-upper as well. To have somebody tell you that your car is one of the bad-ass they’ve seen so far is a prize unto itself. So why not spread the awesome? For those who love taking photos of their cars just as much as they love taking a self-snapshot, I suggest you go ahead and be online friends with other individuals who are also nuts about cars with this application called ! Bragging about your own pimped up ride is acceptable here.

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IceBreaker App: Meet New People

The chance of knowing someone who’ll jive with your nuts and bolts is quite slim in this planet with billions of humans. But we all have best friends which means that somehow, this cruel world can become tolerable because there’s somebody who’s just as crazy as you are. Although we have a loyal ally by our side, there will always be that one particular topic where you can’t seem to get a good flow of word exchange on. It’s normal and unchangeable, of course. So why not rely on your mobile phone to give you a hefty list of persons who can possibly be your next weekend buddy?

Not that you’ll be replacing your best friend, you’ll just expand your horizons and learn a few more tricks regarding your interests. Or, if you don’t have a best friend yet, then boohoo for you. Kidding! Who knows, this social networking application might help you find that other soul that can understand the way your mind operates. Say hello to the , where you can easily meet new people based on their likes.

Spread your tentacles and reach out to more people! Read on if you’re planning to widen your circle of buddies—personal or online.

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StatNut — For Easier Social Network Services Tracking

With all the hoopla that is surrounding the continuous birth and development of social networking platforms, people are becoming more aware of the thoughts of people around them, and vice versa. Also, because of this continuous progress, we are being careful about the opinions that we share through various media, and the people who follow or befriend us in different social networking sites. These social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be brutally addicting to the point that you often put behind the more important activities because most of your time are designated to your insatiable habit of lurking other people’s accounts.

Social networking sites have their good and bad sides. It can be good because it allows you to connect to people and to a bigger base of audience easily. And because of the intercontinental connectivity that the different platforms can achieve, your agenda can be received worldwide.

On the other hand, social networking sites can be bad because the more people follow you, the less you keep track of the ones that you can trust and the ones that only follow you for the purpose of trolling your accounts. This is how most people on Twitter and Facebook attract bashers and status trolls because when this group of people don’t agree to what you’re saying, you’re often flooded with multiple statements of hateful remarks and such. But we have got to admit that having hundreds and thousands of followers and reposts can be the coolest thing in the world.

If you’re one of the many who spends most of your time guarding your following, your status on your accounts, and the materials that you post on your Tumblr and YouTube accounts, then you need to have this app called StatNut installed on your iPhones, stat! StatNut is a social networking tracking app that allows you to track your social networking accounts all in your handy iPhone device. With StatNut laid out in your mobile interface, you won’t go maddeningly nuts over your stats! Read more

Magisto – Magical Video Editor

Halloween is one of the perfect occasions to capture creepy and funny videos of yourself with friends and some random strangers. Some people really prep big time for this event and even spend thousands for a single costume and high-end prosthetics. Halloween also makes people go mad for pictures to document the frocks that they are wearing or the characters that they’re portraying. If I am also spending a bunch of dime for costumes and stuff, I will totally make sure that every part of me—from my toe nail polish to the faux frizz on the strands of my hair—will create an entire album of vanity. Pictures are nice, but it is way better if your sinister costumes are recorded in videos that you can share with the whole world to see.

If you and your friends are planning to pull off a flash mob to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the middle of the street, let someone capture your crazy moment through the use of this Android app called Magisto – Magical Video Editor. With Magisto for Android installed on your smart phones and Android devices, editing videos and sharing it to the world is just one tap away. Read more

Chat Your Way with ChatOn

ChatOn is a social networking application from Samsung Electronics Ltd. This free app serves as a global mobile communication service provider. Its primary function is to let you communicate or get in touch with your friends and family at any time and any place. ChatOn’s main objective is to let you have better relationships with your buddies and loved ones at all times. Now, that’s sweet!

One of the best and most exciting things about this amazing app is that it uses a variety of communication methods which will surely capture your interest and heart. It will help you in expressing and sharing your ideas and feelings with those people who are dear to you. Moreover, it is designed with simple, clean, and eye-catching icons and interface.

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Blurt It Out in Blurtopia

There are questions that erratically appear in my head. Everyday we have this bizarre quandary of choosing a restaurant to visit for lunch. When we finally found the perfect spot, we now have a hard time picking from the menu. Depthless questions but all of them is in dire need of answers.

Blurtopia is the newest social networking app that will help you solve your problems with the help of your followers and the entire Blurtopia community. If you are constantly having a hard time picking the right type of shoes in the mall, or choosing the perfect hair color for your skin tone, Blurtopia is the perfect app to help you.

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Create Slideshows with SlidM

People nowadays especially the young ones or the ‘feeling youngsters’ have been obsessed with taking photos of every move they make. Have you noticed that? Back in the days, before we eat, we often pray and thank God for the food that we have. Now, most of us even take a photo first of the scrumptious meal before we eat them. Agree? I even heard a story when someone said, “You have great shots, what’s your camera? Instagram?” It may sound funny but that’s really the truth in today’s generation.

Photo sharing apps have been the whim in the past few months. I guess, it will continue to grow and develop for the next 10 years since more and more people are getting hyped with all the picture taking and photo shoots with their own camera and photo apps. The Applatter team has even presented some photo and photo sharing apps which you can include on your travel list such as Instagram, PicsArt, Hipstamatic and a lot more! On the other hand, photo editing takes a lot of Photoshop skills just to edit a single photo. However, photo editing is now made a lot easier with apps such as Color Blast, Color Strokes, Filtermania and so much more.

Today, we’ll take a break from those photo editing and photo apps as this app review presents a new idea of letting your pictures speak for themselves. As the song says, “A picture paints a thousand words”, right? Why won’t we let our pictures do the talking through an app called SlidM?

Free for

Developed by SlidM Ltd., is a free application which allows its users to create a slide show together with friends or family using their iOS devices.

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App Review: My InstaStory

People turn to Instagram instantly when they have captured something that is worth-sharing to friends and other people around the globe. Sometimes, even the tinniest things like a strand of a shiny grey hair, or dirt in a shoe is Instagram-ed because those pictures, for some people, hold a special story behind their being flimsy. And with the addition of age-old, sepia’s worth of filters, the results become cooler, and even more memorable. The only bad thing is when your point is not successfully taken, and you’re flooded with comments saying “This is non-sense”, or worst, “What is this?”

Now, telling stories using your Instagram photos is easier because of this new app called My InstaStory. My InstaStory is a free iOS app from Insta Story Inc. which allows Instagram users to create a slideshow of their Instagram photos and turn it into a short video complete with music and dramatic transitions. With My InstaStory, it is simpler to tell the world the stories behind your cryptic Instagram photos. Whether you want to create a slideshow of your Instagram-ed wedding photos, a scrapbook of how your year banged, or a cluster of concert photos that you can’t get over with, you can do so with My InstaStory. Also, it is more enjoyable to view the slideshows because of the apt background music scoring your epic InstaStory. Read more

App Review: Picture Me Something

We love making fun of our friends’ photos in Facebook. We all go through the absurdity of tagging our unaware friends their pictures which show them being crazy, or not in their best Vogue-ish poses. As much as we love making fun of things, and ridiculous stuff about our bffs’ own business, we still keep in mind that some things need to be done with caution and maybe, a little guessing game. Sometimes, we even tag them things that will remind them how inane they are because we want to make them laugh. That’s just the coolest thing about life. We can make fun of things with the people who know us more than we know ourselves. The joy of having to share stuff with friends are just priceless, and endlessly satisfying.

And if you are like me who loves to surprise her friends with pointless chuckle-worthy pictures and stuff, then you better check this app called Picture Me Something. You get the gist. Picture Me Something, like Draw Something and other apps coined with “something”, will allow you to connect and goof around with your friends about the funniest photos through your mobile phones. The best thing about Picture Me Something is that, it’s such a familiar app—too familiar that there’s really no learning needed—that it spoils your giggling pleasure in no time. With the use of Facebook integration and sharing of private or non-private photos, Picture Me Something will leave you boisterously chortling with your friends and make them laugh at themselves silly! Read more

Express your Love: 5 Couple Apps for Android

Getting into a relationship requires love, trust, patience and most importantly, time. However, living in this fast-paced world gives us so little of our time to spend just a minute or two with our special someone. Now the question is: How can couples kiss and make-up in this app-obsessed world? The return of “Little Miss Cupid” is here! Today, this app review will shoot your hearts with my bow, arrow and My Five Couple Apps for Android!

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