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On December 13, 2012
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Try and shoot every zombie on your screen using a single bullet or two.

I’m starting to wonder if zombies will see the end of its fame with the movie-goers and series-watchers. I, for one, seem to have a huge interest in them. Not that I want them to be true, but the scientific “explanation” that backs up the handful of films and television shows about the rage of the undead is pretty much shaking my logic. Who can attest that it won’t possibly happen in a few year’s time? Maybe the super strain of rabies is already hidden in Area 51 for all we know. Paranoia aside, come the time that the brainless zombies come and try to take a bite at our living flesh, it’s much better to use our well-functioning brain more than our brawns.

Much like what this guy did with the zombies on this application I came across with in the play store, perfectly angled gun shots are humanity’s best defense against the carnivores.

The stereotypical zombies are oblivious to their environment and slow-paced ergo, they are basically walking teeth and appetite. Although the doomsday preppers I’ve watched in Discovery Channel sounds loony to me, the guns they’ve stored through the years got my jaw rolling across our living room floor. Bad-ass is too weak of a word to even start describing them. So if you only have a shotgun with you and a couple of ammos, then this hardcore redneck that’s shooting the stupid zombies might give you a few tricks.

Stupid Zombies is a multi-leveled mobile application created by GameResort which is compatible for both Android and iOS devices. The point of the game is to kill all the zombies you can see on your screen using lesser bullets. By dragging the viewfinder, you can lock on your target and let the bullet bounce back within the enclosure hoping to kill another zombie or two. The bullet will stay in operation for approximately 3 seconds. This shoot-to-kill game has 3 chapters with 4 stages each. Every stage has 60 levels with increasing difficulty to pass through.

Basically, the real challenge of this game is to find the perfect trajectory for the bullet. If you’re lucky enough or if you’ve planned your shot to the last bit, then your bullet can kill every zombie on your screen no matter how far apart they are.

The viewfinder that will appear once your finger touches the screen will indicate where the bullet will hit. You can first aim for the head of the nearest zombie and hope best that the bullet will bounce back beautifully towards the other zombies. There are levels where the shots are obvious while there are tricky ones that involve explosives, doors, metal and wooded boxes that creates a bloodshed once it falls over the flesh-eaters.

To finish a level, you will be given five bullets to use intelligently. And once the level is finished, the app will calculate the scores that corresponds to the number of bullets you did not use. The more bullets that you have, the higher your score so do think about your shots carefully. And before I forget, your muscle man character won’t die when the bullet hits him. Your game will only end once you’ve exhausted your bullets but there are still zombies standing.

Harrie’s Bullets Bounces Back Good

Stupid Zombies is definitely a download-worthy application because not only does it look and sound awesome, it also contains so many levels to play with. There are also in-app items which can be bought online. All in all, this zombie app fully deserves a spot on your mobile devices due to its fully engaging gameplay that will probably teach you a thing or two about physics.

Download the free application through the or for FREE!

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