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Ancient Engine: Labyrinth

The Mayans became a household name last year of 2012 because of, y’know, people’s misinterpretation of the “New Age” in their Mesoamerican long count calendar. Since some people love indulging so much into pseudoscience mixed with small fry gratification, they incorporated the Mayan’s tradition of World Ages into an impending doom. Well, what do we know? People just really love drama.

Actually, the civilization that achingly seemed like a period joke to many holds more value in culture and history than most countries. Mayans weren’t only famous last year and definitely not just for their unique system of calendars. They are best known for their impressive creation of mask panels, temple facade and other structural engine that might forever be gold even in the world of skillful masonry. Their detailed creations of edifice imprinted with numerical grid come out doozy even to the masters of arts and sciences. Fascinating sons of bugbear, aren’t they?

If you’re having trouble comprehending the Mayan’s ancient marbles, then keep calm and just play this game that’s still derived from their impressive old-hat style sans the astrological symbols and implications. is a Physics-based (there’s that word again: Physics!) game that uses the old Mayan engine of interlocking wheels or gears that when they rotate against each other, forms a circular motion and triggers the engine. Don’t let me explain further because this game is more frustrating than the Mayan studies. Just read more of this Android app review before you try the game and throw your devices in frustration. Read more

Android App Review: Diamonds Rush

It’s practically raining diamonds everyday in the app nation! Joining the latest list of the sparkler app phenomenon is . The game has that same premise that can be seen in other diamond tetris-inspired games. You know you love the sight of glittering diamonds, that’s why these games are rehashed over and over.

And while Diamonds Rush doesn’t really offer anything new, the game—which enables players to shatter ear-piercing smithereens of diamonds—possesses a healthy dose of entertainment, pleasing visual percepts, and replay value. You never know when you are going to stop clicking the “next level” button because this simple game can be as captivating as a real-life diamond. With the fortune of glittering diamonds abound in the app nation, diamonds are definitely forever. Read more

Tickle The Talking Nibbler!

Every time we scour the app market, we are often greeted by apps that supply amusement for the bored mind, the curious-and-too-advanced youngsters, and the plain app-aholic Janes and Joes of the tech-savvy sphere. Trying to look for the right apps, the ones that will stay installed on your device for a whole year, takes a lot of exploring and testing. And that can get tiring after a while. The problem might lie within the fact that people are endlessly looking for complicated apps to add a bit of complication to their bland lives. But sometimes, the apps that can bring amusement to us users are actually the apps that possess the simplest features with the wackiest substance.

Take for example this hilarious dude called the . We were treated to a coterie of talking animals here in Applatter, but this one—this Talking Nibbler—I have to say is the most charming that I have seen so far. What adds to that charm probably has less to do with his Gremlin-like appearance but more with his cool as a cucumber attitude. For one, he’s totally relaxed, totally chill and placid, until you start poking and tickling his casual bones and he starts losing his cool.

For the usual app-enthused people, Talking Nibbler might look like the usual app joining the band of talking furry companions. But for the plain app-onlookers, once you sampled Talking Nibbler’s pixie and goofy allure, you’ll find him growing on you, and growing roots of long-term stay on your Android devices. Sorry, but this Talking Nibbler defines “cute” for me.

Read more

Android App Review: Celebrities Quiz

People who consider themselves as overzealous followers of Hollywood stars and other notable celebrities know their idols’ faces and looks to the core. When you are enthusiastically supporting a certain celebrity’s skyrocketing A-list status, it’s so easy to identify his or her porcelain face (or sometimes, excessively tanned face) as if you know that face better than you know yours. This is why the pressure on how celebrities should portray themselves in public is higher than the Empire State.

When the camera is trying to capture every inch of your alabaster skin and every pore on your face, of course, there’s nothing left to do but to look pretty and scrawny. Otherwise, they will find their plump faces headlining the latest rag mags and tabloids along Beverly Hills. That reality sucks, and that bitter truth might pass as one of the reasons why celebrities opt for a mechanically engineered-beauty than a natural one.

Thank God for the likes of Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet who would rather perfect their acting prowess than join the high roller trophy wives of Rodeo Drive. Needless to say, one of the factors why a celebrity loves going under the knife is the fact that the public and the “perfectionist” fans have already decided how they are going to perceive their idols. And people are questioning why some celebrities say their “life is unfair…”

All this blabbering is in line with this app that I found sitting pretty on my Android device, which eventually served nice for a good Android app review. See what I did there?

Yeah, HappyFaceDevs developed an app called which makes users guess the pretty Celebrity posing behind the warped and distorted face displayed on the screen. Guessing is pretty easy if you are the kind of fan that I’m talking about earlier. If you are hyper aware of George Clooney’s “I’m a hot bachelor” gray hair, or how far wide Julia Robert’s sexy mouth can go, then answering the guessing game is no difficulty for you. Read more

IDBuddy: Your Trustworthy ID Manager

Some people treat their identification cards as if they are just random calling cards comparted inside their wallets. This is the reason why most of our IDs are left outdated and expired. There are also number of times when bringing all your IDs can be a bit annoying because no one wants the bulk of a sturdy wallet inside their bags or their back pockets. Organizing your IDs and even keeping track of their renewal and expiration dates can get tedious because admittedly, most people who own a handful of different IDs consider the task of renewing and remembering the renewal dates a laborious but humdrum activity.

And hey, who doesn’t go through the embarrassing juncture of being blocked from a building because you forgot your IDs and any forms of an authentic identification? It happens to me all the time, and I’m sure it happened to the rest of the world too. Sometimes, no matter how godly your looks are, your charms don’t help in convincing the security guards that you don’t possess any records of facial profiling.

These simple dilemmas could be the reasons why AppLabs Digital Studios developed this 24/7 virtual ID manager called IDBuddy. While organizing and renewing all your IDs might be too time-consuming for you, IDBuddy will be there to constantly remind you of your important IDs and leave you out of plain misery. IDBuddy will allow you to take photos of your identification cards and have a virtual dead ringer ID! You can even set an alarm for some IDs that need renewing so you’ll never have to save face when you are accidentally flashing an expired ID. With IDBuddy sitting pretty on your handy smart phone devices, you and your several IDs will be joined at the hip, 24/7! Read more

Kids Are Safe and Sound In Maddie and Matt’s Safe World!

My love for these two cyber kiddie wonders, Maddie and Matt, just grew another notch after I learned that they’re back to share more  practical tips and experiences about their innocent and worthwhile junior time. The first two apps from the Maddie and Matt series, Maddie and Matt Values and Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, gave kiddie iPad users basic knowledge on how to mold their social manners and environmental practices. The third app from the Maddie and Matt franchise  focuses more on giving kids a knack for their own safety.

being the newest free app for kids from AppLabs Digital Studios, aims to teach kids basic safety guidelines when they are facing potentially dangerous circumstances. It can be really tough for parents to leave their kids out in the open being clueless and defenseless. Parents will do everything to ensure that their kids are safe in the three-ring circus of classrooms and playgrounds. And while they are not always present to fence a shelterbelt of guidance and protection for their kids, they are still endlessly looking for ways to inject as many safety guidelines and knowledge to their kids as possible.

This is where the aid of Maddie and Matt’s Safe World comes in. With Safe World’s vibrant and witty demonstration of smart and useful dialogues, it is guaranteed that your kids will gather a lot of basic safety know-how from the app. With the addition of fun and educational games ready to pour trivia and information to your kids’ young minds, having Safe World installed on your iPads is the whole nine yards! Read more

App Review: RexNFoodbot

I can only imagine how hard it must be for parents when they are desperately willing their kids to eat every healthy foods that are available for consumption. But of course, being the kids that they are, they will prefer munching the unhealthy than stomach the healthy veggies. The temptation of gobbling every sugary candy and junk food out there is omnipresent in a kid’s  time of life. And while stopping them from their juvenile enjoyment can be hard and hurtful for parents (because depriving your kids from the things that will make them happy is a trifling heartbreak, dramatic or not), it’s the parent’s duty to feed their kids the right stuff and let them grow brighter and fitter!

Maybe, if parents will try incorporating a little helpful entertainment to their kid’s awareness regarding nutritious foods, the kids might actually be lured to eat some of the greenest and most nutritional nibbles. And since nutrition mixed with kiddie entertainment can be one of the keys to help your kids become young, sturdy wonders, this nutritional kiddie app called might just be an awesome help.

RexNFoodbot follows the story of a healthy, green, paper cut-out scientist named Rex. Because Rex is a nourishment-obsessed boffin, he decided to invent a Foodbot that could produce healthy yet tasty foods. An accident occurred while he was programming which resulted to the Foodbot being misprogrammed, and turned into a producer of unhealthy junk foods. Rex tried to stop the mad Foodbot from his unpleasant deeds but the “stop” button wouldn’t work.

The Foodbot set out to bring chaos to the healthy lives of people using the different junk foods that it generated from Rex’s laboratory. The only way to stop Foodbot from scattering ill junk food into the world is to let scientist Rex encrypt 6 codes into the Foodbot. And this is where the youngster’s help will be needed. Read more

Crumble Zone: An Intergalactic Experience That Won’t Leave You Crumbling!

I have talked about my otherworldly fascination towards aliens and the ETs here in Applatter recently. A few days after the day of my alien exchange, I’m happy to say that my spatial interest in them doesn’t falter even just for a bit despite the continuous gestation of different alien franchise in the cinema, the internet, and the world over. You would think that by now, my mind must have been really abducted by the unidentified objects because I am so impractically in love with them. Well, yeah, maybe there’s a little truth to it—I am head over heels! My brain must have been abducted because I am bizarrely smitten with them and who cares?! It’s more fun to dwell on the supernatural than the commoners.

Actually, my fondness for aliens and the intergalactic just grew another tail when I discovered this iOS application called Crumble Zone, which I think, could be my most favorite alien app to date. Now, that’s saying a lot. I’ve seen a lot of alien apps in the app nation, and only a minor few made it to the list of the apps that should stay installed on the strictly-for-app-gadget for years. Years!

Crumble Zone is a fantastic little game about a tiny, green alien who works his arse hard just to fight for his lone, little planet. The thing is to blast the meteoroids, comets, and even invading planets into small, splintered smithereens so the happy little alien can continue to rule his world! Get your tiny finger pads ready because Crumble Zone will keep you bombing meteoroids for hours and hours of spatially-designed intergalactic gameplay! Read more

Run from doomsday with TheEndApp!

If we, mere mortals, are to adhere to the Mayan Apocalypse of the world ending too-soon-now come December 21, 2012, we better get our essentials packed and ready before doomsday catches us unpacked and unready. But since we all have our own, different set of beliefs when it comes to apocalyptic conspiracy theories and prophecies, we can choose to just stick to other scientific or religious beliefs, ignore the Armageddon drama, calm our nerves, save the packing for another decade or two, and continue to improve our practical, ordinary lives.

A lot of experts have debunked the drama that surrounds the End of the World Mayan divination but since some people continue to probe into the mystery where there really is none, Internet propaganda and campaign about the Judgment Day to-do lists are still abound in the curious world of spectators. Truth is, the day of reckoning is so beyond us humans because we haven’t even found any firm and accurate answers regarding our birth and evolution.

And since people are really into this foreign prophecy that signals the end according to the Mayan calendar, various forms of media interpretation from film to the internet continue to feed the monsters by supplying their own scripted version of apocalyptic drama. We can choose to look at this as entertainment or as a disturbing prediction; it’s all up to who and what you want to believe.

See, that Tolstoy-length analysis (for a single app review!) that I just made about apocalypse could be a sign that even I am exploring hard over this. Actually, what really made me look inquisitively into this was the app called TheEndApp from Goroid. TheEndApp is a runner game with a post-apocalyptic premise. The idea is to run and collect as many duct tapes and Camp Center necessities all for the sake of post-doomsday survival. Read more

Nikki UP2U: A dressing story

Little girls—they all have their dreams of playing dress up. Every little girl that I have encountered has taken to playing dress up as if they are already priming into the spiffy world of womanhood. That’s the weird thing about being a kid. They use the fashionably moulded shapes and perks of Barbie dolls and Bratz just so they can envision how they want their lives in the period of adolescence to be. Some kids even sleep with their paper dolls beside them, y’know. Kids.

Since playing dress up for dolls is a thing of adulthood anticipation mixed with curious innocence, the world of technology didn’t miss out on supplying the juvenile enjoyment of kids and in-denial-kids-at-heart. Pape Studio released an iOS application called Nikki UP2U that will cater to the modish desires of kids, or even mommas with three kids, who have a fondness for dressing up dolls and doll-like figures to the nines! With Nikki UP2U installed on your iOS devices, dressing the characters in the chicest trend du jour is all UP2U! Read more