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App Review: Boxthebag

Boxing has become one of the go-to exercises or sports when a person wants to lose weight fast. It’s a challenging social sport because it requires people to use and train all of their body parts. People who are big fans of boxing practically beef up just to maintain a certain strength and stamina required to actively engage into the game. Some even swear to boxing being the ultimate fitness regime as it tones all your muscles and make for up a lean, ripped abs.

I was never interested in boxing. But, because my father thinks he’s somewhat a disciple of Rocky Balboa when he’s done daydreaming about being an alter ego of that famous character, I kind of tolerated the sport. I only look closely at boxing when I saw this movie, The Fighter, because Christian Bale’s character of Dicky Eklund grew amorously on me (oh Lord, he’s so good in that movie).

If you are one of the many who like to delve into the practice of boxing without having to go through hours of classes of pad works and sparring, then maybe it’s time for you to try this app called Boxthebag. The best thing about Boxthebag is that it’s a virtual boxing app for iPad. It will really train your coordination and agility, and will help you achieve greater fitness and bod. The idea of this awesome app development flirts with boxing fans and fitness enthusiasts alike. The concept that you can do a sparring session anywhere with a virtual 3D punching bag is really neat and convenient. Whether you are up for a sweaty night of losing carbs, or you just need to let off steam after getting nagged at by your boss in the office, this app will certainly help you let it all out. Read more