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On November 23, 2012
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Got what it takes to shoot some 3-pointers? Test yourself!

Instead of brushing the hair of my Barbie dolls or arranging a pretty little plastic tea set, it’s most likely that you’ll see me running around the basketball court, trying to snag the ball out of my older cousin’s grip. If only I had a stronger body, I could have continued playing sports that shouts “man up, bro”. But fate decided not to blow my way so I ended up watching from the bleachers and straining my tonsils by cheering. So what does a heartbroken girl do? Look for alternatives!

Lucky for me, there are no shortage of basketball apps available in the app market. In fact, there are too many that choosing the best one is very difficult. Good thing I stumbled upon this app called created by Runner Games. An app to remind me how much I love basketball and how I yearn to shoot some hoops again.

Do you have what it takes to not miss even one single shot? Take a look at the app and see if you deserve to be a basketball A-lister—even in a mobile app!

Being in a family who are hardcore basketball fans, I can’t help but join the club because of the underground “family pressure”, if you know what I mean. But I realized that playing it first hand is so much better than just sitting in the sofa waiting for somebody to do the awaited 3-point-shot. Then again, playing on the hard court is not on my options anymore. So I have to get by with the use of Basketball Shoot, where I can be the MVP.

created by Runner Games, is free a multi-leveled application which is only available for Android devices. The primary gist of the game is to shoot as many balls as you possibly can by controlling the angle and power of the shot. With ten balls given at the initial level, every single time you throw it will decrease by 1 and if you’re able to shoot it, that 1 ball lost will be added back.

Let Go And Shoot!

The ball will be placed on different corners of your screen and your goal is to create the best angle to throw it. As you tap on the screen, the guiding dotted lines that will appear is your preview of where the ball will go. Make sure that you give enough space to the ring and the backboard because just like a real ball, too much force can make it bounce back. The trick here is to know where to tap so you can have an easy navigation of the dotted lines across your screen. To make the shot, just release your finger and see if it’s successful.

Some shots may be easy but there are tricky ones as well. Especially those which are too far from the ring. It’s always best to create a balanced arch between the ball and the ring to make sure that it follows through. Additional points are given if you’ve managed to do a ring-less shot, the one where the ball did not touch the insides of the ring.

If you missed a lot, the number of balls will decrease and the game will only end if you’ve exhausted all of them.

Harrie The Shooter

 has some amazing graphics for a game so mundane. The different backgrounds are flawless and creates a 3D feel on the application which is great, considering that we should find the right angle for the ball. The sound scoring is great too, with the applause and whistles now and then. Visual-wise, I give the app two thumbs up.

All in all, the app is great to pass the time during those boring long drives or if you just can’t think of anything else to do. For basketball fanatics, now and see how high your scores are going to get!

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App Review: Basketball Shoot
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