Shoot Some Hoops with “Jimmy Slam Dunk”

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On November 29, 2012
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Shoot hoops and unlock other basketball items by playing this free Android app!

Are you up for another round of hoop challenge? If yes, then let’s shoot some hoops with Jimmy, our eager tail-wagging fox!

In relation with the Basketball Shoot I have reviewed a couple of days back, here comes a contender that has a whole lot of challenge and items to boot. Jimmy Slam Dunk falls far from the other basketball shooting applications that’s been a mainstay in the Google Play Store for weeks. With challenges, missions, and environments to unlock, this application can pretty much outshine its predecessors. Physics-related games are coming in multitudes in the app market but it’s a tough world out there with the very picky downloaders wanting the best experience they can have in a free game. So, will fare well with its concept and controls? Let’s find out.

The other basketball shooting games I have played recently seems minimalistic in nature with the ball floating in mid-air waiting for you to exhaust your remaining lives. There’s no problem with that if the developers feel the need to avoid having the screen crowded by putting in other visual elements other than the hoop and the ball. Although it might seem more appealing to the eyes, it’s not a bad idea to place in somebody or in this case, some animal, to hold the ball and give the player something else to look at besides guidelines and the ball itself.

is a multi-leveled game created by MoMinis for Android devices only. The game offers challenges, items to unlock (environments, balls, and hoops), badges to collect, and missions to accomplish. It utilizes the drag and release game controls in which players must calculate the angle of their shot to make sure that they score. Also, by playing the challenge modes, players can unlock the other game modes including the freestyle and the survival.

As this game is free, expect the advertisements to give you a warm welcome as you open Jimmy Slam Dunk. Oh, how I wish I could return the favor but no, the numerous ads are very distracting and you’d have to close them before reaching the main page of the game itself. For a few times I thought my phone lagged because of the ads. Enough of that for now, let’s go back to the gameplay. The players would only need to take note of the guidelines that will appear once their finger made contact with the screen. The main goal here is to successfully execute the challenges introduced before the level starts. The more challenges you finish, the more badges and items you can unlock.

After beating Level 3, a bouncy yellow ball will be unlocked so you can use either it or the original basketball. After a couple of tries using the yellow ball, I saw that it would work best on a long shot. If you’ve managed to unlock the other available environment (background), in every level, you will be given the choice on what should you want to use, the tropical one or the graffiti-filled alley. The same thing goes with the ring. With each level you finish, coins will be awarded to you so you can visit the in-app store and buy other stuff that can enhance the over-all visuals of the app and the game itself. But not all items can be bought using solely the coins because there are items that needs real moolah before you acquire them.

Hoop-tastic Features

  • 45 challenging and engaging levels
  • 4 different balls with special bouncing abilities
  • 2 hoop types
  • 2 environment types
  • Cool in-app store
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Three game modes

End Note

has great graphics and sound scoring that can make players dive in for more challenge. My main concern though is the distracting placement of the ads right before the app fully opens and even after you’ve closed it. There’s just too much of them and it’s totally distracting.

Aside from that, I have no other concern with the app. It’s indeed engaging but it’s not very addictive. All in all, it’s a great game! Try Jimmy Slam Dunk now by downloading it at the !

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Shoot Some Hoops with “Jimmy Slam Dunk”
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