Be A Mayor With Foursquare!

Inside each and everyone of us is a traveler and an analyst. Wandering out and about – sometimes aimlessly – had always been the perfect past time for those with aberrational feet. And with each new find, the inner critic oftentimes scratches too much making it hard to neglect the need to say something.

Yes, there is Facebook and Twitter and all those social networking sites to share enormous amounts of information to almost everybody around the globe but just in case you want to try something new that will instantly give you bragging rights, then maybe Foursquare will get you hooked.

For all those with , BlackBerry, or  phones, you might as well prepare your speech now for FourSquare might be your key to being the next “mayor” of the sizzling place in town!

With every place you find yourself in, “check in” through your Foursquare account and gain a point. The more you check yourself in one specific place, the more points you get and the greater chance of becoming that place’s “mayor” if you visit it more than anybody else. But be careful because one might whisk away your title if they outdo your record.

Through the built-in GPS of your smartphones; restaurants, shops, and other attractions will be displayed so you can easily “check in” to those places and broadcast it to your friends – as long as they’re also using the app. Checking in to a place one time too many will make you its mayor. And luck might be by your side if that place honors Foursquare because you can instantly score some freebies. A clever way to advertise, if you ask me.

Foursquare screenshot

Oh, before I forget, you can also collect badges! Foursquare started out as some sort of a game but it morphed into a social networking site since it allows you to add other users. Another cool thing about this app is its integration with Facebook and Twitter, a sure way to pique the interest of non-users.

The fact that you can write your thoughts on a specific place or your critic for a resto’s specialty is one of its features from the non-competitive side of the application.

The Cons

Some places aren’t registered to the game’s database but one can easily add a place to their list, though. It can also create quite the confusion for non-users especially if your Foursquare account is connected to your Facebook or Twitter declaring that you’ve become a mayor or you’ve just received a badge. But that’s not really a bad thing in the long run, because you might be competing with them soon.

I’ve also noticed that this app may have the tendency to only be amusing if you have a great deal of friends playing along with you.


Aside from giving their users points for their every “check in”, Foursquare should also reward them if they go the extra mile of posting pictures and/or giving a brief review about the place so as to retain their users. Plus, a little bit of enhancement on their GPS wouldn’t hurt.

All in all…

You can spread rainbows with this app! Surely, Foursquare Labs Inc. has given you new means to share what you know with others and maybe, just maybe, you’d get to be a mayor and have all the bragging rights.

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A caffeine-dependent power tripping damsel who loves murdering keyboards, her shabby photography, and the rain.

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Be A Mayor With Foursquare!
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One comment on “Be A Mayor With Foursquare!

  1. Ann Reyes
    on said:

    I like using Foursquare. Aside from its “mayor” concept, it’s easy to use plus it suggests nearby places that are worth visiting.

    PS. You might wanna try reviewing Turf Geography Club app. It’s a foursquare-based game.


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