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Archer Cat by CraveMob is a free arcade and action game application for android.

There are at least top four animals that people keep as a pet. We have on our list the wagging tails of our dogs, the swimming fishes  in our aquarium, the tweeting birds inside the cage, and the cool whiskers of our cats. These well-known pets are kept to either guard or amuse us with their looks and abilities. Because of that, some owners dare to train their pets so that they will somehow learn new tricks which are actually amazing for they are able to do so. But never did I imagine seeing in my entire life a cat holding a bow and arrow for that is totally ridiculous. Yeah, who would have thought that a cute little kitty is actually an expert archer? Wait a second, how can cats grab a bow and pull its arrow? Oh, this must be a joke!

by CraveMob is a free arcade and action game application for android. If you plan to hit not just one bird but dozen of winged creature in one shot, then Archer Cat is the definite game for you. Witness the battle between hunting cats and mighty flying birds as you play the game.

What will you do if you see a cat holding a bow and arrow? Are you going to scream and run away? Or, are you going to throw that poor little tom out of the house? Read more of the android app review to find out how these adorable felines can be like Legolas in Lord of the Rings.

Archer Cat’s Rundown

The story is all about a cat kingdom that was suddenly attacked by dragons. Through the help of the legendary hunter Django, dragons were defeated but lots of cats already died including the queen making the king so anxious. During that time only the witches can communicate with the dragons that is the why the king accused them of the atrocious behavior of these monsters.

The king took his revenge by wiping out all the witches in the village bringing back the harmony that was once taken by vicious dragons. But one witch got away and returned to bring chaos and take her revenge over the kingdom by cursing the birds which attack felines violently.

And that is where the fateful journey of Archer Cat begins. . .

The Furry Gameplay

Create and help your own Archer Cat as he goes to a risky adventure just to defeat the witch and bring back the peace on their kingdom once again. Using his bow and arrow, simply tap the cursed birds that will try to attack him to release arrows. Try to shoot all the birds as much as possible for you to successfully continue with the journey and defeat the wretched witch. Your magical finger is the key to make your cat the best hunter ever!

Game Features:

  • Check Character’s Info Window that contain the Character’s Status (Level, Combat, and Score), Inventory, Shop, Training, and more.
  • Meet mysterious characters such as Suspicious Elder, Black Cat, Tiger and more that will give you hints and will help you develop your skills along the way.
  • Read conversational box type instructions.
  • Complete all six of the maps that include The Journey Begins, Witch’s Hometown, Dragon’s Breath, The King, Django, and Hunter’s Path.
  • Discover various skills like Power Shot that shoots a powerful arrow which inflict multiple damages on the target, Multi Shot that releases multiple arrows in one shot, and Magical Arrow that contains electricity, ice, or poison as you meet the suspicious elder that will train your cat to become an expert archer.
  • Encounter different type of birds from normal, fast, huge, and those with stones.
You have to learn a lot from the game so it is important to take note of the following:
  1. Each of the arrows that you shoot exhausts your archer’s MP or mana so make sure to manage them wisely.
  2. There are birds that are not affected with physical attacks but they will sure feel the pain as you you shoot    them using the magical arrow.
  3. The bow or armor that you looted can be equipped from the character’s info window or sell them at the shop if not needed anymore.
  4. You will gain one skill point every time you level up that can be used to train the skills to a higher level.
  5. It is also important to train your cat continuously for a higher chance of defeating the witch.
  6. The suspicious elder can be found on the map that is marked with a tent.
  7. The place marked with a tower symbol on the map contains better items.
  8. The most essential item for a hunter is the potion because it restores the HP or health of you archer. Keep in mind that every potion cost a fortune.
  9. One bow has specific name, attack speed, and level. It requires a certain level before you can use it.

Final Words

I thought that Archer Cat was just an ordinary game application when I first read its game overview. It has a very typical plot where kingdoms are cursed by witches. I have noticed that the common antagonists used in most games are either witches or dragons. Even though the story looks plain, the features and concept is really worth the play. There is balance between the great visuals and up to beat music of the game giving me an exclusive battle experience even though this is not a hard core war game.  I highly recommend this app since it’s free and this is not your ordinary furry game. Hurry, go grab your android devices, turn on your WI-FI’s, go directly to play store, and download Archer Cat now!

Watch Game Trailer Here:

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Android App Review: Archer Cat
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