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On January 9, 2013
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Guide an astray cockroach back to its family with the LSS-inducing La Cucaracha as your background music.

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Not once did I thought of insects as friendly creatures. As far as my vendetta for them goes, they are heartless members of the biosphere that only has two goals in life: procreate and scare the heck out of humans—okay, maybe just a significant percentage of the populace. The thought that they’re too cunning and can sometimes be unbelievably small gives me long-lasting goosebumps! So imagine my reaction when one of ‘em living things belonging in that category of species landed anywhere on my body. I will turn into a screaming and scratching monster that bounces up and down. Although when they’re far from me, then it’s alright. Squashing them won’t be my initial reaction.

As for cockroaches that are considered by many as repulsive insects, would you ever think of saving them instead of spraying them with insect killers? They might not be good at anything but nipping almost everything they can find in your house—even yourself—and flying like a bad-ass helicopter but what if one needed your help? Take a look at this iOS and Android app review to find out if you’re eligible to guide one cockroach to safety with La Cucaracha 2!

Would it be so hard to think of them as cute even for a minute? Get to know Benny the cockroach hailing from Mexico and see for yourself how his fate turned out by letting his greed control him.

The game makers did test out my mental tolerance for insects with La Cucaracha 2 because most of the “cockroach” apps in the market involves stomping them or crushing them to their oblivion. Although it’s not a contemporary idea for apps to make its players take on the character of something or someone unlikely, pushing on the ironic thought that people will grasp the idea of getting a cockroach on its road to salvation instead of leading it to its demise is a leap well-taken.

La Cucaracha 2 is a multi-leveled mobile game created by David Golding (iOS) and CR Productions (Android) with two game controls: tilt and an on-screen joystick. The goal is to control the cockroach by tilting or by using the joystick to make him dodge out of harm’s way. Obstacles like insecticides and predators like snakes, frogs, and lizards are out to get the best of Benny, steer clear away from them and eat all the “super food” scattered on the floor. To proceed to the next level, you have to reach the finish line from the previous one.

Benny’s story

I noticed that the background story doesn’t play automatically at the initial parts of the game. Long story short, knowing Benny’s history is not a compulsory thing. The home screen of the app shows the options and then on the right side, you’ll see the indicator that you have to tap Benny in order to play the short clip of his food-filled and greedy life.

You’ll learn that Benny, in the start, was a cockroach that doesn’t deserve to be pitied—wait, what? Aren’t all cockroaches?—but an ill-fated event left him all alone in a world where he would have to fend for himself. In dire need of help to get out of the back of a truck, players will have to guide the lone cockroach so he can be united with his brother and parents. Hopefully, all the mischief he’s created in the Mexican restaurant where they were residing and all of his greed will dissolve once he steps his tiny spiked feet back home.

A cockroach against the world

The game’s default is to have the tilt controls on. By turning your mobile device to the right, you can start to battle with the forces which seek the demise of our brown winged insect lead. Along the journey home, there are food and super food which looks like dirt and spilled detergent respectively. Benny should eat those to give more time to travel. There is a meter on top of the screen which indicates how long can Benny last (health/starvation meter). The more food you get, either of them, Benny’s life span will increase significantly.

Don’t be too wry about La Cucaracha 2 because it doesn’t waste time. You’d only “safe” for a few seconds on the game and then the real action starts. Just remember to dodge them all. If you find yourself asking for more thrill, then go ahead and change the difficulty level. But don’t ever take it off your mind that all the obstacles can be very tricky especially the frogs. Their tongues are the shizznizz! Thinking that it won’t catch Benny is a pretentious act so be very careful when you hear the loud croaking.

Aside from the food, there are protections that can be picked up. For example, when you’re about to pass through a set of insecticides, there will be a gas mask for Benny that you should get. This will be active for long a time; enough to survive the killer gas. The same thing goes for other hindrances, there are full body bio-hazard suits and whatnots that can shield Benny from the unnatural enemies

but it won’t work for the other animals in the screen, though. The only thing that can suppress them from swallowing Benny whole, is if he uses his wings and fly his way through.

To make him spread those wings and fly like a friggin’ copter, all he needs is the super food. Kinda reminds me of Popeye and his spinach. Although the super food proves to be just a once in a blue moon fiasco in the app since you won’t see much of it. So if you do, don’t hesitate to get it unless it lies near the mouth of a lizard. Each of the power ups, if I may call it that, will eventually lose its effect. You can be ready for it because Benny’s gonna flash and be all transparent once a power up is about to go.

Take control of Benny

If you’re not a fan of tilting, the game has this on-screen joystick that’s much easier to use. I’ve tried both of the control and by using the joystick, I’ve almost always reached the end but with the tilting, I only get to about 3/4 of the whole run and then I get burned, eaten, or poisoned.

The joystick is just a black circle on the left side of the screen which corresponds to Benny’s direction. And oh, you can also turn back in this game but use your ability to about face wisely because you’ll probably die by losing so much time on the clock.

End Note

First and foremost, the sound scoring of the game is impeccably appropriate. It makes use of the well-known Spanish song where the game’s name originated: La Cucaracha which literally means “the cockroach”. I thoroughly enjoyed the game because of its endearing instrumental of the happy beat. Plus the fact that I can choose what type of controls is perfect for a better grasp of the game play.

La Cucaracha 2 is a game that can be played by individuals of all ages since it’s very simple. The fact that it’s not easy to master is one of the features that makes it stand out. Although there are many levels, the first one already seems like an endless runner because I can’t seem to finish it. Darn those frogs!

You can download La Cucaracha 2 in the and for FREE. Put your hate for gross insects first and try your luck in paving Benny’s way home.

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