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On November 15, 2012
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Discover a new way of text messaging with invi.

It is innate in us to be socially inclined whether with friends, families, loved ones or even new relationships that we’ve built. As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” We need other people for us to grow, learn new things and enjoy life. What’s the best way to keep up with our loved ones? Our mobile phones are the smart solution in bridging the gap especially when we’re miles away from each other. As a means of communication, there’s no doubt that millions of people around the globe are hooked into SMS or text messages. Just a three-word-message like “I love you” or “I miss you” can turn our normal lazy day into an extraordinary one.

On the other hand, most of us have this special skill of multitasking, right? We can almost do anything at the same time, all at once: text while watching the television, talk to friends over the phone while reading a book, chat with someone while surfing the net and anything that you could ever imagine. These things are just proof that we are intelligent and talented people.

However, I guess you’re dead sick and tired of the usual text messaging that you usually do. Almost everyday, we check our mobile phones, read the text messages, entertain ourselves by playing games or taking a photo of ourselves and everything that piques our interest. Lo and behold, Applatter readers! Today seems to be your lucky day! Some great news is within this app review as I share with you the latest app which just recently launched exclusively for Android phones. Let’s all re-invent texting and do extraordinary things more than we could have ever imagined before with an app called . 

Learn the secrets of this new app discovery after the cut.

The Applatter team has presented some apps that will make your text messaging experience turn into an extraordinary one. iEmoticons will add up to the whole vibe of the message that you receive especially from your special someone. These cute emoticons will make the message more appealing especially when you miss that person. Plus, you can have an idea of what the other person is feeling, right? Text Cutie will add stylish and unique fonts to your usual Serif or San Serif text font that you usually see everyday on your mobile phone. Zlango will translate your message with its own creative icons that will surely make you laugh. You think we’ve presented all the good and entertaining apps? As time goes by, a new idea is being developed into an app. So today, texting will never be left behind when you have invi installed on your Android devices.

invi is an Android application which was co-founded by serial entrepreneurs, Iddo Tal and Lior Gonnen. It is not your ordinary texting application like what I’ve mentioned earlier. We all wanted something new and unique, right? The invi app will make your text messaging experience worthwhile. Turn away from your traditional inbox with your friends’ names and try invi instead. It has cool features like an invi inbox with your friends’ photos, invi chat and watch a video through YouTube while texting. Multitasking right at your fingertips.

invi Features

We are all familiar with Facebook’s cover photo – the big photo that we see on our Facebook profile, right? This feature also applies to the invi Inbox where you’ll see your friend’s cover photo, name, and a preview of his/her last message. Forget the traditional list of names on your message inbox and switch to the impressive display of cover photos right at your invi Inbox. It is much similar to a gallery, photo album or a portfolio with creative pictures of your friends on your inbox. Another feature would be the invi chat where you can catch-up with your friends, of course, who have the app installed on their Android phone.

Also, what’s even intriguing in this app is the option where you can watch a video while texting your friend. How cool is that? If you are at the peak of talking about the latest movie, Breaking Dawn, you can both check out first the movie trailer and decide whether it’s a must watch or not. It can be played while both of you are texting, which enables a real-time texting conversation between two people who are watching a video.

If you think you’ve read all the cool features this app has, you’re wrong. What’s even more special with this app is that invi merges all other apps available on your Android phone. Your photos can be shared from Facebook, gallery and other apps, directly into your chat which will appear as beautiful previews which suit today’s large smartphones available in the market. In addition, you can also share the content on your invi app via other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Watching movies from YouTube can also be done by sharing the videos directly and not just the YouTube link of the video. The actual video will be displayed on the chat which I think is more convenient as the two people text and watch both at the same time.

As said by the Co-founder, Iddo Tal, ”invi has been developed for today’s fast-paced generation who prefer to communicate via texting and want to be able to express themselves through more than words. It’s time for apps to be integrated into texting so we can watch YouTube videos, listen to music, post to Facebook and much more, all while we text.”

Also by Co-founder, Lior Gonnen: “We wanted to take the well-known texting experience and transform it into a slick, visual and engaging one, while keeping it super fast and simple as texting should be. invi seamlesslyintegrates with Android, making sharing into and out of it easy and beautiful without interrupting the flow of the conversation.”

I totally agree with what the Co-founders, Iddo Tal and Lior Gonnen said that I just have to quote them. Billions of people are hooked into this text messaging and developing an app which integrates other entertaining things to do will definitely adapt to the interest and needs of the fast-paced generation today.

Kirsten Loves

I love the idea behind the genius developers of this app called invi. I mean, who would have thought of an app that will make text messaging turn into the next level as they integrate more fun things to do than just texting and reading a normal message.

I am a photo-and-video type of gal, not to mention text savvy, in that I would rather text than call. I am just fascinated looking at photos and of course, watching videos especially on YouTube, be it a lyrics video or a movie trailer. Hence, for me, invi is a simple and user-friendly app which will still make text messaging really fast, easy, flexible and now even more social. It is very up-to-date which is perfect for the new generation who are hungry for more fun, entertaining yet simple apps that will make their experience worthwhile.

The Applatter team can see a potential in this excellent app and it is something that everyone should look forward to .

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invi: Texting. Re-invented
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