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Aid your memory with Boxes & Stuff

Today’s technology affords us many luxuries that last century’s generation have missed. And while our forefathers may not like some of the technological advancements we take for granted today, our parents may find GianLuca Giusti’s thoughtful (no pun intended) innovation useful.

Boxes & Stuff is a unique asset management tool that helps people remember where they put any object in their house. Arguably one of the first lifestyle apps this year designed to work best with the iPhone 5, Boxes & Stuff generates and reads QR codes for easy item storage and identification.

Sounds like a perfect solution to your inventory problems? Learn more about the app after the jump.

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Jelly All Stars: A Cute Casual Game

Casual games may already be a dime a dozen, but that didn’t stop the Berlin-based developer Immanitas Entertainment from making a surprisingly refreshing contribution to the saturated world of stacking/puzzle games.

Welcome the full version of Jelly All Stars, an entertaining stacking puzzle game filled with unique features and optimized for iPhone 5. If you are up for the challenge of sorting jellies by color while the jellies fall down from the sky at a rapid pace, then make sure you have $0.99 in your iTunes account ready. (The app’s worth a download, though, we promise.)

From the cute graphics to the familiar yet unique gameplay, Jelly All Stars is a nice addition to anyone’s app collection. It may easily remind you of a revamped Tetris game, but Jelly All Stars has exploding stars and growing jellies–I’m sure everyone wants to try something like that!


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Radioactive Lie Detector: Swear to tell the truth

I remember watching a criminal being interrogated with a lie detector machine. He was facing a wall while all sorts of wires are sticking out of him, only to reconnect in a one bulky machine with needles moving incessantly on top of a paper. It was terrifying yet beautiful. I kept on asking my mother how was it possible for that contraption to enter the mind of a person and make sure if he was being honest. Not knowing what to say to me, my mom told me to let it go and just watch. Fun times… fun times. But the question kept nagging me so I decided to research. Turns out, it has to do with a person’s unconscious reactions to statements. From their heartbeats to their sweat glands, the lie detecting machine picks it up and scribes it. Then it’s passed on to a polygraph examiner to be analyzed. Lot of loopholes, if you tell me.

I’ve always thought that a person’s mind can’t be thoroughly read so my fascination with the instrument that seems to trespass heads persists up to now. And it was sparked to vibrant colors again when I encountered an application called Radioactive Lie Detector in the Google Play Store. Without any wires to connect yourself to your device, how will an app be able to know if you’re lying or not? So I just had to download the app and take a look for myself.

Of course, I know that this app is a faux-polygraph machine. Seriously, I am not that naive. And looking at its graphics, I thought that it’s definitely worth a try. Continue reading this Android app review for more information.

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Temple Run 2: Relive the Exhilarating Experience!

Get your running shoes ready and speed your way out again as the uber-popular infinite running game is back!

Imangi Studios, LLC has released the sequel to the much-anticipated return of the obscenely famous endless running game that redefined the mobile gaming experience  of the tech junkies. As a pioneer of the famous, most in-demand concept, is an improved gaming application offering a bevy of exciting features including gorgeous new environments, additional power-ups, a new suite of achievements, and a bigger monkey!

With over 170 million downloads from its first installment app, the said sequel is ready to, once again, conquer the iOS devices. Hail the King of all the endless running games as it comes back with an overwhelming vengeance– to get its crown back as the preeminent endless running royal. Get more of the exhilarating running and get your adrenaline rush ready once again.

Eager to delve into this game? Limber up those tapping fingers and read this iOS app review after the jump.

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Adventure Time with Blind Finned

If you can’t get enough of the righteous adventurers Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, then you must brace yourself once more as this duo is about to conquer your iOS devices with the newly released gaming application from Cartoon Network Asia.

This 2013, embark on a fun-filled adventure in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo or rather, other kingdoms. I know I’ve reviewed about Scribblenauts and Max and The Magic Marker, these apps actually sort of resemble this latest app that I’ll be introducing to you as it involves drawing! Yes, if you’ve been hooked with these types of games, then you shouldn’t dare miss this one!

Inspired by the cartoon series, ‘s story involves the silly Finn being ready for another adventure with his wise dog-slash-BFF, Jake. However, he’s off to try being a blind knight and it is up to you to help Jake watch his back, of course, by running ahead of him.

Get to know more about this captivating app right after the gap.

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Kids Are Safe and Sound In Maddie and Matt’s Safe World!

My love for these two cyber kiddie wonders, Maddie and Matt, just grew another notch after I learned that they’re back to share more  practical tips and experiences about their innocent and worthwhile junior time. The first two apps from the Maddie and Matt series, Maddie and Matt Values and Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, gave kiddie iPad users basic knowledge on how to mold their social manners and environmental practices. The third app from the Maddie and Matt franchise  focuses more on giving kids a knack for their own safety.

, being the newest free app for kids from AppLabs Digital Studios, aims to teach kids basic safety guidelines when they are facing potentially dangerous circumstances. It can be really tough for parents to leave their kids out in the open being clueless and defenseless. Parents will do everything to ensure that their kids are safe in the three-ring circus of classrooms and playgrounds. And while they are not always present to fence a shelterbelt of guidance and protection for their kids, they are still endlessly looking for ways to inject as many safety guidelines and knowledge to their kids as possible.

This is where the aid of Maddie and Matt’s Safe World comes in. With Safe World’s vibrant and witty demonstration of smart and useful dialogues, it is guaranteed that your kids will gather a lot of basic safety know-how from the app. With the addition of fun and educational games ready to pour trivia and information to your kids’ young minds, having Safe World installed on your iPads is the whole nine yards! Read more

Soccer Puzzle League: A Match Like No Other

Are you a soccer fanatic that usually rips through the crowd after a goal? Do you play RPGs or role-playing games? Or are you hooked in solving puzzles?

All yes? Then check out this newly released app that sets a soccer match into the next level like no other!

With this game, you don’t actually deal with checkered balls trundling down a very long field. This is not your typical sport game for it’s a mix of your favorite soccer and match-3 puzzle action.

Are you eager to know more about it? Feed your puzzle-RPG addiction with this iOS app review.

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Paul Frank’s Julius Swings To Swashbuckler

Are you familiar with Julius, the iconic Paul Frank monkey? If yes, then you’ll definitely love this app review that I’ll be presenting today.

The old school Super Mario finally met Paul Frank’s Julius in this newly released app that’s set to invade your  iOS devices.

Get yourself ready to travel from island to island and embark on expeditions steeped in the lore from Swashbuckler. Collect treasures, run, jump, glide and smash your way through  this awesome pirate adventure.

Getting giddy? Play hours of fun after the break.

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StatNut — For Easier Social Network Services Tracking

With all the hoopla that is surrounding the continuous birth and development of social networking platforms, people are becoming more aware of the thoughts of people around them, and vice versa. Also, because of this continuous progress, we are being careful about the opinions that we share through various media, and the people who follow or befriend us in different social networking sites. These social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be brutally addicting to the point that you often put behind the more important activities because most of your time are designated to your insatiable habit of lurking other people’s accounts.

Social networking sites have their good and bad sides. It can be good because it allows you to connect to people and to a bigger base of audience easily. And because of the intercontinental connectivity that the different platforms can achieve, your agenda can be received worldwide.

On the other hand, social networking sites can be bad because the more people follow you, the less you keep track of the ones that you can trust and the ones that only follow you for the purpose of trolling your accounts. This is how most people on Twitter and Facebook attract bashers and status trolls because when this group of people don’t agree to what you’re saying, you’re often flooded with multiple statements of hateful remarks and such. But we have got to admit that having hundreds and thousands of followers and reposts can be the coolest thing in the world.

If you’re one of the many who spends most of your time guarding your following, your status on your accounts, and the materials that you post on your Tumblr and YouTube accounts, then you need to have this app called StatNut installed on your iPhones, stat! StatNut is a social networking tracking app that allows you to track your social networking accounts all in your handy iPhone device. With StatNut laid out in your mobile interface, you won’t go maddeningly nuts over your stats! Read more

invi: Texting. Re-invented

It is innate in us to be socially inclined whether with friends, families, loved ones or even new relationships that we’ve built. As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” We need other people for us to grow, learn new things and enjoy life. What’s the best way to keep up with our loved ones? Our mobile phones are the smart solution in bridging the gap especially when we’re miles away from each other. As a means of communication, there’s no doubt that millions of people around the globe are hooked into SMS or text messages. Just a three-word-message like “I love you” or “I miss you” can turn our normal lazy day into an extraordinary one.

On the other hand, most of us have this special skill of multitasking, right? We can almost do anything at the same time, all at once: text while watching the television, talk to friends over the phone while reading a book, chat with someone while surfing the net and anything that you could ever imagine. These things are just proof that we are intelligent and talented people.

However, I guess you’re dead sick and tired of the usual text messaging that you usually do. Almost everyday, we check our mobile phones, read the text messages, entertain ourselves by playing games or taking a photo of ourselves and everything that piques our interest. Lo and behold, Applatter readers! Today seems to be your lucky day! Some great news is within this app review as I share with you the latest app which just recently launched exclusively for Android phones. Let’s all re-invent texting and do extraordinary things more than we could have ever imagined before with an app called . 

Learn the secrets of this new app discovery after the cut.

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