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Become a top secret agent and run for your lives with Agent Dash.

Running for a cause here and there has been the latest trend among health and fitness enthusiasts. The fun run is one form of helping charitable institutions with different advocacy specifically. Whether it be 3K, 5K, 10K or 15K, all you should think about is the goal to help and be fit as well. You might be wondering, what am I really pointing at? Read on!

Aside from the real running, there are abundant endless runner games which had a massive impact on most people and the Applatter team has been one of the victims. Who’s the culprit? I guess, Temple Run started it all. The runner game craze has undeniably made people from all ages be hyped, thrilled and fulfilled as they shout and run for their lives!

Today, another running man arrived to compete and accomplish his mission of being an undercover agent. This app review will let you feel the adrenaline rush as you uncover the mysterious mission of the !

Free for devices

Developed by Full Fat, Agent Dash is not your ordinary runner game. He will let you travel and conquer his undercover mission as you experience the adventurous and dangerous life of a virtual secret agent.

When I saw this app on Google Play, my mind flashed back into the popular, good-looking and awesome agent, James Bond. Dressed up in a well-made tuxedo, black bow tie and shiny leather shoes, the 007 James Bond will definitely dive into those obstacles as long as he saves your life. Temple Run no more since the most-loved James Bond has now transcended into the character of the latest endless high-speed runner, Agent Dash.

From the developer of NFL Flick Quarterback, Flick Golf, Flick Soccer and a lot more, Full Fat first developed this free app for their loyal customers. Agent Dash is not just your ordinary Temple Run clone. You may find some familiar formula but this game has some mixes of unique mechanics, great visuals and cool upgrades. Dressed up as 007, Agent Dash will definitely make all the legions get hooked as they swipe their way for one “Mission Accomplished!” The basic idea of this game is to speed up and run in his very British way towards his enemies, jungles, tunnels and English towns. Basically, he jumps and slides as he avoids the death-defying hazards such as toxic wastes, laser beams and ice cream trucks.

Dashing Features

√ Facebook integration lets you compete with your friends

√ Intuitive controls

√ Stunning visuals

√ Explosive gameplay

√ Awesome audio

√ Gadgets galore

Endless Gameplay

In this game, you play as Agent Dash together with his colleagues as you run through a tropical island and to whatever surprising place you might find yourself in. You run wearing your swaggering tuxedo as you fight against your enemies all in the name of the Queen and the country. All of the usual mind-boggling trappings of the Temple Run are quite similar with the gameplay. You run, run, run, and run endlessly through a series of environments which changes instantly as you gather crystals and gems along your way making it possible for you to purchase and upgrade your spy tools. These include gadgets such as jetpacks that can zip you around the place or magical magnets that automatically grab every crystal around you for a certain period of time.

This game isn’t intended for you to simply run and collect crystals. Of course, Agent Dash needs to have his own fashionable and over-the-top costume! Of course, costumes are part of a secret agent’s mission, right? Most of the time, they need to hide their true identity with the use of some wigs, shades or trench coats. You can buy different costumes for Dash or purchase other characters whose likeness and names are much more like they were ripped off as guest stars from the Austin Powers movie. Be amazed when you play as the female character of Agent Goodtug who wears a 60′s era cat suit much similar to Batman’s own cat woman.

You’ll run through mammoth jungles, cities, and even the enemy’s own bases as you dodge your way through lakes, lasers, crumbling buildings, ice cream trucks and endless pits of doom. Be on the look out as you run through endless environments as you are trapped in the body of a secret agent whose job isn’t easy and so is this game.

Secret Controls

The intuitive controls of Agent Dash are again quite similar to Temple Run yet with a bit of tweaks on it. The basic and famous controls such as swipe up to jump and swipe down to duck under the objects is here in this game. Surprisingly, in Agent Dash, you can’t tilt your Android phone in order for you to do a simple and easy switch of lane to collect coins. This game challenges your strategic skills and responsive reflex to instantly swipe your finger as you switch from the three road lanes. As an agent, there are certain points in this game where you need to use your gun and shoot your enemy’s base. All you need to do is tap on your screen and automatically, the game will do the rest for you.

Another trick with Agent Dash is the camera which bobs up and down as you run. Also, it is tilted much lower than the usual games which makes it more difficult for you to predict whether there are hazardous gaps or the bridge has a missing piece at the end or not.

Just remember, this game lets you swipe left and right to move, up to jump and down to slide or duck under the objects.

Kirsten Loves

I simply love the uniqueness of this game compared to Temple Run. I admire the fact that you can change costumes, purchase and unlock other characters which allows you to have a different feel or vibe as you play the game. I have nothing against the user interface which is really awesome. As you run for your life, the scenery changes making it a bit of a challenge and distraction while you collect coins and avoid the mind boggling traps in the game. The great sound effects completes the whole experience as you become thrilled with playing the game. What I love most is the intuitive and challenging controls which allows me to only swipe and not tilt my Android device making this definitely a one staggering game. Not to mention, the Facebook integration allows every user to compete against each other as they vie for the highest score!

Kirsten is Agent Dash’s Angel!

As what I’ve said earlier in my introduction, the fun run is one healthy way of helping and being fit at the same time. Honestly, I’m not into that kind of lifestyle. I want to exercise as much as I can. Hence, I would more appreciate dancing as a form of exercise.

Going back to the game, I must say, I am not really good in runner games especially with Temple Run. I have slow and bad reflex which makes my character do delayed jumps, dodges and turns. It may sound funny but yes, that’s how badly I play runner games.

Hence, I must give Agent Dash four stars since the game is simple yet addictive. Agent Dash is a great rendition of the popular Temple Run endless runner game style since it gives the users the free will to do better and strive harder to achieve and conquer the unique obstacles as you finally make it to the base, destroy it and move on to the next area. It all boils down to proving to yourself how brilliant can you be when you portray the job of becoming a spy, Agent Dash.

Considering it’s free, why not watch the video below and ?

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Undercover Mission with Agent Dash
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