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An app which lets its users create beautiful vases and understand the art of clay-forming.

The ancient art of pottery has surpassed many a generation and survived through millenial transitions. From our pre-historic barbaric ancestors to the extravagant early civilizations thereafter, archaeologists and historians have found proof and a sneak peak to their primordial ways through their dug-up armors, tombs, relics, and pottery. The nature of their material culture the traces of their environment’s aesthetics are clear indicators of their lifestyle. Experts found that with each past community, their cultivation of the arts varied in practice and its capability to withstand advancements.

As an example of an art that has endured and quite frankly flourished during the Medieval and Renaissance periods was the art of clay-forming or most commonly known as pottery. Aside from being a vessel for liquids, creations through pottery have proved to be a great form of self-expression. From sophisticated and fragile vases to the simple and reliable dinner plates, pottery is more than just art; it is a religion, a culture. Although tangible pottery is not lost in this modernized world, it is not something that should be subject to oblivion. With that, Infinite Dreams created a multi-platform application to hand this technology-powered era their very own virtual pottery wheel in the form of Let’s Create! Pottery Lite 

Let’s Create! Pottery Lite is far from being a game but potters (users) need to earn coins as to buy materials for their future masterpieces. Much to out photograph and painting appreciation, the app market has applications and games focusing on those art in heaps. Since photography and painting are the type of art which proliferates alongside technological progress, it is more than opportune for me to come across an ethereal and sophisticated application for pottery. As it’s not unknown that everything you can think about already has a smart device app counterpart, I was honestly taken aback with Let’s Create! Pottery Lite’s fame and numerous downloads.

Let’s Create! Pottery Lite: Wieldy Pottery-making

Patience, focus, and passion are what true artists possess because creating a masterpiece is no laughing matter. As do other arts, pottery doesn’t come cheap. Clay varies in form, color, and in price, not to mention the pre and post contraptions and elements needed to finish even just a small vase. Pottery wheel, a kiln (an oven chamber used to dry the clay’s moisture and fixing the form of the work), embellishment materials, and a wide work space are just some of pottery essentials.

To state the obvious, not all pottery enthusiasts are capable of funding themselves to enjoy the traditional art’s necessities. As a form of coping, they can utilize the Let’s Create! Pottery Lite to experience being a potter without having clay stuck under their fingernails.

Let’s Create! Pottery Lite‘s nifty design and 3D-like graphics makes the entire process of creating a ceramic artwork more enticing. Even though users will have to slide, pinch, and tap their smartphone screens, bear in mind that it’s definitely not going to be an “instant” work.

For starters, a spinning potter’s wheel with a yet-to-be-shaped clay form will be presented upon the app’s launch. Since you are treated as a professional potter on the app, the need to imitate the attached photo in the message of your “customer” is crucial to get a considerable amount of compensation in the form of game coins. Whenever your in-app inbox blinks, it means that you have a new order so make sure to always check on it. If in case you decide not to send your finished product to your customer, opting to auction it off works fine and it’s instant profit as well.

To ensure that you won’t be wasting your materials on some measly amount of coins, don’t go dilly-dallying on your vase’s design. The more alluring it appears, the more coins it can cost.

How To Create Your Own Virtual Vase

The initial step is to form your—or your customer’s—desired vase by using your fingers to shape the clay. Sliding your fingers upward will elongate it while tweaking with it horizontally will end you with a broad and possibly a stout creation.

If you are already content with its form, then it’s time to place it inside the kiln by clicking the icon on the bottom right most part of your screen. When it’s ready, you can now design it. There are icons on the right part of the screen corresponding to the different aesthetic elements at your disposal. Colors as well as patterns ranging from Greek, Egyptian, to Kiddie ones are available.

It’s just a matter of creating something unique and classy. So, after unleashing your inner Picasso with the vase’s design, you can either send it to your client if you’re confident that your vases do match their sent photo or you can sell it via the online auction.


  • Fantastic retina display to see all the knicks and knacks of your work.
  • An environmental sound scoring perfect for relaxation.
  • Numerous designs to super-impose on your creations. Great illustrations and shape adjustments.
  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • For the amusement of kids and adults.

As Let’s Create! Pottery Lite is a free application, expect that it has limitations especially on the choices of elements for design. Collecting enough coins to but patterns and colors is one solution but you can also go for downloading the premium version which is the which is compatible for iOS and Android devices for $4.99.


Conforming to the nature of pottery as an art that is enveloped in silence and inner peace, the app’s design is simply refined to release a feeling of lightness and balance. It is as if you are staring into a recorded video of a spinning potter’s wheel rather than being aware that it is virtual. The non-distracting icons and the well-mixed over-all colors of the app are the aspects that deserves to be commended, just to name a few.

This app is entitled to have five stars when it comes to its design and its zen-like vibes.

Harrie Potter?

Yes, the pun was definitely intended with my sub-heading. Throwing that aside, the integration of modern technology and ancient traditions can’t escape the two sides of the coin. With these sort of applications that introduces time-tested practices through a new medium, which are the high-end devices of this generation, can be a positive thing to make the young ones be acquainted with old customs and age-old art. But on the other side of the all-too-familiar coin, it can also be detrimental to the flourishing of the art itself when people patronize its virtual counterpart rather than the actual and tangible form of the art.

However, I still see the Let’s Create! Pottery Lite as pure love! For a lass like me who seems to have no artistic DNA whatsoever, this application also (refer to my previous post about TypeDrawing) presented me with a way of finally testing out if art can embrace my hands.

This is an app worth five stars, for me. A very simple, unique and thoroughly engaging! If you’re in it for the experience and the relaxation it entails, then the freeware version is more than enough to appease.

Download Let’s Create! Pottery Lite via the and now!

Watch the video below and see all its wonders:

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Pottery Lite: Traditional Relaxation
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