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On September 21, 2012
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Show him what you’ve got and learn the coercive tactics of training a perfect boyfriend through Boyfriend Trainer by Baochen.

One day a dandy looking gal was drowning herself with tears. She was wearing a loose black shirt with a ripped heart design on it. From the looks of her, you will wonder why that chic looks so down despite her pretty looking face. Deep inside your thoughts you know that she was indeed a darling. Yet why sober?

You learned that the girl who was crying herself a river recently broke up with his jerk boyfriend because he casually cheated on her. After finding out what happened, you were in rage and you wanted to take a sweet revenge on him. But as you pull back yourself in to reality you realized that the girl was you!

Oh-oh what are you going to do now? What if another guy proposed to you? How will you decide if that guy is the right one for you? What if that hottie is the world’s Mr Perfect adored by many? What will you do if that guy declares his love for you? Are you ready to answer him with a resounding YESSSS?

We all know that there are no perfect boyfriends. It is like reading a fictional story book intended to excite readers giving them the idea that that kind of things does exists. Definitely, there is no prince charming, only bunch of dopes who love to cheat on their feeble girlfriends. Well maybe one out of the million dudes out there could be the perfect one for you.

But just a piece of advice sweetie, don’t let your guy overpower you. Show him what you’ve got and learn the coercive tactics of training a perfect boyfriend through Boyfriend Trainer by Baochen.

Are you willing to take the challenge and become the ultimate boyfriend trainer? If you want to know more of the desperate styles of handling your boyfriend read more of the android app review.

The Consequence of Having a Relationship

For some reason no one in this world can exactly define or explain the real meaning behind the word “love”. For most of us, love is a deep and strong emotion felt by humans denoted to as a mutual understanding between two individuals. Being in love is one of the most blissful feelings while you are still breathing and your heart is normally pumping. Waking up next to the person you loved the most is like opening a treasure box . . . it is incomparable.

Finding love is easy but looking for the perfect one is similar to a kid professionally flying an airplane up in the sky. Yeah, healthy and harmonious relationship is rare for there are failed relationships nowadays which are very common, giving birth to the society of broken hearted beings. Almost all couples are splitting up from time to time because it is hard to avoid imminent predicaments that is why many people want to put effort on mastering the skills on managing a better relationship.

In what ways can I handle our relationship better?

Boyfriend Trainer is an entertaining free game app trying to teach ladies of ways on how to help their boyfriends behave properly. The game is separated in to four different scenarios revealing the typical nature of men. You will find here several scenes like your boyfriend checking out other girls while both of you are on a date, him being messy on his surroundings, guys showing their habitual vices, and his inconsiderate moves while driving his car.

Boyfriend Trainer gives you the privilege to slap, electrocute, beat, and strangle his neck using a cord if in case he tries to trick you. If you can’t use your sweet words to make him listen then take him by force! A specific time is given in every situation so you must watch his obnoxious moves carefully because once you commit one wrong action that will cause you to lose one life and when you consume all three of them then the game is finally over. Also remember to fill up the perfection meter below the time before it ends for it will certainly cause you to end the game.

The Busted Game

To tell you honestly, I would like to personally train my boyfriend how to behave himself well. Every girl wish to have a faithful boyfriend and they might even trade their handful of gold for a gentleman. We want a guy who will respect and treat us right. Ideally, the game is not the appropriate app for us ladies who want to learn about the ethical ways of training a boyfriend for it contains coercion that may only lead to another conflict. Because why on earth are you going to harm your boyfriend? You chose him to be your partner and you’re supposed to love him right?

This game though free is kind of dull and absurd for me. There is nothing much to explore except from consistently mutilating your boyfriend plus the app tends to bore me after some time. I guess the purpose of the game is to merely entertain users not to educate them to become barbaric. Boyfriend Trainer is not about women empowerment, it is one busted game that only brings confusion to users.

It is a given fact that most guys are total cheaters but that does not give us the freedom to torture them. Keep in mind that we misses cannot guard our man 24/7 we also have a life OK? What if you are out somewhere and you cannot keep an eye on him? How sure are you about his activities? It will only cause you worries and it may affect your sanity sweetie. Make sure not to jump into bad conclusions instantly, all you have to do is to trust your man and put a little faith on him. Don’t worry, your love for each other still matters.

The line “Perfect Boyfriend” is really hilarious though, it is like hiring a perfect associate. Hmmmm, the idea looks nice and interesting. Still the important element in building a strong and healthy relationship with your partner is trust, maturity, and responsibility. It actually depends on both of you on how you will work things out.

On the other hand, if you can’t take hold of your anger inside you, give Boyfriend Trainer a shot. But make sure not to do it with your boyfriend for real.

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