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App Review: RexNFoodbot

I can only imagine how hard it must be for parents when they are desperately willing their kids to eat every healthy foods that are available for consumption. But of course, being the kids that they are, they will prefer munching the unhealthy than stomach the healthy veggies. The temptation of gobbling every sugary candy and junk food out there is omnipresent in a kid’s  time of life. And while stopping them from their juvenile enjoyment can be hard and hurtful for parents (because depriving your kids from the things that will make them happy is a trifling heartbreak, dramatic or not), it’s the parent’s duty to feed their kids the right stuff and let them grow brighter and fitter!

Maybe, if parents will try incorporating a little helpful entertainment to their kid’s awareness regarding nutritious foods, the kids might actually be lured to eat some of the greenest and most nutritional nibbles. And since nutrition mixed with kiddie entertainment can be one of the keys to help your kids become young, sturdy wonders, this nutritional kiddie app called might just be an awesome help.

RexNFoodbot follows the story of a healthy, green, paper cut-out scientist named Rex. Because Rex is a nourishment-obsessed boffin, he decided to invent a Foodbot that could produce healthy yet tasty foods. An accident occurred while he was programming which resulted to the Foodbot being misprogrammed, and turned into a producer of unhealthy junk foods. Rex tried to stop the mad Foodbot from his unpleasant deeds but the “stop” button wouldn’t work.

The Foodbot set out to bring chaos to the healthy lives of people using the different junk foods that it generated from Rex’s laboratory. The only way to stop Foodbot from scattering ill junk food into the world is to let scientist Rex encrypt 6 codes into the Foodbot. And this is where the youngster’s help will be needed. Read more

Let Your Kids Dance With Egg Knock!

I can only imagine how tough it must be for parents when their toddlers suddenly throw an uncontrollable fit. I’ve seen it a few times and every time I witness a situation like that, my mind wonders how can these little ones stop their tantrums and be distracted.

Kids love seeing colourful and vibrant objects that’s why cartoons and animated films work well for them. Watching colourful animation can be a great distraction for kids because it works as an effective tool of visual communication. Every time kids see cartoons or images that are dancing or playfully moving, their minds get stimulated and they react positively to that. Animations that show educational messages and aesthetics can also help in the early brain development of kids.

Having this awareness in mind, Hompimplay released an educational app called Egg Knock which hopes to enhance the young ones’ memory and visual coordination through a lively display of dancing animal friends. Let your kids crack the egg with a few taps from their fingers, and see them dance their way with cheerful barn yard animals and classical melodies! Read more

Go Green with Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth!

After successfully launching one of the best kid apps on the app market right now, AppLabs Digital Studios released the second educational app of the Maddie and Matt series called !

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is an educational app which aims to teach kids ways on how to contribute to the planet Earth little by little through various easy steps. It is very rare that we see these types of educational kiddie apps being developed because people always opt for the more violent ones. And I think that is one of the reasons why kids are growing up unaware of what our planet is facing and suffering.

It is important that kids grow up with the knowledge on how to properly care for the environment because they will carry it with them as they grow old. While it is true that school is where kids learn most of the things that they need to know in life, it is still best if the sense of learning and awareness are instilled with them early on at home. Sure, school teaches the basic environmental rules such as “Keep off the grass” and “Plant trees”, but there are still some things that kids do not know about keeping the environment clean and sanitary. Through Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, kids will be very mindful of the things that they should and shouldn’t do to help save our Mother Earth! Read more