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On October 22, 2012
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Halloween Pumpkins is kiddie matching and memory game from Mimoteo

I’m one of those kids who is sometimes more excited for Halloween than for Christmas. I know, there are so much that people can get from Christmas and stuff. But, the idea of playing dress-up and coming out roaming in the streets in Halloween frocks and character costumes can be so much fun. Add to that, the crazy amount of candies that you can gain just by showing up in the front porch of some random stranger’s old Califa house—Halloween is truly, frighteningly charming.

And because ‘tis the season to bring out the cauldrons and harvest the pumpkin patch, we are here to serve you, kiddies, some apps that will supply your daily dose of seasonal scare. After designing and carving your own ideas of a perfect pumpkin with Pumpkin Pal, you can test your reflex and memory with this Android app called .

Halloween Pumpkins is kiddie matching and memory game from Mimoteo which lets kids tap the pairs of identical pumpkins in no time. Halloween Pumpkins can be too effortless for kids who have the most retentive memories. The game starts easy, with only a few sets of pumpkins that need to be tapped in the fastest way that a player can.

As the game progresses, more versions of pumpkin pairs will appear. Kids will have to do away with their 20/20 visions to find the pair of the different pumpkins. Some images of the pumpkins can get a little confusing that’s why kids need to have very keen eyesight to go to the next level. It is fun to see all the images of the pumpkins laid out on your screen because it can give you tons of ideas on how you’re going to carve your pumpkin come Halloween.

If you are finding the game a bit too easy, you can switch the settings and play the Memory game. In the memory game, a sharp retention is required. Players need to tap the pictures to make it flip backwards, and see the picture that is drawn behind it. You’ll have to tap other pictures to find the other pair of a certain pumpkin. This type of game is a game that even adults can enjoy.

Jango is ready for Halloween!

I’m all set and good to go. My costumes are embellished, and my cauldron is already brewing my Halloween serving. I think, one of the reasons why I enjoy Halloween is because people don’t take it seriously. To dress up in silly garbs just for the sake of fun and folly is all that we need when everything is getting too heavy.

Anyways, Halloween Pumpkins is a cutesy matching and memory game for kids. The interface is very apt for kids, and the different images of the pumpkins really pop out. The game is very simple and timely. I definitely commend this for your young ones.


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Android App Review: Halloween Pumpkins
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