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Word-A-Fall is a welcome change from the usual word games available in the market.

There are people who are just ridiculously good with words, and there are others who just have ridiculously deft fingers. It takes serious skill to possess a good command of the English language and maybe even a greater skill to own a very good pair of hands. Test how quick your mind really is with Word-A-Fall, Just Mobile Programs has a new word game that tests your mental ability and manual dexterity.

In Word-A-Fall, players are tasked to tap on as many falling tiles as they can within two minutes. If you’re slow, you run the risk of losing the tile you want in seconds. The different game modes available pretty much make up for the $1.99 price tag.

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To start playing, just select one of three game modes from the main menu.

There’s Classic mode, which just allows you to spell as many words as you can within two minutes. The Wordsmith mode, meanwhile, challenges fast spellers as the game will require you to submit words at least fours letters long within two minutes. The last yet more challenging mode is Rushing Rapids. The more words you submit the faster the letters fall. This mode requires you to be quick with your eyes and fingers.

Once you’ve selected a mode, tiles will be slowly falling down. Just tap on the tiles, make sure you’ve got the correct sequence of letters in the field on the bottom of the screen, and swipe to the right to submit the word. Each letter tile you tap is equivalent to a single point or more. So it’s always wise, just like with the other word games available in the market, to compose much longer words. If you spelled wrong, you will need to swipe to the left to remove all the letters from the field on the bottom of the screen.

There’s a pause button that you can tap to momentarily freeze the game. It can help you figure out the best words to spell given the available tiles on the screen.

Just like Scrabble, players get the chance to double or triple their scores. There are special action tiles you can tap, and each tile can either help you reach the top of the leader boards or hinder you from scoring anything at all. In each game, you are only allowed to have up to two action tiles. You can either tap the tile as it cascades down the waterfall, or hit the third box to randomly select your action tiles.

What We Love

Word-A-Fall is a challenging game that offers three game modes. For about two dollars, you get to brush up on your vocabulary. You might even be encouraged to read more!

Foibles We Found

Whilst Word-A-Fall reminds us a lot of the timeless word game Scrabble, the app features extremely slow-moving tiles. You have no idea which letters (and how many number of letters) come falling down next, too, so you would need to create a strategy for each game mode.

It would also be cool to be allowed to change the activated action tiles in each game. But then again, these things can just be a matter of preference.

The Bottom Line

Word-A-Fall is a welcome change from the usual word games available in the market. It’s promising, but will still need a few changes here and there. If you like challenging word games, download .

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Word-A-Fall: The New Generation Word Game
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