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On March 13, 2013
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Follow, rate, and share your favorite television shows when you keep track of them using the latest application of Bellini IT.

One awesome product ever made in the history of technology is the television. It is a magical box with moving and talking images inside that can stop the world from rotating once you turn on the power. People still stop and glance every time they see a working television despite the presence of computers, iPads, and tablets- mister Farnsworth could have put something on it.

Well, the android app review that I am going to write today is an eye catcher and really interesting. It is about the recent released application that can track television shows using your android devices. Yes, you read it right! Let us thank the pioneers of the powerful machine and discuss modern innovation now.

Let’s be honest, because of our very busy calendars and other important businesses, none of us can follow the show’s episodes religiously. People with demanding schedules wish to have an instant tracker that will provide them the latest information of the television show they would like to watch.

Fret not, Bellini IT recently released a free app that allows users to search, browse, follow, rate, and share some of their favorite television shows. Check out penny’s crazy life with the geek physicists- Leonard and Sheldon- of the Big Bang Theory or guess the anonymous foe in Pretty Little Liars  through .


Television fans who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy their existence should not panic whether they’ll miss an episode or not. I know how you feel, just like you, I cannot wait to take hold of the remote and turn on the telly. Switching it on and off has been part of my daily routine so no wonder why my hands overpower my mental state. Here is a better way to organize your fan girl and fan boy side if you are itching to touch that remote control.

How to Use TrackTV:

First, bring out your android device and download the app that will consume a little space on your device. It only takes one click to download it- not unless you have a faulty internet connection- so you don’t have to worry at all. After successfully downloading the app, voila! You are now ready to use TrackTV.

The developer simplified the application for the convenience of Android users around the globe. All you have to do is to log in to your Facebook account or register a valid email address and password.

What you will see after that are icons on the upper left and right of the screen. The upper left icon contain the Search, Popular Shows, My Shows, Schedule, and Settings buttons. You can search for your favorite television shows or browse the top followed/searched buttons directly. Once you click a particular series, TrackTV will give you a brief description about it where you can follow, rate, and share the show to various social pages.

The upper right icon let you arrange your followed shows according to Names, Upcoming Episode, Recent Episode, and Rating. Basically, what you will see on screen is the list of your followed shows including the date of the previous and upcoming episodes-it updates regularly. You may check the about of a particular series by clicking it anytime.

Never Turn Your TV Off With TrackTV

This is worth a space on my device! The app deserves five star rating for the ease of use, accessibility, and for making television experience quick and simple. Skipping an episode is not an excuse anymore because the application will help you manage your much awaited show schedules. Apart from that, all the information you needed is just a click away when you use the app. It was like a source of all the entertainment facts I need so it saves time in doing research.

TrackTV is the perfect application for active individuals who are haunted by grisly zombies of the Walking Dead. Download the free app today if you are a fan like me.


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TrackTV: Your Virtual Television Guide
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