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Fishy Fishies Live Wallpapers For Android!

The waters is the perfect epitome of bipolarity for me; it can be calm and soothing one minute and destructive the next. Even though it provides a great deal of anxiousness to humans because of its invincible power, there are still a good number who loves the waters more than they love themselves. Who can blame them? It’s nice to have nature have all the control for once. Looking on the brighter side of the ocean, let’s talk about the fishes, big and small! As some may be scary and overly-huge, some are cute, colorful, and small. Regardless of their cold blooded-ness and lack of interaction, there are some who take pride in caring for them. I, for one. My first ever pet is a goldfish I’m proud to say that it has stayed with me for a good year. I’m not really a live fish fanatic now especially after being attacked by a swarm of blue fishes during a snorkeling venture but this I’m sure of, seafood still rocks my appetite!

It’s not so much a traumatic experience but I never looked at snorkeling the same again. It gave me quite a scare, really, but it isn’t enough to make me hate my slimy under the sea friends. So, to make all you, Applatter readers, be acquainted with fishes as well, I’ll present you with five live wallpapers starring lots and lots of our underwater friendly friends!

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