Welcome to Planet Earth, Mr. Space!!

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On September 27, 2012
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Test your survival skills with this nerve-racking casual game application called Mr. Space!!

For and users.

It’s a Plane! It’s a Bird! No, It’s Mr. Space!!

Mr. Space!! is a thrilling casual game application that will surely blow your mind away. Don’t be deceived by its simple game settings as this game app is packed with thrills and excitement which will keep you busy for hours.  Developed by Ponos, Mr. Space!! is an app that have achieved universal popularity in various countries including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia among others.


To survive this game, all you have to do is to find the hidden space, or the safe place as they say, and stay there until it’s finally safe to move again to another location. The rule of the game is very simple: Just remember to run for survival—away from the danger that is. You will just have look on both sides carefully and choose the best spot as fast as you can. As you proceed to the next levels, the speed increases and the time limit for finding the safest place decreases.

Exciting Features

  • This app has easy to use controls and an intuitive gameplay.
  • It also has an adjustable keypad control.
  • It displays an online global leaderboard every day.
  • Mr. Space!! Lite is available in the Google Play Market and AppStore for free.

Design and Sounds

Mr. Space!! has a clean and easy to navigate interface. The graphic or icon used for the main character, Mr. Space!!, is very chic and interesting. I find it amusing that instead of creating a hunky man, the developers decided to just use a stick man. As for the music, it’s totally nerve-racking. It gives me additional chills and it sets the bar for excitement a notch higher which is extremely good.

The Verdict

If you are looking for an app that will surely test your adroitness, then go ahead and download this cool and one-of-a-kind application called Mr. Space!! I have personally tried this amazing application and I am undeniably delighted with its fascinating gameplay. Obviously, this casual game app is already a part of my must-have-applications list. Mr. Space!! may be a simple game, but don’t be too confident, my friend! Wait until you have tried this engrossing game and reached the crazily addicting levels for yourself.

Mr. Space!! Lite offers 40 exciting levels only so I suggest that you download the full version to get more thrills and continuous fun!

The full version of Mr. Space!! is also compatible with and devices and is available for $0.99 only.

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Welcome to Planet Earth, Mr. Space!!
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