Splash Math Makes 1st Grade Math Fun

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Splash Math seamlessly combines children's entertainment with math. Who thought something boring could be absolutely FUN?

Is your child getting bored of the repetitive math drills you ask him to take every night? Are you looking for a fun, more interactive way to teach your kid the essential math basics? Hey, my experience with math as a child was not a good one, so I can’t blame any kid who dislikes math.

Good news, though. An app developer has made something that can help improve your child’s lack of fondness for the subject. And StudyPad’s Splash Math for 1st graders may come with a hefty price tag, but the educational app will surely win any kid or parent over.


What’s great about this app is that its math problems are presented in such a way that kids are exposed to new math concepts gradually. And each level has addition and subtraction refreshers to ensure that the concept of addition and subtraction stays with the child.

StudyPad has the graphics and the overall appeal of a simple game, but it is loaded with a LOT of content aligned to common core standards.

The award-winning app is a digital, more interactive workbook offering 13 chapters with hundreds of math problems. This is definitely an app designed for kids- children are encouraged to answer the problems by dragging and dropping numbers on the screen, tapping the screen, popping the bubbles with the correct answer, and moving the clock hand. Subjects covered include data and graphs, time, money, measurements, geometry, addition and subtraction.

 New users are quickly shown the different options so they would know which option to click.

It’s no wonder the number of Splash Math users is growing. Math is finally made into a fun subject kids will enjoy learning. A lot of educational institutions in US alone are using this math app, and parents and teachers love to use this to train children. (Just look at the app reviews littering the Internet about this truly educational yet entertaining app!)

After completing a level well, the user is introduced to a new ocean character.

To train the child properly, each math topic presented in the app starts with an easy level.  The more difficult levels are eventually unlocked as the child improves his skills. Worried about your girl’s ability to count? Use practice mode to address the concern!

Is your child stumped with a question? The app even has scratch pad available! How eco-friendly is that?!

After finishing a level, children can unwind by tapping the Prizes button to access their own aquarium! Depending on their progress, they can play with the various underwater species (angel fish, clown fish, squid and crab). Kids will surely be motivated to perform well as they are rewarded with countless hours of entertainment with these creatures.


The gentle reminder encourages kids to do well.

Just like the other educational apps, Splash Math allows parents to track their children’s progress. Progress reports are sent weekly via email for parents’ peace of mind.

Interested in this thoroughly-made application for 1st graders? Get your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch ready and  Alternatively, you can try the .

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Splash Math Makes 1st Grade Math Fun
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