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The waters is the perfect epitome of bipolarity for me; it can be calm and soothing one minute and destructive the next. Even though it provides a great deal of anxiousness to humans because of its invincible power, there are still a good number who loves the waters more than they love themselves. Who can blame them? It’s nice to have nature have all the control for once. Looking on the brighter side of the ocean, let’s talk about the fishes, big and small! As some may be scary and overly-huge, some are cute, colorful, and small. Regardless of their cold blooded-ness and lack of interaction, there are some who take pride in caring for them. I, for one. My first ever pet is a goldfish I’m proud to say that it has stayed with me for a good year. I’m not really a live fish fanatic now especially after being attacked by a swarm of blue fishes during a snorkeling venture but this I’m sure of, seafood still rocks my appetite!

It’s not so much a traumatic experience but I never looked at snorkeling the same again. It gave me quite a scare, really, but it isn’t enough to make me hate my slimy under the sea friends. So, to make all you, Applatter readers, be acquainted with fishes as well, I’ll present you with five live wallpapers starring lots and lots of our underwater friendly friends!

Loads and loads of live wallpapers are available at the Google Play Store and the cutesy ones are always the most downloaded. Some might skip over the ones which are nature-inspired just because. So let’s not jump into conclusions that only the cute cartoon-y wallpapers are the only ones that are worth the download. For the beach bums, and nature lovers out there, take a look at the following apps and you might find your newest phone buddy!

Koi Live Wallpaper

The whopping price of a Koi gets me wide-eyed every single time. It’s so expensive that you won’t want to put it in a vulnerable glass jar because a Koi pond should be well-planned. They say that this type of marine creature brings luck and prosperity to a careful owner—according to the Chinese, that is. Still, with or without luck, Kois are full of life and they can grow incredibly large. If you want a Koi of your own but you have no place to put it and your bank account can’t possibly support even yourself, then it might be best to just keep a digital one which you can bring anywhere you go.

The Koi Live Wallpaper created by Kittehface Software is a customizable live wallpaper app with different types of ponds to choose from. There’s even a “wishing pond” with coins on the bottom. See your Kois swim over them as you interact with your new companions with the app’s multi-touch feature. Feed your fishes by tapping the water twice. Oh, before I forget, you have the liberty to choose how many and what type of Kois you prefer.

 Download link:

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Colorful fishes galore! This application will surely make your home screens busy as the tropical fishes continuously swim around. From the creators of the Koi Free Live Wallpapers, Kittehface Software brings another underwater wallpaper in the form of the Aquarium Live Wallpaper. Have yourself your own digital fish tank with this freeware. Customize it by changing the background, adding a plant or two, or even adding in some more fishes. Just like the previous app, double tapping will give them their pellets and a single tap will give you all their momentary attention.

This app reminds me of Disney’s Finding Nemo. If you download this, you might see Dory and Marlin swimming nonchalantly on your screen! My only concern about this app is its strong colors which lowers its ‘real’ effect.

Download Link:

Ocean HD

Experience seeing the bottom of the ocean in 3D with this application created by DualBoot Games. Complete with corals, a sunken ship, and the colorful salt water fishes, you can’t go wrong with this live wallpaper! If the previous app reminded me of Finding Nemo, then this app surely made me feel like I’m a mermaid. The glittering effect of the sunlight piercing through the water is awesome plus the interactivity with the fishes is a great feat.

What I love about this wallpaper is its panning view. By sliding your fingers left or right, pan the screen and see the other elements of the wallpaper. The passing fishes can be tapped to make them move faster—as real fishes do avoid unnecessary contact. If untouched, the wallpaper will automatically pan left to right and vice versa to give you the ultimate feel of the ocean floor.

It is customizable as well with a handful to alter. From the over-all theme, visibility of the ship and the treasure chest, you name it! Create your very own under water sanctuary with Ocean HD! Also, watch closely because sharks pass by from time to time. But all that goodness doesn’t come for free. It comes with a $1.99 price tag.

Download link:

aniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Since we’re already arrived at the ocean floor with the previous featured live wallpaper I’ve presented you, let me give you another one which you can customize all the more. The aniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper created by aniFree is your cutesy and sort-of pastel colored under water screen companion. The colorful and famous fishes can be seen solemnly swimming through their psychedelic habitat customized by, of course, you.

The app has a wide database of 20 fish categories with 180 fishes all in all to choose from. However, you can only take 15 at a time. With its feeding feature, it can act as your tamagotchi of some sort because your fishes will eventually grow and lay eggs! Yes, you’ve read that right. All they need is your tender loving care and they’ll populate your screen in no time! By adjusting the speed of the fish and their growth spurt, you don’t have to wait that long to see a few new hatched fishies. There are also a couple of food choices so you don’t have to get bored with the usual pellets.

aniPet Aquarium supports landscape mode and you can choose a different background if you’d like your fish to live in a coral-filled environment or a plain one with only the vast water and sand.

Download link:

My Beach HD

After all the underwater wallpapers, let’s now go ashore with My Beach HD! What’s a more relaxing way to spend the day than lounging on the beach front with your cold drink in hand with a good book on the other?

Never go too far from your favorite beach spot as this app created by DualBoot Games (same as that of the Ocean HD), offers you the ultimate paradise experience right in your palms! With its integration to your device’s time, you can see the awesome beach view of the sunrise and the sunset. My Beach HD’s newest update on the Play Store lets users customize the passing plane’s banners and the signs along your private beach property.

Almost every element you can see on the app can be altered according to your liking so this is definitely a download-worthy app! From the beach umbrella to the whatnots scattered on the sand, change it to whatever pleases you! But be sure that you’re ready to cough up $1.99 for this.

Download link:

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Fishy Fishies Live Wallpapers For Android!
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