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On March 19, 2013
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Guess the movie icons and score points!

The app Guess the Movie garnered positively good chatter because the app appeals to the cinematic interests of movie lovers. The idea of a guessing game purely based on a movie’s pin-up or obscure symbolism was received by film buffs fairly well. Whether you’re an obscuritan like me who lives primarily for the knowledge of manic pop culture, or you’re just a closet film critic who wishes to follow the likes of Roger Ebert, having this game of iconomania on your devices is pure win.

Following this “iconic” trend is the new app by Mobile Champs called . Cool Movie Quiz mimics the footsteps of its original contemporaries. But judging from the name of the app, Cool Movie Quiz only features movies which qualify to be labeled cool enough. Well, that’s just my assessment. Based from my experience of guessing the famous (and sometimes too obvious) icons, movies that are featured here vary from the likes of Steven Spielberg Oscar tent pole Lincoln, to Spielberg-produced summer tent pole Transformers.

Seems like the Affleck-helmed movie Argo didn’t only sweep the awards from prestigious award-giving bodies because the Tony Mendez biopic also made its winning cameo here. Seeing how Cool Movie Quiz displays the recent Oscar campaigners for its users, uncool movies about the hotties and the notties are definitely on the outs here.

Cool Movie Quiz is a movie guessing game for Android and iOS created by Mobile Champs LLC. I’m sure most app-fanatics have tried this type of game by now. If you’re a huge fan of different genres of motion picture, then you’re in for some treat here. Some of the icons on the game are a dead give away because they show the exact copy of the movie poster. Like, how can you not guess that the answer to a certain icon is actually the Silver Linings Playbook when it is blatantly flashing Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper two-faced show bill? The icons start easy at first (like in any game), then becomes more confounding as it progresses.

If you have a knack for cool movies..

You can choose from the main categories namely:

1. Top Movies – A showcase of famed mainstream blockbusters and critically-acclaimed art house films. Here is where Best Pic nominees Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook can be found. That’s a lot of spoilers I just gave.

2. Foreign Films - This category literally parades the foreign films that are celebrated all over the world such as Amelie and Dame Helen Mirren’s The Queen.

3. Animation - Animated movies from Disney classics to the latest 3D animation.

In Cool Movie Quiz, players are also given hints when the icon is too tough to guess. After collecting points from the previous puzzles, you can buy a hint to help you guess the icon. Hints such as Eliminating the Keys and Open Letters to the Answer are available for purchase.

Players can also resort to Facebook or Twitter Ask if they want their friends or followers to help them figure out the icon. When you have answered a qualified number of correct icons, you can unlock the second level and start guessing the new set of movie icons.

Too Cool For Who?

I should be happy about this app. I really should because this app is a celebration of movies. But surprisingly, I’m not too ecstatic about this app as a film buff should be. Sure, I had a field day answering the movies that Harvey Weinstein figuratively slapped on our faces on a weekly basis last month (here’s looking at you, Silver Linings Playbook!). But over-all, I’ve done this game already. I’ve done this some months ago in the app called Guess the Movie.

The similarities of the two apps are just hard to ignore and impossible not to call out. Y’know, the word “originality” still exists in the dictionary, even in online dictionaries. As much as I found some of the movie icons aptly clever, I still wished or prayed or thought that the developers should have known better. Also, what’s up will all those ads that are continuously popping up on the bottom of the page. It’s distracting and in my honest opinion, too many of those ads are wholly unnecessary.

I liked the clapping sound effects when the answers are correct, and I like how they represent some of the icons. But that’s it. I gave up after the primary testing because as I’ve said, I’ve been there; and nailed that. Thank the Lord this app is free.

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App Review: Cool Movie Quiz
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