Super Waves Survivor: Battle for Survival!

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On March 22, 2013
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Help Johnny Calm battle for survival in this endless retro-inspired beat 'em up action with Super Waves Survivor!

Have you ever dreamed of sailing your own boat as you conquer those big splashes of waves in the sea and travel anywhere in the world? You will definitely be like Pi on the best-selling novel turned movie, Life of Pi, as his unforgettable journey began from a shipwreck to being stranded on a boat in the Pacific Ocean with only a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

As we all know, life on the ocean is at a very high risk of danger. You wouldn’t know if there are treacherous animals in the sea that can attack and put your life to an end. Just like when the hyena, orangutan, zebra and Bengal tiger on Pi’s boat killed each other, you should learn the tricks of living with the animals just to survive — which happened to Pi when he mastered and tamed Richard Parker as they both lived in the same boat. Sounds cool, right?

However, Renown Entertainment has their own brave character conquering the different enemies in the sea. Let Johnny Calm take you to his journey in the sea with his boat and some power-ups that will blow away his sea enemies along his way through survival! Dig into more splashing information about on my Android app review after the break.

I’m pretty sure you were all hooked with all the Endless Runner Games that made you sick just to go farther, way beyond your limit. Well, if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, then you came to the right app review! Super Waves Survivor will take you into a unique and nostalgic endless over the top retro-inspired beat them up action in the sea! Can you handle this? Read on!

Developed by , is a free Android application which will definitely take you to a notch higher as if you are in a boat blown by a huge wave in the sea. Have you ever played an arcade game when you were still a kid? With Super Waves Survivor, you will definitely feel those nostalgic moments of playing the famous arcade game Street Fighter with a classic 2D side scrolling gameplay.

Survival Gameplay

If you are itching to play your most beloved childhood arcade games like Super Mario, Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog and other classic 2D side scrolling games, then you better thank Renown Entertainment for creating this unique and extra challenging game that will throw away your dull moments. Just like those classic arcade games, Super Waves Survivor will again test your hand-eye coordination and reflexes to the extra mile! With an additional beat ‘em up action, combo, water physics and super moves, undeniably there’s no other app like this.

The gameplay is so easy yet extremely challenging, as in my case. Kidding aside, your main goal in this game is to help Johnny Calm battle for his survival as you take on those hordes of treacherous sea creatures and other ocean hazards. All you need to do is to row the boat with an oar as you simply move, jump, attack and crush your sea enemies just like how Ken of Street Fighter beat his opponent with his awesome super powers!  Defend yourselves from the sea enemies and find out how far can you row your boat. Along your way, you need to collect those gold coins and treasures from the mermaids which will help you with a cool strategy. You can add to your health, buy guns, sell treasures and upgrade your super moves! Sounds awesome, right?

If you think that’s all, then you’re wrong! Super Waves Survivor has another cool feature aside from the exciting and challenging gameplay. Of course, competing with yourself can get silly, right? Why not compete with your friends through Heyzap — for easy social gaming. With this, you can challenge your friends to beat your score and claim the top spot from you! Of course, you wouldn’t want that to happen. Aside from it, Heyzap also allows users to accomplish such achievements, climb all the way to the top of the leaderboard and post their accomplishments through social networking sites. Now this game is absolutely awesome!

Kirsten: The Survivor

Well, since I am no good when it comes to endless runner games that I’ve played before, at first I thought that this one is just like them. Surprisingly, I was amazed in an instant! You wouldn’t want to see me playing this because I shout and scream on top of my voice due to the thrill that I am feeling as I am being attacked by those deadly sea creatures. I felt like I was in the shoes of Johnny Calm and I cannot feel the calmness within me. (I shall blame the sound effects for this!) I was even fascinated with the app’s classic controls as you can see at the bottom of the screen. I was really challenged to coordinate my eyes as I am on the lookout for the enemies and my hands on which move to do. I was hooked into it and played with it, non-stop!

If you are curious why I was addicted with Super Waves Survivor, you better take a peek on the video below:

I assume you want to try it out for yourself now? Row your boat into Google Play Store and help Johnny Calm in his battle with ! Yes, it’s absolutely FREE!

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Super Waves Survivor: Battle for Survival!
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