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On September 14, 2012
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Barrr Lite is a restaurant management game with some Pirate twists!

Having two brothers in my family, I grew up watching Anime and action themed cartoon shows and movies. One Piece is the all-time favorite of my brothers. They keep on watching it over and over again when they know within themselves the flow of the story and the twists even. Are you familiar with this Manga television show? Well, One Piece is a cartoon show about pirates who are looking for a treasure as they meet and make friends along their way.

Hence, I bet you might be familiar with Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Carribean! This time, my brothers and even my sister are avid fans of this movie sequel. Well, I’m not. Action-packed movies are not my thing. I would prefer romantic comedy or romantic movies as my heart beats fast because of spark in love and not over those suspense and violent scenes.

So, enough of the talking. I just want to say that this app review reminds me of those freaky pirates which my siblings dearly admire and I’m sure you’ll love as well!

Barrr Lite is a cute version of those scary, dirty-looking and eye-patched pirate guys that we are familiar with. It is a free app developed by Firedroid where pirates are now the antagonists and not the usual protagonists that we see in movies or television shows.

Barrr Lite is the usual restaurant management game yet with a twist! You might be familiar with Diner Dash, Hello Kitty Cafe and Pucca’s Restaurant as you serve and satisfy your hungry customers, right? In Barrr Lite, all you need to do is to attend to the needs of your little cute pirate customers! You might be wondering why is it called Lite? Basically, this app is a demo version making you free of charge if you want to try and play the game. The basic flow of Barrr Lite is 15 levels only. However, if you’re not sure if you want to purchase the paid version, giving this Barrr Lite a try will make you feel and experience how the game goes. If you’re happy and hyped with the gameplay then you might want to download the Barrr, the paid version. Sounds like a good idea, huh?

Perrrfect Features

√ 15 levels

√ Cute and adorable pirates

√ Upbeat music

√ Cool vintage-looking graphics

√ Addictive gameplay


The game starts by creating your profile. Having your own profile allows you to save your game and continue playing from where you last left. Enter your name and hit the play button! With this lite version, you are entitled to play at least 15 levels to get the gist of how to play the game. Lucky you, beginners! There some tips which will flash on your screen as you play the game. A bit of tutorial will help you learn the tricks and the drill on how to get bonus stars and points every level.

This is a fast-paced restaurant management game so you have to attend to the needs of your little pirate customers instantly. Before the restaurant closes, you should get at least three stars, which is the highest, to get higher points!

For the first easy levels, your little pirate customers are entitled to amenities such as the bar, tattoo and comfort room. Of course, before they leave, they should pay at the counter first. Your job is to tap on those little pirate customers and bring them to the amenities that they want. There will be icons displayed in a thought bubble on the head of each pirate referring to what they want to do on your bar. As you level up, the game gets harder, more pirate customers are coming in and more stations are being added. All of these things add to the whole thrill of this cute pirate game!

There are different stations in which your little pirate customers can enjoy and relax: the bar where you can serve a beer, a tattoo artist where of course, pirate customers can have their inks on their body, an arcade game where they can play video games, a band where they can play some musical instruments such as the guitar and sing on the microphone, a dart where they can point and shoot and lastly, the comfort room where they need to pee. The most important of them all is the comfort room. Why? It’s funny since they’ll pee with pleasure from where they’re standing when you fail to drag them to the comfort room.

Pirrrrate Moves

Again, this is a fast-paced restaurant management game so you must make your own pirate moves to be able to cater to the needs of every little pirate customer and satisfy their needs. Well, this game has a bit of those ‘pirate moves’ which will make it an easy game for you. If your little pirate customer has his list of things to do in his thought bubble, then the best thing to do is to queue! You can do this by tapping on him and tap on the stations accordingly. In this way, you need not to tap on each station as he finishes, since he will automatically go to the station which you queued him. Cool right? If you changed your mind and you don’t want to queue him anymore, just double tap on him and it’s gone.

Kirsten Loves

Honestly, I admire the cute little pirate characters in this game. They’re just adorable to look at with their eye patch, toothless and smiling faces. With pirate customers like these, I bet you wouldn’t want them to be disappointed with your slow and bad service, right? The user interface of this game might be dull and vintage-looking but I just love its whole cute look! In addition, the game has intuitive controls which respond accurately with your desired move. To top it off, the awesome and upbeat background music and sound effects of Barrr Lite completes the whole thrill of this simply addictive game!

Kirsten: The Anti-Pirrrate Girrrl!

Like I said, I’m not a pirate fanatic but this Barrr Lite game changed my perception about pirates. Now, pirates for me are just adorably cute! Isn’t that a good news? Kidding aside, I’ve been playing various fast-paced restaurant management game but I must say, Barrr Lite is incredibly a breath of fresh air. Yes, it is the usual gameplay of serving and satisfying the needs of your customers however, the added features, cool graphics, vintage-looking user interface, intuitive controls and upbeat sound effects and music makes this game different from the old-dash-games. You’ll feel like you’re trapped in a room of pirates as you get to experience the lifestyle of being one eye-patched human being. But that’s how exciting playing a game is, isn’t it? In addition, I find myself laughing when I read the texts on the game which sounded like how a real pirate talk!

Intrigued? Watch the video below and .

If you can’t get enough of those cute little pirates entering at your bar, why don’t you try and ? More levels, themes, upgrades and game modes will definitely keep you playing for hours!

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