Pucca’s Secret Recipe Revealed!

Do you want to be the top chef in your own little world?

It’s possible! Let me spill the secret recipe.

First, turn on the fuel of your desire to cook then combine a cup of freemium with a scoop of time management. If your craving is already boiling, chop some sheer wit, add a drop of social, and sprinkle some fun and cuteness. Mix all the ingredients together and you’ll get , the most delicious way of devouring your spare time!

Pucca’s Restaurant by MobCrete

 is an adorable time management app based on the massive media franchise, Pucca. MobCrete created this delightful restaurant sim where you’ll get to see Pucca, Garu and others come together to take your tiny gourmet restaurant to an opulent five-star affair.


 has an appealing interface with fancy graphics and fully animated characters. To take your restaurant to its five-star destination, you’ll need to manage meals, staff and decoration. You start off with just Pucca cooking in the restaurant then you hire different members of the staff as you level up. Cooking meals earns you money and experience and, as you advance, you can unlock new recipes and items. You can use those items to decorate and attract more customers and eventually earn more stars. As your restaurant gets more popular, you’ll need to hire more staff to cook and serve the food.  Basically, you have to keep your customers satisfied through aesthetic decorations, excellent sevice and mouth-watering dishes.

Here’s the catch: What is essential in this game is time management. As you plan your dishes carefully, you must make it a point that there’s always something ready to be served. Accordingly, you must make sure that your meals aren’t spoiled before you serve them. And hey, it’s not just about time management! If you want some educational content, each dish you cook in the game includes a full recipe. Cool isn’t it?

Pros and Cons

This app has a social content – You can visit your friend’s restaurants and share golds or stars, and you can check out a local map to rate your shop against everyone else. You may also travel around the world and check out the top rated, splendid international restaurants. However, the drawback of this app is that it badly needs a tutorial. You’ll muddle your way through the first few levels but MobCrete assures that the tutorial is on the way in the next update.


This app gives you not just the perks of designing and customizing your dream restaurant to show off to your chums, but it can be played whenever you want to do something that will eat your idle times. Give  a try as this will surely make you crave for more! It’s super cute, fun, and what more? it’s absolutely FREE!

Download it on the iTunes AppStore. Click .

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Pucca’s Secret Recipe Revealed!
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3 comments on “Pucca’s Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. Ellie Chambers
    on said:

    This reminds me of a Facebook game I used to play, only this has Pucca in it! Haha! Such a cute game

  2. ミンメイ Daniels
    on said:

    Is it like restaurant city? I will surely download this app if it is!


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