Tap Away With The “Prince of Balls”

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On October 19, 2012
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Rescue your beloved princess from the evil clawed monster by tapping your way through different worlds but it's not gonna be easy, I tell you.

It beats the crap out of me why I enjoy games with a “save somebody” theme. I guess it all started with the Super Mario brothers and everything else that followed suit. Getting hold of the damsel in distress or whoever gives me the sense of fulfillment after hours and hours of game time because in my twisted mind, it justifies the time I wasted glued to it. Now with smartphones going large, there’s no need to fire up the PS and the television set as casual gaming apps have been a major hit in the app market for years.

If you’re riding the same boat, then the application is just for you! Ready your skills as this game requires jump estimation and the persistence to finish all five worlds!

As the first application developed by Considero, the Prince of Balls app proves to have so much win if you’re in it for the thrill and the drive to save your princess. The game controls are easy to master but all the obstacles and whatnots makes it so much difficult than it actually looks. Oh, before I forget, you have to deal with physics with this game as well because with your every jump, expect to skid a little bit as you battle inertia and your spheroid-ness along the way.

Prince of Balls To The Rescue!

Tap the spot on your screen to determine the peak of the ball’s jump. Make sure to pass through the coins and gifts as you do this to gather bonus points. With each jump, a portion of energy will be taken off your meter but you can recharge it by jumping over fruits which means, the lesser jump you take to finish a level, the better. The total score will be divided by how many jumps it took you to get to the finish line so don’t be too hasty and think twice on your moves.

Thorn bushes are scattered to make the game more challenging because once you hit it, ta-ta! Okay, the re-try button is there to give you unlimited chances and of course, the heavenly checkpoints. There are five worlds with ten levels each to go through to get to the princess and with each world comes different obstacles. Moving platforms, flying antagonists, slippery slopes, and again, physics will try to get the best of you. Miscalculating a jump is so frustrating so this is not a game for the aggressive. Kidding!

End Note

The princess is still out of my sight but I’m determined to get her real soon! The graphics and the sound scoring is great especially the introductory beat because there’s a Michael Jackson-y feel to it. Yes, it may be the same old type of game but Prince of Balls is something we can all enjoy. It’s not too easy and it’s not impossible either which makes it a great way to pass time. However, it could use a bit of story line in terms of a short clip of what might be happening to the princess while the prince is out to claim her just to maintain the gist.

The app’s available for FREE in the and .

Lastly, to give you all a treat, watch the Prince of Ball‘s teaser below:

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Tap Away With The “Prince of Balls”
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