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On October 19, 2012
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Learn 24 farm animal names and sounds with this entertaining and educational app called Animals Shake.

Another compelling way to engage your kids in studying important lessons is through the use of kid-ucational applications. A great number of educational apps, don’t forget download-worthy, have been already presented here in Applatter. But, we will never stop giving you more choices. Lo and behold, here’s another treasure that will surely invade your iOS device in no time. Introducing your kiddo’s new teacher, if I may say, Animals Shake.

Animals Shake is a Cool App!

Animals Shake is a free educational and child-friendly app for iPhone and iPad devices. It is the first application created by a team of Italian developers named as Shaggy Owl and distributed by Fabrizio Le Rose. It is specifically designed to help your little ones learn a variety of animal sounds and animal names. Your kiddos will surely like this app as it presents 24 farm animals, interactive games, and appealing graphics.

Animals Shake: For and devices

With this app, your little darlings will easily discover all the animal sounds and names just by shaking the device. Add some fun by playing friendly games and by letting your kids guess what animal is responsible for the sound which you will hear after shaking the device. Moreover, you can opt to increase the thrill by challenging them to get high scores in every mini game. Just be sure, though, to arm yourself with exciting prizes or sweet treats to make the learning process-slash-instant-bonding-game a success.

Shakin’ Features!

  • It offers four engrossing mini games called as Learn, Quiz, Find, and Memory. Each game is packed with entertaining and educational lessons that will surely enhance your kid’s comprehension skill.
  • It has two fascinating display modes. You can choose between animated animal images or the real animal pictures.
  • It can be translated into several languages including English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.
  • It uses high definition graphics and captivating sounds that will definitely attract your kid’s attention.
  • Its contents are being updated from time to time.
  • It is available for free.

The Verdict

Animals Shake is truly a must-try app. It is very to use and has tons of interesting features. With just one shake, the fun instantly begins. Kids will surely enjoy playing this app for quite some time and parents will undoubtedly approve of it with a big smile. In addition, the app’s design is visually entertaining and colorful. My final thoughts? I think the app will serve as a useful tool in encouraging your children to learn educational stuff and be familiar with farm animals. Mission accomplished for the app’s developers! Way to go, guys!

Animals Shake is compatible with and devices. Download it today for free.

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Animals Shake: Free Fun Learning Game For Kids
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