The “Not Guilty” Case of Devil’s Attorney

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Win cases and make your way to the top through Devil's Attorney by 1337 Game Design AB.

What is the law of the jungle? That is to win all incongruous cases Max McMann is going to handle. Objection is not an option here since the Devil’s Attorney always wears that “Success” perfume everywhere he goes. McMann is the callous attorney that lives in a filthy apartment who knocks down every prosecutor who will stand along his way.

For all we know, lawyers or attorneys are the ones who defend people in times of court trial. They are the witty individuals we earnestly depend to every time we faces serious ordeal. Being a legal representative brings a person to an on-off relationship with people. It tests his or her dignity up to great extent, gaining either admiration or detestation putting their life into pedestal or graveyard.

I used to hear lines like “Objection Your Honor!” or “Not Guilty!” in some of the famous movies such as Philadelphia, In The Name of the Father, and A Few Good Men that involve court scenes. First thing that comes to my mind every time I give ears to these kinds of lines is “Wait, I will call my lawyer”.

It may be somewhat difficult to become a defender in reality but as far as my head can understand all the thrills and challenges are there and that could be one of the many reasons why some people aspire to become one.

How does it really feel to be an attorney? Hmmm, the feeling could be terrifying yet exciting at the same time. If you are as curious like me, delve more of this one-of-a-kind application that will sure stop you from objecting.

Devil’s Attorney ($2.99) by 1337 Game Design AB is a turn-based game app for and that allows players (as Max McMann) and the opponent to exchange attack. The aim of the game is to win cases and make your way to the top no matter what before the prosecution is able to eradicate you from the trial court.

For a start, you may enter the office to choose which clients you want to defend by tapping the “New Cases” button that contains the available cases as of the moment. The “Go” button directs you to the court room once you hit it. There you will see on the left different skills that includes Interrogate, Cross-examine, Patronize, and more with corresponding attack power. By using a specific skill, you may attack the opponent on the right to take them out of the court by lowering down their credibility to 0. The red box on the opponent’s side indicates his or her health while the blue star on the left shows the amount of each skill.  On the lower left of the screen, you will see your action points that normally start with 9, once you used one of them that will automatically cost you some points. Keep in mind that there are skills that only work on a particular opponent encouraging you to conclude correct attack-target though reading the skill description beforehand will give you a better idea on how you may able to you utilize them wisely.

To dig further, the case strength meter on the top is considered to be your lifeline that lowers down once the opponent attacks you. You will lose the game if your strength meter reaches 0. Better keep an eye on the opponent’s damage value so that you will know how to reasonably strategize. After using all your action points it will then be the turn of the opponent to attack you. The option to change the level of difficulty (menu outside the court room) depends on you if you think the game is kind of a knock out.

When you’re done working on with silly cases, you may now go to your apartment to rest. But before that, make sure to upgrade your flat by purchasing furniture that will increase your D-decadence, M- materialism, or V- vanity level depending on the item that you purchased. You may unlock new skills that will help you in the courtroom as soon as you increase your level. Visit your profile to see the chart of skills you have to unlock and each time you buy something for your own apartment that will gain you one step in one of the three categories. You may also check the achievements, abilities, and accessories for reference.

Case Closed: “Not Guilty”

I always wanted to experience the feeling of defending a client inside a court room for I believe that the truth should at all times prevail. I’ve never been in trial before neither seen an actual court room, I only see it on television over the news or shows that I watched. It was always an intense, nerve-wracking, and tense atmosphere inside making me wonder what people really do. A trial ends up with a winning or losing team that frequently causes a drama as portrayed by the media.

Here, the satirical nature of the game charms players to dig for more. It actually engrosses users of both iOS and Android devices to explore the application. The perfect humor execution of the game is amazing plus the outlandish cases will sure drive your heads insane. This rates five stars for its top quality voice over with incredible lines, the 80’s feel, and the attractive graphics. The over-all output of the application is superb and I highly recommend this to worldwide gamers. Devil’s Attorney deserve an applaud!

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The “Not Guilty” Case of Devil’s Attorney
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