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Android App Review: Slots by Ruby Fortune

The game developer of Slots Palace Casino is back to captivate the minds of online gamer once more. Get the chance to hit the jackpot through Slots by Ruby Fortune, the newest released application of mobile-slots.  It is available to all Android- mobile and tablet- users and can be downloaded for free in .

The stress of switching pages or game applications is now over because Slots by Ruby Fortune is here to aid the dilemma of most global slot users. Those who are looking for real casino game experience should give it a try.

Want to play for free? Get your piggy banks and save your money today! Delve more of the android app review to know more of the free game application. Read more

Shape Up with Workout Trainer!

There are multiple invitations and parties that we need to attend all throughout the year. During the holidays, people can’t resist the temptations that are present such as the mouth-watering delicacies, enticing desserts, and overflowing liquors that we can’t say not to no matter how hard we try. Because of that, we can’t control ourselves anymore. After all the non-stop eating, dancing, and late partying we have no time to shake our body because we have to get some rest.

Those are the month long celebrations that we have to endure before we can go back to our normal routines and lifestyle. Yes, after all the festivity, we can finally rest and control our eating habits. But wait, look at the mirror and scan yourself carefully. What do you see? Oh, your clothes won’t fit your body anymore! Just then you will realize the weight that you just gained.

Version: Android| Price: Free| Category: Fitness and Health

But how are we going to trim down all the flabby fats? Going to gym is time consuming while hiring a personal trainer is way too expensive. What are we going to do? How about a personal diet? I don’t think majority of us can do it for we are the ones who bait our own selves. But I have a better suggestion. . .

Worry no more, the ideal health and fitness app is here to teach you some exercise lessons via Skimble Inc.’s . Go grab your sports outfits, stretch your arms, ready your legs, and do what I say. Read more

Android App Review: Archer Cat

There are at least top four animals that people keep as a pet. We have on our list the wagging tails of our dogs, the swimming fishes  in our aquarium, the tweeting birds inside the cage, and the cool whiskers of our cats. These well-known pets are kept to either guard or amuse us with their looks and abilities. Because of that, some owners dare to train their pets so that they will somehow learn new tricks which are actually amazing for they are able to do so. But never did I imagine seeing in my entire life a cat holding a bow and arrow for that is totally ridiculous. Yeah, who would have thought that a cute little kitty is actually an expert archer? Wait a second, how can cats grab a bow and pull its arrow? Oh, this must be a joke!

by CraveMob is a free arcade and action game application for android. If you plan to hit not just one bird but dozen of winged creature in one shot, then Archer Cat is the definite game for you. Witness the battle between hunting cats and mighty flying birds as you play the game.

What will you do if you see a cat holding a bow and arrow? Are you going to scream and run away? Or, are you going to throw that poor little tom out of the house? Read more of the android app review to find out how these adorable felines can be like Legolas in Lord of the Rings. Read more

Slots Palace Casino Free!

Would you like to go to a casino and play? I can feel some of your nodding heads with a little hesitation though. Casinos are home for rich people, players who desire to hit the jackpot, and to those who want to take home a huge amount of money out of luck. It is a usual place with real pleasure such as resorts, hotels, and high-end shops that will tempt you to spend your money.

The idea is nice given the chances of winning on various casino games. But before we go and play the game, are we ready to take the risk of losing? Gambling is not about winning all the time but also the willingness to accept the possibility of losing the game.

Going to casinos is my youthful dream and to play at least one of the games there is a matured achievement for me. If only I am given the entire privilege to do so, I will definitely grab that one time opportunity. Playing the casino for free with different people-elite-around the world rarely happens to a middle girl like me. Read more

Little Amazon: The Gigantic Trot

Who will forget the expeditious popularity of a runner game last 2011?  The chance of not knowing the runner game that started it all is very little. Yeah, everybody played Temple Run -the endless running craze ever. I believe most of us reading this are familiar with the guy who runs out of the temple because of the magical monkeys chasing him.

Because of that, the running fame was followed by several production of other runner games with different characters bringing Temple Run Brave, Subway Surfer, Chasing Yello, Yoo Ninja, Ovenbreak, and more in to reality. We may choose from a running movie character, an escaping kiddo, a flying ninja, a swimming fish, an angry granny, a dashing agent, and fleeing bread. Name it and they have it!

This 2013, say hello to the latest game application released by Bulkypix called . It is an endless runner, platformer, and adventure game that will sure make you run for more. Come on, let us all have a fresh start this year! Read more

Hello Mister Frog!

People often see animals such as lions, tigers, bears, and elephants performing live on different circuses. Because of that, our curiosity sparks that we even anticipate the next arrival of the carny. The joy these animals give us is truly a knack and worth watching. These skeptical creatures are the most awaited act among all the performances since none of us can’t tell of the surprise they are about to show.

In reality, we are scared of these beastly creatures because they might eat and swallow us alive. But because of the lenient individuals who are willing to train the animals despite the risk it may cause them, it is possible to watch a circus show full of performing wild animals. Despite our terror, the creatures that we fear the most are the ones who amuse us. We should thank the patient trainers because of them the feral are somehow harmless and entertaining. We are indeed lucky!

You might be thinking that the app I am going to review today is all about animals performing in a circus. Well, the hero of the game application that I recently played is a man with unique ability. This special ability directs him to join the circus and perform in front of so many spectating people.

Our hero is man with very long tongue giving him the title of Mister Frog. His aptitude is too odd for a normal person that is why he found life in the colorful carnival. Working as a frog man is not easy because he have to please a lot of people by showing tricks and extraordinary act. Through your magical hands, you can help him fulfill the coveted reverie of Mister Frog. This free game application by Coconut Island Studio will give you the freedom to do so.

Are you ready for an all-out twisted performance? Help him catch bugs and gain supporters. Play for Android today! Read more

Logo Quiz_Pop Singer: Who’s That Pop Artist?

I was looking for a casual app that will somehow kill my rooting boredom when a friend suggested to me another logo quiz application. I don’t actually intend to review this application simply because logo quizzes are now a trend and a lot of people are going crazy answering this type of application but this can’t be helped-seriously. There are number of logo quiz applications for brands, movies, characters, and people popping out today in which the famous Icon Pop Quiz that was reviewed by Maeve Audrey belongs.  The picture snatched my fidgety attention pushing me to instantly download the app.

Can you recognize these faces? They look familiar right? You might be questioning yourself by now after seeing the picture. Are they strangers you have met somewhere and bumped on a subway? Or, one of them could be your neighbor, classmate, and friend. Well, who knows? Before you stress yourself thinking of the true identity of this people take a closer look and carefully scan each faces first. Obviously, these faces are in fact well-known to most of us because they are the oh so “pop-ular” global singers of all times that we ardently watch and listen to.

Who among reading this android app review does not know the phenomenal songs of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston? People always love Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” in the film The Bodyguard while their hearts goes on with Celine’s song “My Heart Will Go On” for the movie Titanic. They are only two of the hundreds of artists that you have to guess as you play by Logo Quiz.

Don’t wait for paparazzi to spoil your day, get your android device before the genie in a bottle comes out. Come on let us all break the ice!    Read more

Big Win Basketball: Let’s Get It On!

I am a huge fan of Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, and the likes needless to say that basketball is my thing. These legends are the names that I usually hear from the 24/7 chit-chat of my guy friends when I was little. Because of the great influence of my brother and male relatives, I grew up watching local leagues in our neighborhood which in effect inspires me to religiously watch NBA. I know that I am not the first female fan who used to love this kind of sports which is an original game for dudes.

 Basketball terms like foul, travelling, double dribble, jump ball, fast break, and more are not new to me anymore for I am hearing those words from my childhood days. The screams and yells of different fans inside the arena excite me even more. The popularity of basketball worldwide never expires to a faithful supporter like me.

Gamers and sports enthusiasts around the globe will sure get a hang with today’s android app review because Hothead Games released another game application called that will sure please your passion for sports. Get ready for an all-out court action by downloading the app straight on your android devices without spending a dime. See awesome three point shot, unending dunks, and round-the-clock board slamming.
Read more

SiliBili To The Rescue!

Adventure or quest games became a trend nowadays since the rapid development of innovative games and applications. Today, global gamers-iOS and Android users- have something to look forward to once again.

If you simply can’t get enough of the games that you see on different platforms, then why not try adding this cool application on your list.

After going through a few action-packed quest games, I was able to come across this game application called SiliBili Lite developed by Chundos Studio, an independent game development company that produces good quality of games and applications. The app is compatible to both and platforms.

The story circles from the title itself where the heroes are two courageous friends- Sili and Bili. These little fellows decided to save their planet (Sibull) from vicious invasion of the enemies so they went out for an important mission.

Want to know more of the story behind this great adventure? Reveal the mystery by helping Sili and Bili save planet Sibull. Read more of the app review to test your boldness. How far can you go? Read more

The Twisted Fate of Mick and Ralph in Tongue Tied

Can’t get enough of the Angry Birds craze? Are your fingers still itchy to fire up those fuming birds? Would you like to crash all those villainous pigs? If you think physics and platformer games is your expertise, better check Mojo Bones Ltd’s slingshot game called for only $1.99.

It’s been years since the release of Angry Birds, the phenomenal game that ever hit Android and iOS platforms. The success gave birth to other similar games with different approaches and concepts in which today’s android app review is also categorize.

Tongue Tied features two adorable yet obtuse walking dogs named Mick and Ralph. Never did I imagine- even in my wildest thoughts nor dream to tie in loops the tongue of my dogs because it will sure hurt them and that is totally inhumane. Given the fact that I am a dog lover, I believe that these canines are our best buddy ever and seeing them in pain is a crime. But that is the catch and quirky idea of the game, Mick and Ralph’s tongue are tied together. I must say that Mojo Bones is actually a clever team for coming up with a wayward idea. This is seriously an appealing and challenging game for players like me who are looking for thrilling dares.  Read more

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