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On November 23, 2012
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Make life sweeter by matching three or more candies!

I know it’s no longer time for cute little kids in their creative costumes carrying a bucket to go around the village for some Trick or Treat. Hence, it’s again the time of the year to gather and celebrate one of the most festive seasons, Thanksgiving Day! Other than the well-known Thanksgiving cuisines that people usually prepare like Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie and Green Bean Casserole, we shouldn’t let this day pass by without some sweets to satisfy our lusting taste buds.

I know preparing for such festive season takes a lot of waiting. While waiting for the Turkey to turn golden brown, why don’t we combine both sweets and entertainment as we prepare for our Thanksgiving dinner with our family? Let this app review bring you a sudden sugar rush as you play !

Beware of the sweetness overload of this one of a kind sugary app after the cut.

This game might let you feel like you’re trapped in the 2005 fantasy film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Willy Wonka, the unusual candy maker take you for a tour through the most magnificent chocolate factory in the world. which was developed by Limited is a free iOS application which is quite a clone of the popular Bejeweled game. The main objective of the game is to match three or more similar sweets to achieve your target points and proceed to the next level. Hence, this is not simply a clone of the Bejeweled game since it is way cuter than the usual matching game. Plus, the idea is pretty adorable perfect for those kids and kid-at-heart.


√ Delicious graphics that will make you crave for more

√ Over 100 sweet levels to accomplish

√ Gain boosters and charms which will help you with those challenging levels

√ Unlock items by completing each level

√ Leaderboards to challenge your friends

√ Connect with your Facebook account

Toothsome Gameplay

Originally, this game starts with the level selection where you’ll see unlocked levels which you can only unlock if you reach your target points to be able to proceed to the next level. There are over 100 colorful candy-coated levels which will keep you curious on what every level has in store for you. Keep on playing to uncover the sweetness of this game.

This is a time management game with limited moves. So you better think of the best strategy that you need to do in order for you to knock down all those matching candies before the time runs out! Just like Bejeweled, you only need to swap a certain candy around the grid which will form three or more for you to gain more points. The more candies, the more points you get! In addition to the sweet challenges of this game, you can unlock items as you complete each level which can help you with those mind-boggling candy puzzles.

Kirsten Loves

I simply adore this game because it makes my day extra sweet.  I love the cute and excellent graphics which make this app even more entertaining and fun to play with. You won’t get bored playing if you will see a bright and colorful interface, right? It is very slick and easy to use which everyone is looking for, especially when you just need a great entertainment. It is an app loaded with fun and sweet challenges that will definitely keep you playing for hours. You can compete with your friends as well since this app has a Leaderboard and can be connected over Facebook. Considering it’s free, why not try and kill the boredom with this awesome app?

Kirsten has a Sweet Tooth!

Honestly, I have this certain addiction over sweets, any kind of sweets. Good thing, I still have a control with overeating of sweets since it’s bad to eat so much, right? You don’t want to have Diabetes, aren’t you? Undoubtedly, I fell in love with this app not just because it’s all about candies. I definitely enjoy playing with cute and colorful graphics since it wake up the creative side of me. Plus the competitive side that I couldn’t get away from.

and make life even sweeter!

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Sugar Rush with Candy Crush Saga
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