Sink Your Fangs into “Turn Off The Lights”

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On November 16, 2012
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Sink your teeth into some vampire action in Turn Off the Lights!

This year might be the time when the vampire obsession finally dies down… Well, maybe just a bit. Not that I’m wishing for it to just head off their murky, unlit turrets because to be perfectly honest, I am a vampire fan myself. It’s just that, this is the year that the cult-film-turned-mainstream-cash-cow Twilight franchise finally sings its swan song. And even though nobody from that series even came close to how beautifully terrifying Bram Stoker depicted his Dracula, the sparkly franchise still made a history for itself which I am sure, will be imitated time and time again.

In lieu of the recent farewell to the nocturnal heroines’ event, I guess my system is still in for some vampy casual application. Get ready for ! It’s just another vampire application (sigh) that will, somehow, deliver the cackles and the minor oohs when it comes to casual gaming. What fictional vampire was ever fond of bright, glaring lights? The same impasse counts in Turn Off The Lights. Even if the consequences involve having to sparkle when you get inside of light’s way, vampires still won’t approve of illuminations and the sun. In Turn Off The Lights, players will have to figure out the formula of the puzzles in order to turn off the lights and spoil your vampire’s habit of mutilation.

Wake up from your faux coffins, little fledglings! And start sinking your teeth to this immortal application.  

Turn Off The Lights ($0.99) is a physics-based iOS game by. The idea of the game is to unravel the puzzles in the game to get rid of all the causes of bright lights. When the lights in different parts of the game are all cleared and taken care of, the slick vampire is free to gorge on some heavenly bloodsucking courtesy of the innocent damsels.

Turn It Off, Now!

Turn Off The Lights, like many other physics-based games on the app store, is a bit familiar. It can be quite easy for iOS users to master the gameplay of Turn Off The Lights because after a few tries, you’ll likely learn all the techniques of the game. The game can even get a bit slow-paced and repetitive so it’s no hard thing for users to get accustomed to the goals.

In the game, players will have to help the charming little vampire covet the objects of his twisted desire—the beautiful pale princesses (how very Twilight) that are oozing with plump, pink cheeks, and smell entirely of fresh blood pumping on their veins.

Other supernatural creatures such as skeletons, bats, and witches will make their cameos in this game to keep the little vampire from having his way. The way to kill the sources of lights is to throw a stone or cannons balls to it.

Each level ends with a scrounging scene courtesy of the cute and fly Dracula himself. The vampire will throw a bib and start feasting on his unsuspecting victims. It’s a little unusual that you are actually helping the protagonist-villain in acquiring his targets and feast on beautiful virgins. But that element of the game is what helps this app become more tolerable for the players.

Some levels even contain hilarious happenings where the most impossible results await. Get ready to witness some chicken pox infestations or being chased away by death because those scenes are really funny to see what with Turn Off The Lights’s entertaining animation.


√ More than 35 mind-blowing levels with frightening realistic physics!
√ Wide ammo range: from plain rocks to magnets, blowing bags, smoke and water!
√ 4 amazing worlds to discover: The Catacombs, The Spooky Castle, The Enchanted Forest, The Hell Caves!
√ Purchase extra ammo with in-app purchases for unlimited shooting fun!
√ Excel your playing skills and earn up to 3 skulls in each level!
√ Use in-game solutions per level should the puzzles get too difficult!
√ Unlock mysterious bonus levels and find secret gifts!
√ Scary dark humor and other surprises guaranteed!
√ Free Updates!

Jango agrees—just turn off the lights!

Turn off the lights of your devices, I mean. This app is just another rehash; just another new one that is joining the many. It doesn’t exactly stands out, or offers anything relatively new when it comes to physics-based gaming. It can get quite boring after the players have their fill of the comical animations.

The thing that I dig about Turn Off The Lights really was the vampire. Thank God the vampire turned out fascinating. He’s the redeeming factor of this ordinary game. How ironic that a vampire becomes a “redeeming” factor.

In any case, Turn Off The Lights is good for boring mornings or long waits diversion. And enjoy the app while the vampire fad is still counting as the new black.

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Sink Your Fangs into “Turn Off The Lights”
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