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Sweet Muffin Munch

The month of sweet surprises will arrive in a couple of weeks. Red and pink colors will surely take over different places in the city. Plus, a box of chocolates and romantic gestures on the side. I bet some of you are already feeling the butterflies in your stomach just by thinking of your special someone planning a sweet surprise. Romance is in the air indeed! Well, for those who are not in a romantic relationship, fret not as we have a sweet treat for you too– no special someone required. All you have to do is get your devices and download one the sweetest app developed, .


Muffin Munch by Tiny Touch Tales is your perfect app for the month of February– the sweetest season for those who have their special someone. This app will not literally give you a scrumptious treat in one touch, but will entertain you with its cute characters munched together. Well, let’s just think that they are bewitched by your presence that they have suddenly decided to splatter together. They exploded happily (you can see in their faces) so don’t feel any guilt once you see them disappear. Its their choice, really.

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Android App Review: Archer Cat

There are at least top four animals that people keep as a pet. We have on our list the wagging tails of our dogs, the swimming fishes  in our aquarium, the tweeting birds inside the cage, and the cool whiskers of our cats. These well-known pets are kept to either guard or amuse us with their looks and abilities. Because of that, some owners dare to train their pets so that they will somehow learn new tricks which are actually amazing for they are able to do so. But never did I imagine seeing in my entire life a cat holding a bow and arrow for that is totally ridiculous. Yeah, who would have thought that a cute little kitty is actually an expert archer? Wait a second, how can cats grab a bow and pull its arrow? Oh, this must be a joke!

by CraveMob is a free arcade and action game application for android. If you plan to hit not just one bird but dozen of winged creature in one shot, then Archer Cat is the definite game for you. Witness the battle between hunting cats and mighty flying birds as you play the game.

What will you do if you see a cat holding a bow and arrow? Are you going to scream and run away? Or, are you going to throw that poor little tom out of the house? Read more of the android app review to find out how these adorable felines can be like Legolas in Lord of the Rings. Read more

My Diamonds and Lost Osmo Come in Peace

When I hear the word “aliens”, there are two movies that automatically pops in my head: E.T. and Men in Black. They are one of the celebrated movies that have alien luminaries. Let us not forget the ferocious Alien vs. Predator, but that’s not my thing so let’s just skip that movie. I like aliens that have a friendly whack to humans. Let’s face it, seeing an alien in real life will scare us to death. However, Men in Black and E.T. made it so casual that it made me believe that if I see them in person will be tad ordinary– if they’re friendly and not attempt to shoot me with their laser guns just like what they show in movies.

In the world of apps, games with alien castings are also rampant. Ironically, they’re adorable and they need the help of humans to survive the challenge. If you’re willing to help these extraterrestrials, check out My Diamonds and Lost Osmo: Adventures.

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Slots Palace Casino Free!

Would you like to go to a casino and play? I can feel some of your nodding heads with a little hesitation though. Casinos are home for rich people, players who desire to hit the jackpot, and to those who want to take home a huge amount of money out of luck. It is a usual place with real pleasure such as resorts, hotels, and high-end shops that will tempt you to spend your money.

The idea is nice given the chances of winning on various casino games. But before we go and play the game, are we ready to take the risk of losing? Gambling is not about winning all the time but also the willingness to accept the possibility of losing the game.

Going to casinos is my youthful dream and to play at least one of the games there is a matured achievement for me. If only I am given the entire privilege to do so, I will definitely grab that one time opportunity. Playing the casino for free with different people-elite-around the world rarely happens to a middle girl like me. Read more

Little Amazon: The Gigantic Trot

Who will forget the expeditious popularity of a runner game last 2011?  The chance of not knowing the runner game that started it all is very little. Yeah, everybody played Temple Run -the endless running craze ever. I believe most of us reading this are familiar with the guy who runs out of the temple because of the magical monkeys chasing him.

Because of that, the running fame was followed by several production of other runner games with different characters bringing Temple Run Brave, Subway Surfer, Chasing Yello, Yoo Ninja, Ovenbreak, and more in to reality. We may choose from a running movie character, an escaping kiddo, a flying ninja, a swimming fish, an angry granny, a dashing agent, and fleeing bread. Name it and they have it!

This 2013, say hello to the latest game application released by Bulkypix called . It is an endless runner, platformer, and adventure game that will sure make you run for more. Come on, let us all have a fresh start this year! Read more

Shoot The Crazy Boxes!

I love boxes– okay, I just blurted out another eccentric part of my personal life. I have this quaint addiction with boxes. It may be a luxurious box, a shoebox, or whatever type of box I fancy. For me, it’s extremely functional because I can reuse it in different ways. Well, it really is reusable– save the Earth guys! It may also be because my OC-ness (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is kicking in. Boxes help me get rid of the clutter inside my room and help me in organizing my things. If someone raids my stuff and my boxes suddenly gets chaotic, you better hide yourself. But what if it was the boxes’ decision? I have a crazy imagination right? Well, I’m not as crazy as you think because Crazy Boxes exists and they are ready to make you go nuts with an app that you can download in your mobile device.

is an arcade shooting game for those who are all about action mixed with a tinge of lunacy. If you have an obsession with arcade games, then this is one game that you should be downloading on your device. It’s a classic type of game refurbished for today’s generation.

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Let’s Have A Super Snack Time

It’s been a while since the last time I played a propeller game. Who could ever forget the game Angry Birds, the propeller game that created a huge hit in the gaming community. I’m sure you’ve heard of that game. If you haven’t, where have you been in the last few years? Playing Angry Birds became a huge hit worldwide. If you haven’t tried it, at least you heard something about it. Despite its banausic appeal, Angry Birds still has this lure that is keeping us enamored. Plus, they always have something new to offer like Angry Birds Rio and Star Wars, reviewed by Jango Pearce.

Massive amount of propeller games start to dominate different gaming platforms. One of them is my favorite, Catapult King. Just like the quiz games, and icon guessing games. The app community cannot have too much propeller games. Do you still have space in your device? There is a new game that will surely put you on the edge of your seats. If you still have that extra space, then you should start downloading Super Snack Time.

is a gut-busting game and perfect for those who are looking for a tasty adventure. With the adorable characters, I bet most of you will find this ineluctable. I admit I felt a bizaare adoration upon seeing them in the screenshots. Now, let us begin our adventure with the tastiest characters in the face of gaming community.

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Hello Mister Frog!

People often see animals such as lions, tigers, bears, and elephants performing live on different circuses. Because of that, our curiosity sparks that we even anticipate the next arrival of the carny. The joy these animals give us is truly a knack and worth watching. These skeptical creatures are the most awaited act among all the performances since none of us can’t tell of the surprise they are about to show.

In reality, we are scared of these beastly creatures because they might eat and swallow us alive. But because of the lenient individuals who are willing to train the animals despite the risk it may cause them, it is possible to watch a circus show full of performing wild animals. Despite our terror, the creatures that we fear the most are the ones who amuse us. We should thank the patient trainers because of them the feral are somehow harmless and entertaining. We are indeed lucky!

You might be thinking that the app I am going to review today is all about animals performing in a circus. Well, the hero of the game application that I recently played is a man with unique ability. This special ability directs him to join the circus and perform in front of so many spectating people.

Our hero is man with very long tongue giving him the title of Mister Frog. His aptitude is too odd for a normal person that is why he found life in the colorful carnival. Working as a frog man is not easy because he have to please a lot of people by showing tricks and extraordinary act. Through your magical hands, you can help him fulfill the coveted reverie of Mister Frog. This free game application by Coconut Island Studio will give you the freedom to do so.

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Logo Quiz_Pop Singer: Who’s That Pop Artist?

I was looking for a casual app that will somehow kill my rooting boredom when a friend suggested to me another logo quiz application. I don’t actually intend to review this application simply because logo quizzes are now a trend and a lot of people are going crazy answering this type of application but this can’t be helped-seriously. There are number of logo quiz applications for brands, movies, characters, and people popping out today in which the famous Icon Pop Quiz that was reviewed by Maeve Audrey belongs.  The picture snatched my fidgety attention pushing me to instantly download the app.

Can you recognize these faces? They look familiar right? You might be questioning yourself by now after seeing the picture. Are they strangers you have met somewhere and bumped on a subway? Or, one of them could be your neighbor, classmate, and friend. Well, who knows? Before you stress yourself thinking of the true identity of this people take a closer look and carefully scan each faces first. Obviously, these faces are in fact well-known to most of us because they are the oh so “pop-ular” global singers of all times that we ardently watch and listen to.

Who among reading this android app review does not know the phenomenal songs of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston? People always love Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” in the film The Bodyguard while their hearts goes on with Celine’s song “My Heart Will Go On” for the movie Titanic. They are only two of the hundreds of artists that you have to guess as you play by Logo Quiz.

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Can You Guess The Movie?

I remember my parents’ first attempt to bring me to the movie house. I was dressed perfectly for the piercing air conditioning system– jeans, t-shirt, and a denim jacket. I was 6, and the movie was rated as PG-7. The movie that we’ve planned to see that time was Jurassic Park. You guess what happened? They didn’t let me in! They told my parents that I don’t look like a 7 year old girl. They have great discriminating eyes that a one year age difference became salient. My brokenhearted parents and I just went for a stroll. Goodbye, Jurassic Park movie.

As I grew older, I realized that I acquired a deviating laud for movies. I can watch the cheesiest romantic flick to the scariest movie ever created. I guess I’m a chameleon to adjust to any type of movie. Because of that, I can easily elucidate a movie just by seeing a poster. Well, it is still not that easy as I’m not that familiar with the classics. The only classic films that I’ve seen were from the film showing in school and a couple of Audrey Hepburn movies. Want to test if you really are that good when it comes to movies? Download the Guess The Movie app on your iOS device.

is one of the quiz apps that will test your photographic memory skills when it comes to movie posters. Sure you have taken movie quizzes, but can you guess the minimalist posters from millions of movies produced worldwide?

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