Tickle The Talking Nibbler!

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Aurora Project

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On January 10, 2013
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Poke the Talking Nibbler and see his funny reaction!

Every time we scour the app market, we are often greeted by apps that supply amusement for the bored mind, the curious-and-too-advanced youngsters, and the plain app-aholic Janes and Joes of the tech-savvy sphere. Trying to look for the right apps, the ones that will stay installed on your device for a whole year, takes a lot of exploring and testing. And that can get tiring after a while. The problem might lie within the fact that people are endlessly looking for complicated apps to add a bit of complication to their bland lives. But sometimes, the apps that can bring amusement to us users are actually the apps that possess the simplest features with the wackiest substance.

Take for example this hilarious dude called the . We were treated to a coterie of talking animals here in Applatter, but this one—this Talking Nibbler—I have to say is the most charming that I have seen so far. What adds to that charm probably has less to do with his Gremlin-like appearance but more with his cool as a cucumber attitude. For one, he’s totally relaxed, totally chill and placid, until you start poking and tickling his casual bones and he starts losing his cool.

For the usual app-enthused people, Talking Nibbler might look like the usual app joining the band of talking furry companions. But for the plain app-onlookers, once you sampled Talking Nibbler’s pixie and goofy allure, you’ll find him growing on you, and growing roots of long-term stay on your Android devices. Sorry, but this Talking Nibbler defines “cute” for me.

Talking Nibbler is a free app for Android from Aurora Project. Like the usual app of this kind, the Talking Nibbler has an ability to imitate you and tell you how he feels in odd sounds and grunts. The most awesome sight of the Talking Nibbler probably appears whenever you play the music and he starts performing his mommy dance. I’m sure you are questioning what in the world a mommy dance is but, you get the joke. Think 70s and 80s-inspired dance choreography and you’ll have an idea what a mommy dance looks like.

The Talking Nibbler also resides in a simple storybook-flat that actually holds a lot of surprises! Think ducks and magics and other surprises, and your stay with the Talking Nibbler will definitely be fun and worthwhile!

Get to know the Talking Nibbler!

Tap the Film Reel button to get a preview of the best fan-made videos of the Talking Nibbler. See the Talking Nibbler perform his odd dance routine, get mobbed by a flock of ostrich, and cover a certain pop artist’s song! Play the videos using your preferred browser or via YouTube. You can also add some of your favorite videos to your Favorites for your own Nibbler viewing pleasure.

Tap the Clapper or video button to record a video of the Talking Nibbler doing his thing. These things vary from his usual activity of dancing, making odd noises, and pretending to fall on his side. When you’re done recording the nibbler, you can play the recorded video and even share it through your e-mail, Facebook and YouTube. The Gallery tab will take you to the recorded video of the Talking Nibbler on your device.

The third button on the top part of the screen will direct you to a list of other games available for download. When you download one of these games, you can earn coins which can be used to buy other features for the Nibbler’s activity.

The button on the bottom right corner of the screen will take you to the Talking Nibbler’s Shop. There you can change or customize the Talking Nibbler and his crazy flat. You can choose to change the Talking Nibbler’s voice from a dragon, a sleepy voice, and a bustler voice. There are five voices available for the Talking Nibbler but you can only acquire two of them when you have coins.

Also in the Nibbler’s Shop are the Skins and Stuff. Change the skin of the Talking Nibbler depending on your taste. There are four available skins that will change your nibbler from an ordinary white nibbler to a nibbler sporting a Giraffe or Panda garb. Get to the Stuff tab and grab accessories and furniture for the Talking Nibbler’s flat. All the stuff are paid, but you can have free will to dress up the Nibbler’s boring flat by decorating it with a few Christmas ornaments, posters of a princess and a rock star, and even a portrait of President Obama!

Nibbler Party!

A couple of buttons on the bottom of the screen will allow users to manipulate the Talking Nibbler. When you tap the music button, a monotone sound will play and you will be delighted to see the Talking Nibbler dance. You can even ask the Talking Nibbler to do a back flip by clicking the flip button. Other buttons can only be unlocked when you have the corresponding coins to enable it.

Witness the Talking Nibbler do different tricks and poke fun of things! Surely players will be engaged to watch him be his unusual, playful self and bring laughter to Android users!

Talking and Nibbling Have Never Been This Amusing!

I really produced hundreds and gales of laughter while trying out this app. Oh, Talking Nibbler. Ain’t that son of a booger just cute?!

Alright, back to business. First, I don’t understand why the app, as funny as it appears, has to be inundated with bouts after bouts of a coin system! Well yeah, maybe they are trying to make money, or whatever. But seriously, this app would have been cooler if some of the features were offered free and without the coin system. It would have been nicer to see the Talking Nibbler do other activities and strut his goofy self without the minor fuss of having to collect coins.

I love this app alright, but I noticed that this app also drains the living hell out of my device’s battery. That’s a little irritating, but I have to be understanding because I love the nibbler so much and I want to see him in all his silly glory.

Probably the redeeming quality of the app which also makes it endlessly endearing are the cute animations and the acts of the Talking Nibbler himself. Even in the simplest tumbles and noises that he produces, he easily wins the heart of the users. His effortless coolness is what makes him a primary stay-in on my Android device. I can use some of his tricks when I’m having a bad day.

I’m sure most people will also let out a few giggles after seeing the Talking Nibbler do his stuff. This app, and its amazing graphics, deserve a spot on your perk-me-up Android applications.

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Tickle The Talking Nibbler!
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