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On January 9, 2013
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Guess the famous celebrities behind the distorted images!

People who consider themselves as overzealous followers of Hollywood stars and other notable celebrities know their idols’ faces and looks to the core. When you are enthusiastically supporting a certain celebrity’s skyrocketing A-list status, it’s so easy to identify his or her porcelain face (or sometimes, excessively tanned face) as if you know that face better than you know yours. This is why the pressure on how celebrities should portray themselves in public is higher than the Empire State.

When the camera is trying to capture every inch of your alabaster skin and every pore on your face, of course, there’s nothing left to do but to look pretty and scrawny. Otherwise, they will find their plump faces headlining the latest rag mags and tabloids along Beverly Hills. That reality sucks, and that bitter truth might pass as one of the reasons why celebrities opt for a mechanically engineered-beauty than a natural one.

Thank God for the likes of Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet who would rather perfect their acting prowess than join the high roller trophy wives of Rodeo Drive. Needless to say, one of the factors why a celebrity loves going under the knife is the fact that the public and the “perfectionist” fans have already decided how they are going to perceive their idols. And people are questioning why some celebrities say their “life is unfair…”

All this blabbering is in line with this app that I found sitting pretty on my Android device, which eventually served nice for a good Android app review. See what I did there?

Yeah, HappyFaceDevs developed an app called which makes users guess the pretty Celebrity posing behind the warped and distorted face displayed on the screen. Guessing is pretty easy if you are the kind of fan that I’m talking about earlier. If you are hyper aware of George Clooney’s “I’m a hot bachelor” gray hair, or how far wide Julia Robert’s sexy mouth can go, then answering the guessing game is no difficulty for you.

Not only movie stars are featured in this app. You would be surprised to know that Salvador Dali’s famous moustache even made its cameo here.

Celebrities Quiz is a free app for Android which will test the users’ memories when it comes to identifying the distorted images of famed celebrities and even scientists. To get started, you need to make an account which can be helpful when you are the type who participate in Leaderboards and the like. You can also play with friends in Celebrities Quiz and have the chance to chat with other players.

Celebrities Quiz Bee:

1.    Create an account by registering a username along with your e-mail and password. This account will be used when you want to participate in Leaderboards. You can also choose to play as a guest.

2.    Once you are registered, tap New Game to get started. Choose from the seven categories namely: Actors, Artists, Athletes, Directors, Millionaires, Musicians, Politicians, Scientists, and TV Stars.

3.    After you choose a Category, your eyes will be treated to a number of warped or distorted faces of famed and deceased celebrities and iconic figures.

4.    Tap an image and guess the celebrity or the famous historical figure behind it. One correct answer will allow you to move to the next question. You can Pass on a particular question when you’re having trouble identifying the celebrity.

5.    Some answers hold a corresponding Achievement badge. You can choose to share your Celebrities Quiz experience on Twitter and Facebook.

6.    Tap the Swarm button to get more games and see the Leaderboards, Achievements, Messages, Friends and Settings.

Hints are also available in this app, though not exactly the hint that you like to think. Players are allowed three hints for every question. When you tap the hint button, the distorted or pixelated image on the screen will lessen to give players a better view of who the celebrity is.

Celebrities from the likes of Oscar winners Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, to reputable directors such as Scorsese and Tarantino are present in this game. Famous politicians—dead or still breathing—are also included in Celebrities Quiz such as current US Prez Barack Obama, historical leader of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler, and Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth. If you want a more challenging guessing game, try the Artists or Politician category to run across famous masters and geniuses like Da Vinci and Newton.

Slight historians will have fun answering the harder categories. The harder categories contain fewer questions while the leading category, the Actors category, consists of over 50 questions for the showbiz and film buffs’ entertainment.


- Celebrities from many domains.
- Get help when in doubt.
- Online score with lots of players. Try and be the best.
- Fun and challenging achievements.
- Scoreloop achievements and leaderboards – compare your progress to other players around the world!

Hollywood Hills and Historical Frills?

Admittedly, Jango had a few snickers when the answer was right and the face was revealed. But as much as I had fun guessing some of the obvious, I found myself looking for more features because the game didn’t really go anywhere. The interface is neat but the lags and the crashes are nearly as annoying as the Kardashian household drama. Some of the questions are enjoyable while some are too distorted. Even the hints didn’t help in revealing some of the lesser known actors’ faces.

This app is fine while you’re still at it. But once you go from the first question to the 30th without really any progression in the features, then it becomes a flop. Celebrities Quiz was only good while it lasted.


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Android App Review: Celebrities Quiz
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