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Fabrizio Le Rose

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On November 5, 2012
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Play pranks with your friends with this cool Crazy Shake app!

April Fool’s Day, Halloween– these are some of those legit occasions when we usually play pranks on our friends, co-workers and family. From simple to extreme gags, the harmless ones are good ways for you and your friends to have a good laugh.

Now in today’s tech-driven world, if you want to deviate and try something extraordinary to your peers, then try executing a good prank with just the use of your smartphones.

No need to go to great lengths to pull off elaborate pranks on those around you, more often than not, it’s even more fun to play simpler ones. With just your little effort, you can still be able to reap much joy out of the end results.

You sure wanna have fun with just the use of an app? Then peep the deets below.

There are tons of apps out there where you can pull pranks and one of those is by Fabrizio Le Rose. It’s an app that  turns your phone into a prank machine where users can stage a hilarious skit with anyone.

How to Use

When you open the app, you’ll see the main menu. Choose a sound you want to use and hit it. There are more than 60 various sounds available and once you’re done you can tap on the start button to begin with the game. You may opt to record the joke, let’s say a burp. The next silly thing to do is play the prank on your friend by putting the device anywhere until he or she picks it up. Voila! Once that person picked it up, the phone will instantly activate the chosen sound, followed by a hilarious image. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as this app will record the entire scene by the smartphone camera and you can even share and post your friend’s funny reaction directly on Facebook.

Surprisingly Fun!

is simple yet an effective tool where you can get a good laugh out of. You can use this app to scare and even shock your friends but just a little tip though for those pranksters, make sure you don’t hurt people or put their lives in jeopardy, just slightly irritate them.

On a more serious note, overall, this app provides an easy peasy way to trick your friends, especially the gullible victims. It’s incredibly funny and what’s even fun about it is that it won’t cost you a dime.

Download this app on the for FREE!

Want more? See the video below:

Check out their website too. Visit for more information.

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