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On December 28, 2012
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Battle out another hoard of zombies in this accomplished game sequel.

The zombie apocalypse continues as the makers of Stupid Zombies created a sequel to their well-celebrated original application. Lock and load once more as you initiate another bloody mess of decaying body parts and insides with Stupid Zombies 2! With enhanced features and polished graphics, GameResort offers their loyal followers some good ‘ol zombie shooting with the power of a ricochet to be grateful for. Have you mastered the art of “bending a bullet”? Then try your shotgun expertise with this one heck of an awesome treat from the makers of some of the apps to die for including Probe the Humans.

The game play remains the same in its entirety with the player targeting all the zombies on the screen using only one bullet if possible. The whole gist of Stupid Zombies were untouched but there were, as what I’ve mentioned, enhancements. One of the major difference is the fact that with the second installment, players can choose from two characters: a female and the default male character.

Stupid Zombies 2 was published in the app market a few days before Christmas which makes it such a cute present for all the gamers out there. The female bad ass wears a Santa hat which adds to the holiday feel of the app. And the zombies went under a make over—or a make under, rather—that made them extra annoying. Themed environments are also available but accomplishing the previous one is a prerequisite for progress, a notable difference from the first application.

Killing Them The Second Time Around

Having no choice but to use the male character in Stupid Zombies, I was so ecstatic to take on the character of a  female in this game. She greatly resembles Jill Valentine, one of the protagonist-turned-enemy-turned-ally in the Resident Evil movies and RPG games. With a striking pixie hairstyle and smokin’ hot garbs, this feisty woman is set out to send those cadavers back to their graves for good. Of course, the original lead won’t be left behind, there were minor modifications to him, well, to his built. And don’t think that the zombies will look the same because there are different kinds of them this time. From those businessman types to the rednecks who turned into a meat-eating somnambulist.

All the features that made Stupid Zombies a success were modified for a greater game experience for the those who’ve downloaded it. Second to the female character, one of the notable difference is the availability of a laser-light when you press down on your target. This makes for a better angle and idea on the trajectory of your bullet and its possible ricochet.

As there were upgrades, you can never leave out the possibility of a downgrade. My concern here is that you can no longer jump from different chapters but in this case, worlds, unlike in the first game where you can just go through another chapter if you can’t finish the previous one. Stupid Zombies 2 doesn’t allow jumping from an environment to another if you haven’t collected the right amount of stars. It may be a setback considering the fact that it was a feature that I thoroughly enjoyed in the prequel.


  • Amazing graphics and appropriate enhancements
  • Exceptional sound scoring
  • Additional female character
  • 300 brand new levels
  • Better game play with a laser-sight to utilize 

Harrie’s Love For Stupid Zombies

Getting to test apps on a daily basis makes my attention span quite short on them. There are apps which I only try for a couple of times but then deletes it after a while. But Stupid Zombies is an app I can’t seem to erase. It’s one of my few apps that I run to whenever I don’t feel like reading or even sleeping. So much so, with its beautification in the form of Stupid Zombies 2, the separate app will most likely be a mainstay in my device as well.

You can download Stupid Zombies 2 for FREE on both your iOS and Android device.

For a sneak peak, watch the video below:

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