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On January 2, 2013
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Note the process of how you were able to achieve your wishes with this iOS app!

Please allow me to start this off with a greeting: Happy new year, Applatter readers! And in line with the new roundabout journey of our planet around the sun, let’s all start 2013 on the right foot by being positive and goal-minded. Remember that it’s up to us to make one full year—or our lives, even—on our favor. What better way to make this year unfold gradually good than to achieve your wishes, be it short term or long term? If you’ve been constantly throwing your dreams back to make time for some other ethereal thing, then you’re probably missing out a lot! But lo and behold, there’s a freshly brewed application that can literally help you keep track of all your wants by giving you a timeline of your progress.

Interested on finding out what is all about and how it can help you set your eyes on the prize? Then read more of this iOS app review after the jump.

Sticking multi-colored post its on your notebooks and computer monitors might give you some good motivation on staying on the right path towards grasping your material and/or immaterial wishes. In this day and time where distractions are practically everywhere and the minds of the young seem forever occupied by trivial things, setting themselves to cling on to that “want” may be short lived. But if they’re constantly reminded of how badly they want something, then straying away is not on the equation.

Say hello to , an application created by Bumperapps which allows its users to create their own timeline on how much progress they’re making, no matter how little, towards their dream or dreams. With push notifications, alarms, and inspiration in the form of a compact list of other users who achieved their wants, Wishlab is sure to give the right reality check on its users that in order to get what you want, you have to make your mind point only in one direction.

Wishlab: How It Works

Upon your initial use of the app, there’s a 3-page instruction on how to start utilizing it. It’s as basic as it can get but with a few surprises to make it more interesting and effective. By clicking on the “add wish” button, it will then ask you to name what you want or you can select from the common choices that will appear. From a “new iPhone” to a “new car”‘, you can basically put in anything under the sun. Just make sure that it’s practically achievable.

Set the time period on when you’d want to get that “something” and add a photo from your photo roll or you can take one using the in-app camera. Describing the item is optional but jotting down why you need it or want it is one great push to always strive for it, right? After saving a wish, you can then add more if you want to. Besides, you can always go back and edit it.

You can attach a video as well. As for me, inserting a video on a want gives me a sense of urgency to get it as soon as possible since most material wants these days becomes obsolete in less than five years. Here’s another great thing about the app: it gives you an opening to write down some important things that are in connection to your dream. So, for example, I have written down that I want a new camera lense, and if I have already started dropping a few bucks in my trusty piggy bank, I can write it down on the “I’m doing” tab just to document the stretch I am taking in hopes of getting that amazing lense in 2 years time. There are other tabs you can fill in namely the “I’m feeling” tab and the “I’m thinking” tab which, most likely, acts as a diary.

On the compact view of your wishlist, there’s a meter which indicates how far you are from getting your dreams come to life. The more you write in an input on the different “diary tabs” (as I call it), the more blue your meter will show. Again, it’s a feature worth taking note of because it’s pretty much hard to motivate oneself but the app clearly has more than one attempt to plant a seed of focus and go-getter attitude in all of its users heads.

But the list doesn’t stop there because there’s another motivation up the app’s sleeve in the form of the “inspiration” tab which shows a list of all users who’ve already finished or got what they’ve written down on their wishlist. It’s called the “wall of inspiration” but if you’re feeling secretive, there’s an option where you can choose not to broadcast to the Wishlab community that you’re successful in getting one of your wishes.

May it be just a couple of push-ups or a trip to Hawaii, you can see random user’s achievements and since there’s no need to sign up or log in on Wishlab, your identity will be anonymous to the others but if you opt to use your Facebook or Twitter accounts, it’s your call.

Aside from the push notifications, you can also get e-mails from the app just by registering your e-mail address found on the settings tab. With this, overlooking the app’s reminders won’t be a problem.

So, in a nutshell, here are Wishlab’s cool features:

  • Create and manage your wishes
  • Set time frames to achieve your wishes
  • Fill your wish library with photos, videos, and notes
  • Chart your progress with everyday thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Get push notifications and email alerts to remember to work on your wishes
  • Visualize your wishes on a wish board
  • Find inspiration in the wishes and accomplishments of others via the Wall of Inspiration
  • Keep a diary of your fulfilled wishes and share your success story
  • Share your thoughts, photos, and videos on Facebook and Twitter

Harrie The Great Dreamer

With all of Wishlab’s features, it is definitely an app worthy of download. I specifically liked how it allows its users to jot down notes, feelings, and actions towards their specific wish because it keeps them goal-oriented. Although with an app that can tap on your email and have numerous push notifications, you can easily call it as one heck of a nagger but in this case, Wishlab has all the right to stir you awake from distractions that leads you astray from your dreams.

There’s only one thing that I want the app to improve on, since users will be listing down their wants on their wish library with photos, it might be cooler to have an option where you can get the images straight from the internet.

The next thing that I like about the app is its clean yet fun user interface. Browsing through the app already makes me want to put in a couple more items on my wish library and type away on the “diary tabs”.

Wishlab is a perfect application for goal-setters since it provides all the right element to make those who uses it get in-touch with their focused selves as they try and reach their dreams in record time. If you’re in it for the prize, then this application can do no harm to your drive because its purpose is to fuel it.

now and who knows? Maybe by the end of 2013, you’ll already get that something you’ve been eyeing. *wink*

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App Review: Wishlab
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