Top 3 Thai Recipe Apps for iOS

It’s not only the Chinese, Japanese, and the Koreans whose national cuisines are being embraced worldwide. Yes, their delicious masterpieces might be the top sought after concoctions in Asia—or in any other continent—but the other yellow-skinned countries also have a lot to take pride for. An example of which is Thailand with their rich blend of spices and ingredients that makes their delicacies crave-worthy. Although their food might look bland caused by the simplicity of its color, believe you me, it’s far more than what meets the eye. From the first bite to the last, expect some good ‘ol yummy goodness that will keep you asking for another serving!

Since Applatter likes Thai cuisine so much (read on other Thai recipe apps), here are three more additions that should be included in the list. So instead of dining out, why not try and make your own Thai meal with these apps that’s sure to guide you in the process or stretch your tongue and say the food you want instead of pointing it out on the menu to the waiter. *wink*

Cooking up a meal is an achievement in itself but when you’ve mastered the art of another culture’s style in  sauteing and mixing, then that’s a different matter. If you’re into the wonderful taste of dishes that originated in Thailand, then go ahead and challenge yourself if you think that you’re cooking skills are good enough even for your own taste. But aside from cooking, why not fill yourself up with knowledge about the way they serve their food, what’s in it, and how to pronounce it. Admit it, their language is as complex as their meals.

Here are three Thai food applications that’s perfect for Thailand-trotting tourists, chefs, and wanna-be chefs:

1. Thai Talking Food Menu

For starters, most people ask for the name of a particular dish before sticking a spoonful in their mouth. It’s just normal but if you’re the impulsive type, then so be it. If it’s a foreign dish, it’s either you try hard and say the tongue-twisting name or describe what’s in it instead—which is normal for Thai food. Imagine ordering “ข้าวผัดน้ำพริกนรก” (Khao phat nam phrik narok) for the first time and there’s no doubt you’ll probably stagger with the words. Embarrassing! To help you avoid an experience so mortifying but laughable, here’s an application to help you iron that tongue out: Thai Talking Food Menu.

The basic point Thai Talking Food Menu is to be a food guide for tourists in Thailand. As what I’ve mentioned, their language is pretty much hard and it sounds very peculiar when you’re not a local. The app features tons of dishes that range from the most common to the traditional ones. It teaches its users the proper pronunciation of their dishes with the audio record that comes with each. Aside from that, the app also contains the a bit of description and a photo of the meal so you’d have a sneak peak of what you’re trying to order.


There are two versions of the app, the full version and the free version but their features are pretty much the same:

  • All entries contain English, Thai script, English transcription, and audio of correct Thai pronunciation
  • Contains 130 authentic Thai Dishes grouped into a menu of 9 categories (7 for the free version)
  • Audio food dictionary of individual words, drinks, and common requests
  • Handy Top 20 list of popular dishes (Top 10 for the free version)
  • Helpful notes and tips regarding Thai translation to English

Harrie Likes

Thai Talking Food Menu by G. & K. Graphics is a brilliant app! It will be very useful for tourists come the time they find themselves in a restaurant that has no English menu or even English-speaking servers. By referring to the application, tourists can choose from the available menu and then say it to the crew. The locals might even be impressed with the foreigners’ skills! Oh, another thing that’s great is their list of the top dishes since it gives you an idea on what are the most ordered meals in Thailand so you won’t have to experiment and end up wasting money. There are also common requests of “no ice” and “not spicy” that comes with the app. If you’re planning on flying to Thailand, I suggest you equip your iOS devices with Thai Talking Food Menu.

Download: ($2.99) |

2. Thai Recipes Cookbook

There are people who are focused on the dishes per se rather than getting to know them for their origins and whatnot. I’m betting that most of our moms are like that. And this next application that I’ll present doesn’t ponder much on the complexities of the Thai background, language, and culture because it’s inclined in the food itself. Thai Recipes Cookbook has no Thai script or its English transcription, the names of the dishes are what it is. In other words, the app is very much straight forward. And to make it appealing, the developers threw in a quiz feature.

By browsing through the list of recipes, you can mostly find traditional cuisines. The ingredients and the step by step process is presented in a clean manner which I deeply appreciated in the app. There are no unimportant whatnots. Although I felt that the app is very limited considering that there are tons of dishes that should be included in it. Yes, its simplicity is also its beauty but I just can’t seem to take my mind off the fact that the developers could have created another tab with a list of categories so users won’t need to run-through everything when they’re searching for a meal to cook. 


  • A hefty list of classic Thai dishes
  • A quiz to test out if the users are really taking note of the ingredients and/or the process of cooking a particular dish
  • Simple user interface with easy navigation

Harrie Likes

The quizzes! Cooking is a matter that should be taken seriously and a short quiz can make us remember a dish more effectively. You can for your iOS device in the AppStore for only HK $8.00.

3. Thai Recipes for iPad

What’s better than having a Thai recipe app on your iPhones? Easy… Having one in your whopping iPad! Since it’s so much nicer to cook while looking into a widescreen for guidelines, Nikunj Surati created Thai Recipes for iPad which includes hundreds of dishes that you can try and serve on your own for your family or for yourself.

With high resolution photos where you can almost literally smell the enticing aroma of the finished product, Thai Recipes for iPad is definitely an app that’s worth the download or even the money—if you’re planning on getting its full version. Another thing that’s great about the app is that you can note all your favorite recipes with a single click. This will then allow you to go back to them for future reference.


  • Over 200 Thai recipes along with ingredients, images, and recipe. (50 for free version)
  • Category wise recipes
  • Add favorite recipes
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Offline access to read all recipes

Harrie Likes

For $0.99, you can already have this amazing application that gives back so much in return. It’s an investment that you shouldn’t pass. But if you think that a few recipes will already do you good, then go ahead and download the free version. What I like most about the app is that you can still use it without connecting to a wifi and the fact that it allows its users to mark their favorites.

Download: ($0.99) |

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Top 3 Thai Recipe Apps for iOS
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