Big Win Basketball: Let’s Get It On!

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On January 8, 2013
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An application for gamers and sports enthusiasts worldwide.

I am a huge fan of Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, and the likes needless to say that basketball is my thing. These legends are the names that I usually hear from the 24/7 chit-chat of my guy friends when I was little. Because of the great influence of my brother and male relatives, I grew up watching local leagues in our neighborhood which in effect inspires me to religiously watch NBA. I know that I am not the first female fan who used to love this kind of sports which is an original game for dudes.

 Basketball terms like foul, travelling, double dribble, jump ball, fast break, and more are not new to me anymore for I am hearing those words from my childhood days. The screams and yells of different fans inside the arena excite me even more. The popularity of basketball worldwide never expires to a faithful supporter like me.

Gamers and sports enthusiasts around the globe will sure get a hang with today’s android app review because Hothead Games released another game application called that will sure please your passion for sports. Get ready for an all-out court action by downloading the app straight on your android devices without spending a dime. See awesome three point shot, unending dunks, and round-the-clock board slamming.

Are you ready to face the battle?

The Play-off

There is always two opposing teams-one versus the other-in a game that compete for one and ultimate title. We people always aim for the best to be able to win the game that is why we want to create our own dream team where players go to a careful screening.

Big Win Basketball is the perfect portal in making our dreams possible because it allows users to build their ideal team by clicking “New Team”. It is also known as a Starter Pack which consists of five (5) players, one (1) uniform, and three (3) big impact cards. Users may scroll each of the cards and improve the players.

Apart from that, there is a privilege to customize the team by giving them a name-if in case you don’t want to use the existing one-, change the name of the players, jersey number, country, hair color, hair style, and skin color. This is really amusing because the final look of your team totally depends on your taste.

Big Impact Cards are the ones to determine the ability of every player during the game. It is one of the best features of the game because it is like giving your team special powers that increases the moves of the players. There are twelve (12) unique cards all in all that have a big impact on the play of the team. Some of the catchy card names that are really fun to read are: Chasing in dimes, Charity Stripe, and Sixth Sense. As much as I wanted to explain the use of each cards, I would like you to discover all of its function when you play the game.

You may proceed with your first ever basketball game once you are done customizing your own team and you have fully understand the use of Big Impact Cards.


  • Big Impact Cards will be gone from your inventory once used.
  • The card glows every time it affects the game.
  • Big Win Basketball works online.



I never get the chance to play an official basketball game but I covet to handle at least one team- there is so much to learn. The app is like a blessing to me because it gave me the chance to experience the dream I’ve been longing. I truly appreciate reviewing Big Win for fairly executing the visuals of the game, the retro feel, and the liberty to manage a virtual basketball team. Yes, the app is worth downloading and deserves a three point basket. Even though it has some flaws on it such as clarity of SFX, limited player customization options, and crashing issue, I will still give the developer a solid credit for the brilliant idea. I am a pro that is why I enjoyed this kind of game. It was like watching a real game thus making me frustrated every time I loose from an opponent. It took me 2 loses before I was able to achieve my first victory.

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Big Win Basketball: Let’s Get It On!
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