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Be an airport security officer of the day as you try to prevent those contraband items from getting into the plane brought by those funky smugglers.

Most of you still have a hangover from the Halloween party that you had with your friends when you dressed up and put to life your favorite cartoon characters. As I browse the internet over the weekend, I saw some famous characters as inspiration for their Halloween look: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, The Powerpuff Girls, House Bunny and a lot more! Among these, one of the most common and easiest costumes that you can pull off would be a Retro/80′s-Inspired-Look with all the colorful outfit that you can impossibly wear on an ordinary day. Dancing to your favorite old school pop songs such as Funkytown, Ice Ice Baby, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and a lot more will make the whole experience complete!

I can’t imagine myself living in the era of 60′s to the 80′s where the clothes were usually polka dots, colorful clothes, baggy pants and curly/Afro hairstyle! Yet, I guess it was indeed fun! You wouldn’t dare to dress up like a walking Christmas Tree as you travel and go to an airport, right? Well, wonder no more as this app review will make impossibly crazy things happen! Catch the colorful, fun and adventurous duo called, the Funky Smugglers!

$0.99 for

developed by 11 Bit Studios is a paid action arcade Android application which allows its players to be an airport security officer of the day as you try to prevent those contraband items from getting into the plane brought by those funky smugglers.

Are you familiar with the action-comedy hit movie series, Austin Powers? Well, I’m not a fan of the movie but the theme of the movie comes to my mind when I saw and tried this app called Funky Smugglers. The two main characters named G. O’ Rilla and Freddy Disco, has a resemblance of Austin Powers which is quite quirky.

developed by 11 Bit Studios is a 70′s themed paid arcade action Android application which is a breath of fresh air from the numerous applications available on Google Play Store. The main objective of the game is to play the role of the airport security officer whose job is to scan the travelers as they pass through the x-ray machine and prevent any contraband from getting into the plane. G. O’ Rilla, Freddy Disco and the rest of the smugglers will try to outsmart you on the best that they can to pass on the  x-ray scanner. As the protagonist of the game, you need to be alert whether the passengers carry contraband items or permitted items which are colored red and green, respectively.

Funky Features

√  Access to an X-ray scanner which allows you to see what the smugglers are hiding from you

√ Challenge your arcade skills in either Team Battles or Single player missions

√ Dance your way to the funky music tracks as you play the game

√ Power up your X-ray scanner through as you level up

√ A Leaderboard showing your rank of your overall progress

√ Make multiple combos by picking up many items with one swipe or multitouch

Groovy Gameplay

This game offers a stylish and fast swipe-based gameplay which will make your heart skip a beat as you play and save the airport. You need to tap, drag and swipe your way to get rid of the hazard items such as grenades, spiders, plunger and pliers while leaving the safe items such as rubber duckies and fruits, untouched. Sounds easy? I guess not. The trick in this is game is you’ll lose a health point when you accidentally confiscate a green permitted item or when you miss to get a contraband item.

However, players have a lot of ways on how to earn those bonus points! First, you can earn extra points by flicking multiple items in single swipes, which can also be supplemented by those power-ups that occasionally appear into your screen. Second, by completing the three random missions active at any time. An example would be “Make a combo with 5 items.” Lastly, long streaks for security clearance will definitely give you some bonus cash!

At the start of the game, you are entitled to three lives and score as many items as possible. A life is loss everytime you miss on picking up the contraband item or when a permitted item is removed – so you better be alert and keep an eye on those safe passengers and those smugglers trying to sneak in some illegal items.

As you level up, you are paid at the end of the day. You can spend your money for in-app purchases, upgrades, new passengers, theme packs, or limited power-ups.

If you are competitive enough and you’re in the mood to challenge your friends, you can select the Team Battles and play with your friends. If not, you can practice first your arcade skills and alertness with the Single player mode. Your competitiveness will be recognized through the Leaderboard as it shows your rank of your overall progress.

You need not to be bored since this game has funky and groovy background music as you play the game. In this way, you’ll stay upbeat, hyped and thrilled as you swipe your fingers and keep your eyes wide open as you search and swipe your way through those red-colored contraband items!

Kirsten Loves

The two characters named G. O’ Rilla and Freddy Disco caught my attention which made me curious about the mystery behind these two 70′s looking smugglers. However, I find this game unique and exciting since it offers a different gameplay which is still addictive and fun! Just like me, the players will definitely enjoy this endless action arcade game and try out what this great game has to offer. I like the concept of the app which is located at the airport as passengers pass through this x-ray scanner and illegal and legal items can be revealed. Just like the addictive game, Fruit Ninja and other swipe-based games, Funky Smugglers is a new platform which will make the players hyped as they keep their eyes wide open and their reflexes responsive as they get the red hazard items and leave the green safe items untouched. The funky music completes the whole gaming experience alive, fun and upbeat! It’s perfect for the 70′s theme of the game and will definitely keep you playing for hours and even days!

The app is very simple, easy to use, slick and absolutely entertaining. The graphics are adorable and the interface is bright and colorful. I guess, those are the things which players are looking for. That’s why I give this app a five-stars-rating-with-standing-ovation! With the twists of everything nice and challenging, players will greatly love this. One app that is definitely worth playing.

Get funky!

I bet you’re sick and tired of playing those swipe-based games which gets boring as time goes by, right? Why don’t you watch the video below and see for yourself how the Funky Smugglers give a different perspective of the action arcade game that you grew up playing with.

Be alert, prevent any contraband items from getting into the plane and for only $0.99. With this excellent game, I guess $0.99 is worthy of your cents and time.

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