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Draw, solve the puzzle and complete the figure with only one touch.

Most of our childhood may have been about playing, drawing, coloring and doodling on our notebooks when we aren’t aware of how to do things on the right way. When we were toddlers, we are thrilled when we see something colorful which automatically attracts our eyes and catches our attention. The first thing that comes to our mind, “I want to try it!” When you see a ball, you want to try dribbling it. When you see a pencil, you want to try writing with it even if you don’t even know how to write the letters or numbers properly. When you see a crayon, you want to apply a color to something even if you’re already vandalizing on your wall. Well, kids are innocently cute. The next thing that you knew, you’re in 2nd grade showing off your complete set of 64 crayons to your classmates. What do you do with it? Doodle!

At times, kids just can’t get enough of using their crayons even when writing down the notes. (Well, I’m charged as guilty here!) May it be about lessons, drawing or even playing puzzle games on a sheet of paper, we are fascinated with how crayons can make a plain white paper turn into like a canvas of painting with all the different colors in it.

I bet, you’ve also come to a point in your childhood life where you are fond of playing with crayons and puzzles on a sheet of paper with your best bud, right? Today, this app review will again bring nostalgic moments during our toddler days when having crayons on our hands can make our day complete. Throw away your traditional crayons and paper as this app called Crayon Puzzles will test your creativity with the use of virtual crayons that you loved ever since.

Free for

Let’s all paint the town not only red after the cut.

If you’re an avid Applatter reader, you might notice that this app is quite similar to the app that I’ve shared before called Drawdle. I guess the only thing that makes them look alike is the drawing feature. Yes, there are puzzles but this time it’s not physics-oriented anymore. Forget about your favorite physics subject and learn more what this Crayon Puzzles has in store for you as you read on.

is a free puzzle Android application, developed by TACOTY Play, who brought us Ultimate Stacker, Celebrity Baby Quiz, Chainsaw Slicer, Matchstick Puzzles and Fingers VS Knife. The basic idea of this game is to solve the different puzzle games by drawing a line connecting the dots with only one touch. This might be a familiar game to you back in the days, since I also played it before at school. You need to draw the house without double crossing the lines. If you haven’t tried it, well you better try it virtually instead! Hence, if you played it before and you missed the fun of playing it, you also should try it now since there are more puzzle tricks that you should finish  and it gets harder and harder as you level up!


√ Various types of addictive puzzles with multiple solutions

√ Access to hints which will help you solve the puzzle

√ Two Game modes: Arcade and Survival


The game starts by choosing a level. Of course, it is necessary that you start on Level 1. As you finish each level, the next level will be unlocked automatically for you. For each level, you need to exercise your logical thinking as you try to solve the puzzle. It’s easy to draw and connect the dots, right? Well, the trick of the game is: you need to connect the dots by drawing a line with only one touch. You need not to double cross or else, you failed in completing your mission. Hence, if you really just can’t figure out your way over the given puzzle, hints are available and free of use!

To make it clear and easy to understand, there are assigned colors on the puzzle. The blue lines are those untouched lines. The orange lines are your drawn lines and the moves that you made. Lastly, the green dots are the ones that you need to connect by drawing the line and complete the figure afterwards.

The figure may seem simple to you. Yet, as you level up, the different puzzles become more difficult and more challenging which will really test your logical thinking and squeeze in your creative juices just to finish the game. More complex figures will be shown as you progress in playing the game which will definitely make you addicted over it.

Just remember: Draw, solve the puzzle and complete the figure with only one touch.

Kirsten Loves

I was amazed with this app because I had a nostalgia over my childhood memories! My classmates and I were fond of playing with puzzles (any kind of puzzle that we can think of) as we draw them on a sheet of paper and our own crayons. The idea of the app is simple yet it is extremely challenging! If you are a competitive person, then this app definitely shouts for your name! Kidding aside, I also love the excellent graphics which are very colorful, bright and cute. They make you feel like a kid again, right? In addition, the catchy and groovy music adds up to the whole kiddie vibe of the game which I bet will make you keep playing and not bored. Hence, I think the music will either make you feel calm or distracted while thinking of the best strategy and move to complete the given figure. Considering it’s free, I believe that this app is worthy of your time as you develop your strategic and logical skills.

Kirsten: The Kid at Heart

I would be guilty of charge since I really love doodle-ing ever since I was a little girl. Well, it’s more of a frustrated artist since I’m an expert in stick drawing and a trying hard fashion designer. Kidding aside, this app suits my interests well. The artsy fartsy side of me is jumping for joy! Plus, my competitive skill was put to a test when I tried the app. I actually enjoyed the game because I’m really fascinated with cute icons, graphics and layout of everything just like what this app posses, right?

All in all, I give this app a four-star-rating because of its slick, polished and colorful package. Not to mention the unlimited fun, excitement and challenges it can give you which will definitely keep you playing for hours and days! Solving such difficult puzzles may eat up your time with friends, family and even work. So beware of the addictive content that this app can bring you. Kidding aside, it is really addictive yet in a positive way since it you will benefit a lot from the game itself. You’ll learn strategic skills, creativity and most importantly, patience. Indeed, patience is a virtue and you’ll need a lot of it to succeed in this game of mega minds!

Unleash the kid and the genius in you as you !

Still not convinced? Watch the video below to learn more about how this app can bring color to your life.

For more drawing-based apps, try Drawdle, Scribblenauts and Max & the Magic Marker

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