KungFu Warrior: Revenge Kick!

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On October 11, 2012
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Unleash your martial arts skills and take revenge with KungFu Warrior!

Whenever we thought of punches as quick as the lightning, sky high kicks, rock-hard muscles and the look of blaze intensity, one name is sure to pop up in our heads– Bruce Lee.

If you have the urge to throw in your Kung Fu skills, then unlock your potential and play the dude that looks like the legendary martial arts persona.

Showcase your whirlwind footwork and get ready to read on the app review after the break.

KungFu Warrior by Triniti Interactive Ltd. is an epic fighting game that allows players to become the Bruce Lee look-alike protagonist and take revenge of  his master that has been killed by a band of thieves.

Kick-Ass Features

  • stunningly BEAUTIFUL 2D ART
  • a metric ton of SICK COMBOS
  • super special ITEM DROPS
  • 27 epic GAME LEVELS
  • 11 item-producing ARENA STAGES
  • 15 unique COMBO ATTACKS
  • 24 stat-enhancing POWER-UP ITEMS
  • 11 formidable ENEMIES & BOSSES

This adventure game has some RPG elements incorporated into its gameplay. The objective is simple– survive different waves of enemies that come your way. To manipulate your character, there are on-screen controls available such as the left and right arrow which serves as directional buttons. The game’s combat system revolves around three virtual buttons: one for quick attacks, one for powerful attacks, and one for blocking.

In the app, you have to go through 27 levels that consists of arenas with very little side scrolling room and different types of enemies that appear from every corner. If ever your penchant for fighting is heightened, then you may opt to do some of the move combinations that let you hit harder and do special moves.

For the most part of the game, you just fight and as you progress, you get to face tougher levels and battle with a couple of bosses. The first few levels in the game are never ending stages that allow you to accumulate “Coins”, which can be use to purchase bonuses or “power ups”. With every level, you have to fight a limited set of enemies and once you’re done, the next level unlocks. While fighting, you get that certain “energy” (for lack of a better term) that lets you unleash a “Deadly Attack” that can instantly knock down or eliminate multiple enemies.



Those who enjoy arcade-like action games will definitely love KungFu Warrior. With its fluid combat feel and action-packed gameplay, it will keep players on their toes. The game’s gorgeous visuals with expressive hand-drawn sprites and appealing environment art likewise will surely win over you.

Overall, it gets you hooked and gives you enough reasons to come back for more Kung Fu goodness with its combo-laced mayhem plus battle grunts.

Keep on kicking with this app on the and .

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KungFu Warrior: Revenge Kick!
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