SiliBili To The Rescue!

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Chundos Studio

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On December 27, 2012
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Help Sili and Bili save planet Sibull from dark invasion by returning the magic stones to its sacred place.

Adventure or quest games became a trend nowadays since the rapid development of innovative games and applications. Today, global gamers-iOS and Android users- have something to look forward to once again.

If you simply can’t get enough of the games that you see on different platforms, then why not try adding this cool application on your list.

After going through a few action-packed quest games, I was able to come across this game application called SiliBili Lite developed by Chundos Studio, an independent game development company that produces good quality of games and applications. The app is compatible to both and platforms.

The story circles from the title itself where the heroes are two courageous friends- Sili and Bili. These little fellows decided to save their planet (Sibull) from vicious invasion of the enemies so they went out for an important mission.

Want to know more of the story behind this great adventure? Reveal the mystery by helping Sili and Bili save planet Sibull. Read more of the app review to test your boldness. How far can you go?


SiliBili is a 3D platformer and single-player game where you have to choose between the two characters- Sili or Bili. After that, players will then be directed to their first mission and that is to save planet Sibull from total destruction. It includes two planets (Jungull and Magmull) each containing seven challenging islands with hidden items, puzzle pieces, and other surprises. Your main goal is to collect all five magic stones -known as elements- and return them to its sacred place to bring back the harmony that was once taken by hideous dragons. The exit door will open once you collect all the stones and successfully pass the opponents.

Game controls are simple and very easy to navigate. The left button is used to control either Sili or Bili to walk from left, right, up, and down while the buttons on the right allows the character to collect important items, smash atrocious dragons, hit treasures, mount big red buttons and jump cliffs.

Game Features:

  • Contains two planets (Jungull and Magmull) with seven islands and two bonus levels.

  • Bring back to its sacred place all five stones.

  • Meet legion of beastly adversary and dangerous obstacles.

  • Win eight dragons and two final boss.

  • Mount the big red buttons to open the bridge.

  • Hit the treasure three times to open the chest that contains extra energy such as health potion, hammer, shield, and lightning.

  • Collect coins to upgrade the hammer and shield.

  • Expect vibrant and pleasing 3D graphics.

  • Earn extra points by liking their Facebook page or by following their Twitter account.


  • Avoid obstacles that will risk the lives of your characters.

  • Falling off the river will cause Sili or Bili to die.

The Sacred Mission

First, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the developers of this brilliant game. SiliBili was executed very well with little flaws on it though. The unique idea, intense music, 3D graphics, and interesting story are some of the features that add life to the totality of the game. I have tried playing the lite version just to check if the game will meet my expectations or not. It is not my first time to play games with 3D graphics and my expectations did not fail me. After some time, I realized that the full version is worth downloading because it wastes no time and money. So far, the only flaws that I’ve noticed is the quirky looking dragons and the fight scenes where I tend to lose control of the main characters because the app tends to hang sometimes. But the adventure and thrills the game gives me is something I want to linger to. I just hope that Chundos Studio will update the app by adding more risky challenges to seize my attention even more. Kudos to your team!

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SiliBili To The Rescue!
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