Zombiesss will eat your Brainsss!

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Be the zombies and convert the humans just like you with Brainsss!

I bet you’ve been dead tired of running from the zombies just to save your life. Plants VS Zombies‘ massive impact on people has slowly faded yet Zombie and Walking Dead fanatics are still on the look out and craving for some more bloody and deadly adventures! If you’re one of them, then this Android app review will be your ticket to the gates of the zombie world.

Available for devices (free)

Let me take you to the zombie apocalypse with Brainsss app after the cut.

Being haunted by freaky zombies and thinking of the best strategy to avoid them or better yet, kill them, is kind of a mind-boggling thing to do. I know it’s quite dragging to play the role of a human getting scared when a zombie comes near you. Why not put a twist in the usual game and turn things around by being the zombie and convert humans instead? Lonely Few developed a unique and intriguing Android app which allows the users to be the protagonist of the game and play the role of zombies. Yes, you read it right. Zombies are now the protagonists! , the unusual name and gameplay will make you want to become a zombie and convert those swarm of humans into zombies just like you. But, you better watch out for some of the humans might fight back!

Run for the Humans!

Instead of running for your lives, this game will let you run for the humans! Your job is to strategically run towards the humans, convert them into zombies and make them fight for YOU. This game is considered as a Real Time Strategy zombie game where you are one of the zombies trying to spread the effects of the zombie apocalypse. This is an interesting take on the zombie genre since you don’t get to squeeze your brains on killing the zombies and trying to survive. A twist of fate has finally arrived and this time, we are now controlling the zombies and killing humans.

The gameplay is quite simple since all you need to do is to tap and swipe for you to achieve your goal. Per level, there is a specific goal. Simply tap on the zombies and again, tap on the spot where you want them to attack. Of course, you should tap on the location of the swarm of humans to kill, eat their brains and convert them into zombies as well. Double swipe on the screen to move the camera and have a view of the humans hiding all over the place. You can also pinch the screen with your fingers to zoom in and zoom out to have a view of the whole place. Tip: The green circles you see on your screen symbolizes where the humans are.

Since this is known to be a Real Time Strategy zombie game, you can split the your zombie squad into two, three or more than that to trap the humans that are running in different directions. This game will also let you meet a variety of characters with different personalities such as the Scientist which is very fast in running, a Policeman who will shoot you with his guns and a lot more! Also, you can select your own hero from a wide array of characters to choose from. Power-ups are also available such as speed boosts, extra life and increased damage making this game a much more enjoyable game to play. To add to the fun, the app will let you unlock those funny zombie comics with short and excellent graphics made to crack some jokes and relieve the tension you’re feeling under the game.

Kirsten: The Zombie

I am not a zombie nor Walking Dead avid fan, yet I was one of the many who became addicted with Plants VS Zombies. Hence, I am literally a zombie when I lack sleep and when I’m sick. Kidding aside, I love the idea of this game since controlling the zombies now would be more fun and interesting rather than being the human trying to stay away from those scary zombies that will kill you. I was fascinated by the excellent graphics of the app. Not to mention, it’s free! It’s definitely worth playing with all the power-ups, comics and awesome background music/sound effects.

So are you ready to control the zombies and kill humans, convert them to be on your side? Prove to us that zombies are smarter than humans! I bet after watching the video below, you’ll be decided to

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Zombiesss will eat your Brainsss!
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