Test Your Ninja Skills With Ninja Volley

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On December 28, 2012
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Hit the ball, and challenge your adversary with the Ninja Volley app.

When it comes to sports, I prefer swimming and badminton. I’m not saying that I’m an excellent swimmer or a pro in playing badminton. I’m just saying that these are the sports that I enjoy. Throw me in the water, I’m sure I still have a huge chance of drowning. But, at least I know how to swim. I think it is part of survival 101, don’t you guys agree?

Volleyball is one of my utmost frustrations. I know how to play the game but my apprehension of the ball hitting my face is my impediment in playing the game. I feel that the ball is ready to attack me anytime. Hence, no volleyball games for me.

I’m no longer terrified as I can play volleyball without turning into a laughing stock. I can hit the ball, and challenge my adversary with the Ninja Volley app.

Ninja Volley is developed and released as an amateur project by Reixa Code. Luckily, Ninja Volley was able to get a rapid taste of success in the Italian and Brazilian market. If you are up for a volleyball game equipped with swift ninja moves, then you should watch for the app’s cool features.

  • Fast, addicting 2D volleyball gameplay
  • Fully customize both look and attributes of your ninjas!
  • Equipment system to specialize your team as its level increases.
  • 8 Special techniques to train and unleash.
  • Aggressive AI, balanced singleplayer progression.
  • Competitive global leaderboards powered by ScoreLoop.
  • Quick tutorial and practice mode to learn the basics.

Ready Your Ninja Moves:

Ninja Volley has this easy gameplay; even the ninjas will agree that this game is a piece of cake. It doesn’t call for some professional volleyball skills for you to understand and play this game. In fact it was tad simple than Angry Birds or Diner Dash– the app classics that we all have loved to play in both iOS and Android platforms.

The initial run has this combined easy and weird feel. You know what to do but you are clueless on the ways to attack. Even if you know how to play volleyball, you will still have a hard time figuring out the controls of the game. Essentially you’ll learn that the controls are just simple; all you have to do is tap to catch the ball and swipe to spike to your opponent.

The graphics on the other hand were not superbly made; in fact it was rather dark. I presume it was deliberately done to achieve a ninja vibe in the game. Still, I would appreciate it if they created it with a bit of luminosity to incorporate a playful vibe. After all, you can still integrate a ninja appeal without the murky details.

Ninja Volley would look more appealing if they created the game with a continuous gameplay — move on to the next level instead of manually choosing the next level and the opponent. In creating the game you always have to consider the user’s needs and attention to the game. These are the top factors that will help developers achieve a successful gaming app.

Ninja Volley is available in for free.

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Test Your Ninja Skills With Ninja Volley
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